Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Creative Chemistry 103: Grit Paste Grunge

Still playing Catch-up…but in one way, I feel a bit more relaxed and can explore the techniques fuller when I’m not trying to get the whole day done at once.  So this is a card I made using the Distress Grit-paste.  Fun stuff; but it does need practice. While my sample tag came out fine with the stencil, I think I put mine on too thick for the card.  It is very rough, was flaking off with the applicator, and took forever to dry.  Tim stressed you cannot heat it…and that it said so on the label; but mine doesn’t—not that I question Tim…just passing on the info.  I also wasn’t able to clean up the edges...not that I wanted a crisp line, as it was to be sand; but I just managed to get it everywhere! LOL!  As my only neutral Distress Crayon (right now) is Rusty Hinge, it was too reddish for what I wanted, so I went with Tea Dye Distress Inks...and I think it was perfect. The paint would have been too dark as well, I think. 

So thank you for stopping by.  I may (or may not,depeding on how hot/humid it is at home tonight) get one more done for the gallery…but you can keep watching here, for I will get all the lessons finished in the next 2 weeks! Lovin’ the summer of Creative Chemistry!

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