Wednesday, April 25, 2012

CC2C #2: Patina Goodness

Here we are on week #2 of the Compendium of Curisosites vol.2 Challenge hosted by Linda at Studio L3.This 2nd book by Tim Holtz is promising to be as fabulous as the first!  This week we are on page 58, faux patina using alcohol inks.  Definately go get a copy and check this out!  A whole new look for alcohol inks! 

Inside the frame, I felt it needed a bit more, so I used the Crackle Accents, which were still in crackle process as I took the photo...I hoped the cracks would be bigger than what the rock candy crackle paint would give me...time will tell.

My felt still had a bit of 'wet" left (they dry so fast) so I added a bit of blending solution and hit the binding tape so they would match. I wasn't sure what would happen, but yea!  Of course AI's aren't wet enough to get the folds out, so I then misted with water, which got rid of the folds, but didn't wick out the color...awesome! 

So go get a copy of Tim's book, and give this technique a shot! As an added bonus, Linda's friend Angie Lentz has offered a prize for a lucky challenger! An autographed messenger bag from Tim! So very cool!

Have a great week everyone!

WOYWW #151

Uhmm, OK, first time on Blogger since the new format...I don't know if this looks weird because it is, or if the new servers in work are blocking things...ah well..lets see what happens! And can we move the photo? Dead center in top bothers me...Oh, just found it..never mind...

Anywho, The Fabulous Julia over at the Stamping Ground has created this Wednesday phenomenon were we all get to snoop in on every ones craft desks.  And of course it's only fair we get to show ours as well, so here it is. 
First, I did clean...yes even the side "desk of shame" from last week.  Ah, room to work once again! The center tag is my Compendium of Curiosities 2 Challenge, which you can see in my next post. I also did a background with the same colors...very "Patina-ish".  And, with a new Trader Joe's opening in Albany in June (Yea!) I have broken out my last bag of "Temptation" trail mix in the left corner....the usual mix with dried cherries, dark chocolate chips and peanutbutter bits....yummmmyyy! (Yes, I hoard not just paper, and the Trader Joe's we visit is in MA, a 4 hour round trip...)
And of course, a few stray texture fades and a sizzlet that I was playing with, and didn't get back in their boxes.  Oh, and my Distress Ink sponges, which I either really need to cleen, or simply replace!!  When working on the color chart to compare the marker with the ink colors, I noticed I'm not getting true lighter shades.
So that is my workdesk this Wednesday...go jump to Julia's and check out all the rest! Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just some Cards

Actually got around to making some cards, inbetween the Tim Holtz Online Class and Studio L3's Compendium of Curiosites 2 Challenge.
This first is for my Sister-in Law's birthday; I used a few techniqes from the online class, the dabber resist, but you can barely see it in person, much less in the photo. And rock candy stickles cover the butterflies.
This second is for my Mother in Law. I used the new Distress Markers to color, over wet paper. I think I need a better quality of watercolor paper!! The icing is coated with more Rock Candy Stickles..for texture and shine.
And this last is for a co-worker, who became suddenly ill. Another technique from the online class! (well, I've used this one for years!)
Thanks for stopping by! Happy crafting everyone!

WOYWW #150

It's another Wednesday!!! That means we get to peek into everyones art spaces via Julia's Stamping Ground and the Whats on Your Workdesk Wednesday phenom...
So here is my space...different view as I feel showing my shame will get me to do something about it! While the actual stamping area isn't too side a Mess! And yes, my wall hanging cabinet is still sitting on the desk, as I haven't figured out, now that the mollies are through the wall, and not in the wall, what to do. (It's been 2 Christmas's now...) I have stamps that still need to be put away since Tim's online card class....and paper scraps that have fallen everywhere!! Perhaps this weekend...../sigh.
So now go see some happy places, then open your doors too! We all love a peek!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Curiosities Begin Anew! Or CC2C #1

WooT! Tim Holtz has come out with the second volumn of "A Compendium of Curiosities", and Linda at Studio L3 has once agian bravely set forth as hostess to the technique challenges. We can't tell you how we did that would be unfair to Tim, all we can do is show you are own interpretations of the techniques or products use. Oh, and as a treat for the first week, SimonSays Stamp has offered up a $25 Gift Certificate, so go grab a copy and get inky!
This is my tag...I had participated in Tim's online card class, where I failed miserably with the Marbled Stain I tried agian. Still not lovin' it. My stamp came from the Mini Flourish, which I then also cut out with grungepaper, and did up in Fired Brick and Mustard Seed Stains. Then I dropped the Mustard one into the splotches on the craft sheet of the Firec Brick one. It looked pretty cool by looking at the photo this morning...things look sorta messy. But i had fun while making that is what counts. It's only going onto my Wall of Works anyway. And yes, as soon as I figure how to get my corkboards on the wall, I will show it off.

So, you have the until Friday to give this challenge a go. Plenty of Time!! Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Creative Chemistry: Day 10

Wow! Not only did I complete all lessons in Tim Holt'z online class, "Creative Chemistry 101" from Online Card Classes, but I managed to do the homework in 3 weekends. (I so envy everyone who can craft nightly--even moreso daily!! LOL) There was talk on the All Things Tim Yahoo Group about some people that were disappointed that the last day had only one technique. I'm sure it was a context issue, and not a disappointment in the whole class, because I admit to feeling a bit bummed as well, maybe because I thought the last day would have even more. But, Tim did add a Day 11 to the class, which were some pretty funny bloopers as well as card samples for every technique presented. This I found really educational, as sometimes I have issues trying to get a technique to "fit pretty" in an overall card design...if you know what I mean. I also need to learn how to add embelishments..for just the right touch...but I guess first I must decide if my issue is based on my overall hoarder obsession as opposed to the "but I don't want to ruin what I did" issue! LOL!

But, back to the final technique...again, I can't say anything specific, but I will say, I now have 2 bottles of Rock Candy Stickles that are stickle-less. You can sorta see the sparkle in the picture. I can't read the maker of this stamp, but the title is "Cathedral Windows", and it is a big-a$$ wood mounted stamp!! I have absolutely no idea what I could do with this tag, methinks this would be another great ATC technique though!

So, thank you for visiting and seeing my progression on the Creative Chemistry techniques! And if you ever get a chance to join Tim on another online class, I recommend it!! You have access to the videos and handouts for life! And everything was so well documented. I personally hope that we see a "Creative Chemistry 201" eventually!

Creative Chemistry Day 9!

Almost there!! Two weeks of Tim Holtz's Online Card Class, "Creative Chemistry 101" Day 9 was all about Perfect Pearls. I had won my first set of these shimmery powders, the Patina one, and thought that was all I'd need. Eventually I had bought the Precious Metals set. Now they come in all sorts of colors...good news, you can buy them individually! The first two techniques I had done before, and they are pretty cool. The stamp from the middle is Stampers Anonymous. The third one...which is the first tag in the Amazing!! I think my background is too varied, but you can sorta see the gold and copper pearls floating on the surface. This one will be great for ATC's!
Again, as I'm home on dial-up, I'm only loading the "class picture". I'll try to get individuals up at a later date. And look for the final post!

Creative Chemistry Day 8

I have to say, I have very much enjoyed Tim Holtz's Online Card Class "Creative Chemistry 101". Yes, there have been some overlaps on techniques I've already known, but being a TH junkie, that is to be expected!

Day 8 had me stamping on Sticky Back Canvas, which is pretty cool stuff. That stamp image is from Magenta. I had issues with the Distress Crackle Resist, but this one sorta worked. At least you can see the layering effect. And the butterflies is a crackle stain technique. I am out of grungeboard so had to use grungepaper. I think that was too thin, but the effect is pretty neat. And of course, now I'll need more stains! LOL!
As I'm home on dial-up, I doing the bare-bones uploads. Maybe I'll upload the individual images at a later time. Meanwhile, next post, on to Day 9!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WOYWW #148 Ackkkkk!!!!

Gahhh!! A Tim Holtz Explosion on my desk! I still have to finish the last 3 days of Tim's online course, "Creative Chemestry" Here are parts of Day 8...using crackle paints, that I left to crackle on Sunday, and with luck, will get back to on Friday. Aside from the tag in the middle, there are some grunge paper hearts and butterflies drying on the Distress Powder jars top right of the craft mat. And lookey--my Husband's Valentine's gift...the Distress Markers!! Day 6 techniques had me playing with them a bit, I can't wait to really get down and dirty with them! I also can't wait to finish the rest of the course... April is a heavy Birthday month, and I have to get stampin'!
Now, go get on board with the Workdesk Wednesday happenin', stop off at Julia's Stamping Ground ( cause ever since we got the new Windows 7 at work, I can't go back and highlight or correct any part of a post without backspacing the whole way...any ideas) , then go get hopping! Oh, hop, have a Happy Easter everyone!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Creative Chemistry Day 7

My day 7 techniques were ones that I had done before, either from the Compedium of Curiosities or from Tim's blog. First, the batik one, which is pretty cool, even if it calls for that evil household appliance (which is a step I left out this time, as I just didn't have time to make plug=in room for it.) The Dolphins are from PSX and the saying from Stampscapes. Oh and if you look closely, the spritz and flick made bubbles for the swimming!
#2, the Rusted Enamel---Fabulous!! I have done this on quite a few cards.
And #3: Distress Powder Embossing Resist. I only have a few colors of the Distress Embossing Powder with the Mustard being my lightest one. I probably didn't pick the best image (and I forgot where this one came from) But it is pretty cool how this works, so give it a try.
I didn't have time to finish Day 8, but have no fear, it, as well as the remaining two days will be posted by the end of the week!! Catch you later.

Creative Chemistry Day 6

My Markers are Here!!! Odd I'm so excitied, as I am a lousy colorer! I do love the watercolor look, though, as it allows you to go outside the lines. So, below are my different samples of dry paper, wet paper, waterbrushing, and my new alltime, will do this from now on...blending by picking up the one color from the craft truely spectacular!!
And on the right: Using the markers on the stamp directly, one I used with the old Marvy markers. And OH!!! This new specialty paper is amazing!!! (That was in the order too! LOL!)
The leaves are from PSX and theMorning Glory is from Penny Black.
OK, on to posting Day 7!

Creative Chemisty Day 5

Yippie! My markers and stains arrived from Absolutely Everything on Friday! I was so motivated to start playing, all my housework was done and I was heading to the dump by 10:30 Sat. morning! I still had a time constraint, so I was sorta hoping for that zen clarity I had forthe first four days, when I was just focusing on the techniques. But first I had to open and try all my new colors out! (see the sub-title to the blog? See my problem? first hour gone...}
OK...Focus! Grab my pack of kraft resist papers...find one that fits the format and then find out the only area of resist is the vety bottom! LOL! I used Bundled Sage, Rusty Hinge and Stormy Sky DS's. The stamp set is Tim's.
OK, on to the the 2nd, stamping with stains. I Love this one! I wish is stayed just a bit brighter, but pretty cool.Both stamps are from Stampers Anonymous.
And then technique #3. I think this will rank with the airgun/alchohol ink technique from Compendium I just can't get to work!! This was my 3rd attempt, and has some of the marbelized look. The stamps are from JudiKins and the old House Mouse carrier.
OK, on to day 6 and the Markers!