Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WOYWW #182

It is Wednesday again, which means Julia at the StampingGround opens up her magical portal, and we all get to peek at the creative work desks of the world!

And first I have to say, the mess last week..not so bad. Took less than 45 minutes to put away, re-stash, re-stack, and get on to more cards.  And this week looks bad, but it’s just everything is spread out so the hats can dry.  They were colored with DI Marker, touched up with red perfect pearls and the waterbrush, then the trim was dusted with Sparkly Fluff (really, that’s what it’s called-the jars is in the far right front)  The horse stamp is from Impression Obsession.  The Dove (from Stamp Camp) I’m still not sure what to do with…so was playing around.

I had toyed with coloring the horses, but they got a bit messy, so I left them just ink.  The layer I embossed with Tim’s wood texture fade, to sorta mimic the fence rail, and I have to say, I really like it. These are all slated to go to my sister and her family, as horses are their business. Below you can sorta see the fluff.


So that is pretty much my space. Tonight I conquer the Dove! No go hop to Julia’s and see the rest of What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday! Have a great week everyone.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WOYWW #181

Oh boy…another Whats on Your Workdesk Wednesday…where Julia at The Stamping Ground is your hostess to  this wacky weekday, (what has become for me) ritual! 
And, another week: I don’t have the craft fair to blame…or the compendium challenge catch-up-well, I did get that done first, which you can see posted here…but this is just plain a mess!!

So, what are we seeing here: aside from the obvious mess, the card up top used my new poinsettia die…so very cool (and can be seen at the link above) as can the center piece that was an experiment.  And I’ll be ranting on the Adirondack Dabber on one of the lists (see the offending silver dabber above? The one that is now dried up??? Yeah, that one..). And don’t get excited over the multicolored papers on the far right, they are paper towels I used to clean the texture fades, stamps, and craft mat with…and couldn’t get in the trash basket behind me…
So..I vow, on Friday…after I sleep in (ohhh, I may make it to 6:30 with the furbabies!), then make the lasagna, and do some laundry and do the downstairs floors…(wait..isn’t Friday a holiday…what the???) anyway…I vow to clean up, put away, organize, and get ready to do my own cards to get mailed out. will see a changed workdesk next week….

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates…and have a great weekend everyone else! (Well, us US turkey eaters can have a good weekend as well…)

CC2C #29: Texture Fade Experiments

Voinks! We are on Week 29 of the Compendium of CuriositiesChallenge at Linda’s Studio L3! That means we are very close to finishing every technique in Tim Holtz’s fabulous 2nd volume.  I wonder…is there a Vol. 3 on the horizon?
Any who, lets enjoy the techniques we still have left.  This week, we are on page 64, which has 2 texture fade techniques.  And despite me having done this first one many times…let me just say: “Eureka!!” I think I finally figured out which side to ink for which effect! Of course, doing the technique without a plan can lead to a mess, but I did get to play with my new poinsettia die. And now I realize, this won’t fit in a normal envelope, but still great fun to do. 

This second one I didn’t know about...and it shows great possibilities…if you choose the right fade...and if your somewhat new Adirondack dabber isn’t already gummy and dried up…..Very annoying…does anyone know, if, like the crackle paints, these can be refreshed with water?  I’m getting tired of sending things back to Ranger…This was just an experiment, done on a manila file folder (I so love end of year clean-up!! I have a stack of folders ready for reuse!!)
So grab a copy of this fab book, grab your favorite texture fade and give these techniques a go…there is still a bit more time, and a new page will be explored on Friday!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!      

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

CC2C #28 (and #27, #26, and Creative Chemistry Nov!)

Finally, back in the CC2C Swing!  Even though I missed the last two, I still wanted to do the techniques, so I started planning 3 separate pieces.  Then with the #27 Challenge, I realized I could work this into the Creative Chemistry FB November challenge: Altered Metals. So then I decided to try to work all 3 CC2C’s into one as well, so here we are.  As a recap, Linda at Studio L3 has issued the following challenges for Tim Holtz’ Compendium of Curiosities Vol. 2. 

#26: Crumpled Kraft Suede from Page 40, #27: Ink Palette: Alcohol Ink from page #52, and #28: Reflections Stamping from Page #65.

As you know, we can’t go into the details, as that just won’t be fair to Tim.  But I will say, the last step on the crumpled suede had me baffled, but then, the more I looked, the more I liked!!  Almost didn’t want to put anything on it!  The close up of the Holiday Muse Token shows the technique much better than the final photo. I used just the gold additive to the mini clip.   The deer underwent a few trials before I hit on an ink combo that was noticeable. Then I embossed with clear EP just to make it stand out a bit more.  The Holly sprig die was my latest superbuy from JoAnn’s. I used the shattered stains technique for those, with the addition of Fired Brick Stickles for the berries, as they just didn’t come out red enough.  Once again, the ribbon/bow addition befuddled me, ended up sticking it on with a mini pin. I really need to learn how to accessorize! LOL! 

So, all caught up, in one fashion or another.  I realize this isn’t the best showcase for altered metal, so I may give that a redo before the month is out. And while there isn’t much time left, do give the reflections stamping a go.  As a bonus, Simon Says Stamp is our sponsor this week, with a very useful GC. Come give it a try! Have a great week everyone.

WOYWW #180

Welcome again to our weekly tradition: What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday! Where our hostess Julia of The Stamping Ground portals us around the world to peek in on everyone’s crafty space.

And, I, sad to report, have fallen back to the state I was in 2 weeks before: unable to walk to my chair. I won’t show the floor; it is not for the faint of heart. Let us just say, the mad dash scurry to get ready for the craft fair (which went very well; sold 75% of the cards, quite a few candles, and netted $150!!), and the fabulous finds from JoAnn’s yesterday afternoon, and my rush to get my compendium challenge piece done, has left this place a Mess! (About JoAnn’s: HUGE sale, 40% of Tim dies (all dies actually), with awesome printable coupons good for total purchase, paper pads at $9.99.  So, how I ended up with the “Wordplay” die, I just don’t know…even if my entire order came up to less than the die itself…I am so weak…)

So, what do we see…front and center, the tag I made for the Compendium Challenge, which you can see in my next post. My tray for Alcohol Inks, some buried distress inks holding it up.  The corner of “the Book” itself, some Christmas stamps in the top left, waiting for my cards to send, the afore mentioned coupons (in case I happen to go back again before Saturday) my Tim Holtz Holiday Reflection stamps used in the challenge,  various distress stains, the cork goes over my exacto knife, not that it makes it that much safer! Oh, some markers are peeking out from under the coupons,  and the right side fades with scraps, other misc. bottles of glue and such, and the 3d tape.

So, there it is.   And as I’m going away this weekend, (to see “So You Think You Can Dance” at Foxwoods!!) I can’t promise it will be any better next week. OH, and on a side note for all you steam punk people, we saw “Wicked” at Proctors this past weekend, and the set was a Steampunk fantasy!! (And the cast was marvelous, if anyone gets to see this production as it moves on…)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WOYWW #179

Wednesday, finally, as yesterday I called my entire supervisory committee to remind them to get on the conference call..only to have to call them back because I thought yesteday was Wed.  And, being responsible adults, I had to call them all today as well...but I digress...

Luckily, I did know last night what day it would be, so grabbed this shot as I was heading off to bed in dispare...(really..4 more years of this???!!!) So, all punchyness and venting aside, it is Wednesday, the day decreed by Julia at the Stamping Ground to open our doors and show our workdesk, for better or worse! And, this is soo much better than that mess last week. I didn't show it 'cause the floor is clean, I can walk straight to the chair, and the side desk is neatly stacked.

What you see are the last birthday cards I threw togehter for the craft fair this Friday.  The EK punches I dusted off (and why I don't use them more often, I can't say, except they are not entirely "grungy"..but still a nice touch. There are some scraps, two paper pads to determine the best layering design, and a pile of stamps in pretty much every corner!

Here are some of the cards I've finished up for the fair: first, the birthday..the saying on the inside I love "So many Candles, So Little Breath!" for DSR Designs. (I think the candles come from there too).

This is just a general purpose card...stamps by Memory Box. And a sympathy card I've used more than a few times. The images are from Penny Black and the saying is from Onyxpressions. 

And lastly, the pieces-parts that people had asked about from a few weeks ago: I made them into gift card holder cards, using the big die from Sizzix. Once I got the directions down, they are a piece of cake!

So, there it is, for the world to see...and as soon as I can I'll be nosing about other workdesks as well; because that is the fun!!

Have a great week everyone!