Thursday, December 23, 2010

Great Scribbily-Wibbily!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Despite my total lack of Holiday spirit all season so far, (which, besides losing our dear kitty Angus, I can only attribute to my manager's cruel and unusual punishment of playing the ONLY radio station that started Christmas Music on November 1! {I mean, yes, I am a musician with a few Christmas concerts scheduled, but AGGHHH!}) I am finally ready and looking forward to heading to my Mother-in Laws for the Holiday. And with wrapping done, I even had time to play along with Linda's Compendium of Curiosities Challenge.
This week we are on page #34, the Scribble Stain Distress. OK, my first tag was a mess!! Waaayyyy too much scribbly, but the next few tags progressed nicely into a really cool technique! So, now to use the tags...and I kept going back to the first one... The scribble is Fired Brick, and I just kept thinking here it is!
Now, in hindsight, I probably would have used a resist or batik technique for Jim, so that he came through the flames, not lying on top, on vellum--oh well. The stamp set--I swear-- is from The Stampsmith which I got a few years ago at the Springfield Show. It was a cool plate with Morrison, Joplin, Hendrix and Lennon, with appropiate quotes, but I can't find it on their website now to confirm it...but it just has to be!
So Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope everyone, in addition to having a warm, safe holiday, also gets great crafty gifts under their tree!

Monday, December 20, 2010

The 2010 Card Collection

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Since my cards went out last week, I figured I could safely show them now.

This one you may recognize from a color challange at the Play Date Cafe. Impression Obsession has the stamp, and the berries are touched with Fired Brick Distress Stickles.

And this is from the Compendium Challenge for the Double Distress Technique. Gotta love those House Mouse's!!

And this Penny Black Dove is an adaption from a tag that was also part of the Compendium Challenge over at Studio L3.

I love these stamps from the "12 Days of Christmas". There are 2 cubes with the 12 days, and then this larger one on the Partridge. I used it a few years ago, and re-vamped it for this year. You can't see it, but the partridge and pears are colored with the pearlescent watercolors.

And finally, I can't take credit for this design. My husband bought me a subscription to Cardmaker Magazine. This was in the first issue I received, and I loved its clean, elegant look. The stamps are from Inkadinkadoo. And the cool ruffled ribbon is from Really Reasonable Ribbon. Thanks Julie for introducing me to them!

I hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas, and a Truely Happy, Crafty New Year!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rock Candy Distress

Hello bloggers, it has been a tough, depressing week at our house, and having work block blogger from their computers has just added to my misery. So, I'm taking this moment to congratulate everyone on their 12 Days tags and Compenium Challenge entries. I just can't get in to post comments on everyones blogs when I'm at home.

So, between vet calls and crying jags, I was able to get some time in to finish my last Christmas card design (Thanks to Linda and the last challenge) and play with my Rock Candy Stickles. This is week #24, and all the details are over at Studio L3. Now, I have to ask...Is it possible to have used all the glitter, and be left with just the glue stuff in my stickles bottle?? The detail above does show some of the glittery effect, but, boy, it feels shellacked I had to use so much!! LOL!

We can't give away the technique, of course (you need to get your own copy of Tim's book) but I just have to say, getting a collage together was my toughest part. I did delve into his 12 Tags hints to color the ribbon--and have nicely spotted lettuce stained jeans to boot!! (And yes, I was spritzing onto the craft sheet, not my legs...yesh! I have no idea...)
I'll try entering my Christmas Cards later, so come back to see what I came up with for this years selections. In the meantime, I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a very Creative, Happy New Year!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Doubly Distressing-Not!

Wow! Week 23! That is were we are at Linda's Studio L3 and the Compendium of Curiosities Challenge. And this week, page 40, Double Distress. Now, the horder in me just can't run amok with the grunge stash--you just never know when you might not be able to get more! but I did practice on a few pieces, and they came out just fine-I guess there really is something in reading directions twice! (note to self--make sure you do that with the pumpkin trifle recipe!) So ready to boldly step forth--I fan through my few texture screens and then..there it is....the Peppermint Swirl that came with a giftcard die!! Eureka! (You see--I have a thing for peppermint swirls--oddly enough not to eat them-but my Christmas Tree would be covered in swirls and candy canes--except that my husband has some say in decorating)
Now, from the batik challenge, I learned you have to think color backwards--see, I can learn! And here, as with all my great ideas, things went awry! To get the white I started with the pearl adirondack dabber; can't imagine what could go wrong. Step three with Barn Door DI, still good. Next step, with aged mahogany, also still good. And then the next step---oh boy. Edging with foam smudged the ink and the dabber together, leaving not a nice dark border, but a pink smudge!! (hmm, just like challenge #4) Ah well, The dark was nice, but the effect is quite cool!
So, with my fav mice (Stampendous) colored with Prismacolor pencils (and I am amazed how the white one can even stand out against white paper) we are set to go. Now, if only this could be done a tad quicker, but I still have 23 cards to make--and the clock is ticking! And I'm still typing! Yikes---oh, and to see a humorous challenge that came up while working on this--visit my previous post--WOYWW...I swear--not staged at all! Thanks for stopping by, and sticking the ranting monologue out! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


OK---I SWEAR! This is what I saw when I came back in my craft space after I left to get some more inks...The only reason my camera was upstairs too was I'm working on the Compendium Challenge..otherwise, I would have missed this, and no one would ever believe me! This is Dakota, and she is nosing into the shelf that has my "emergency" candy stash. She sure didn't look too concerned when I yelled at her to get down.

So, to see other great workspaces, head over to The Stamping Ground and see what WOYWW is all about! And to see my compendium piece, check out my next post. Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Splattering-smattering; CCC #22

Oh boy! Now isn't this quite the challenge? Over at Linda's Studio L3, we have made it to week #22 on the Compenium of Curiosities Challenge. The technique: Alcohol Ink Splatter, page 52.

So, armed with a "borrowed" air can from our tech department at work, I headed up to my space, planning on getting this one done and then working on some holiday cards. It was actually quite warm up there, so being snuggie-free, I was planning on getting quite a lot done in my 2 hour window of time. (and I had peeked at some of the early one seemed to indicate "issues" with this one...)

So, with my sparse supply of glossy paper cut and ready, and my fave inks spread out all around me, I read the directions, twice (see, I have learned something!) and splattering forward, I go! Now, I don't know if my inks were "fermenting", (and I do keep caps on, and it was so windy, my room had wicked drafts) or the canned air was oozing some sort of gas other than air, but after 40 minutes of being so totally out of control of- anything--I was giggling like a fool, and had abolutely no pieces that looked even half good. And I still have no idea what step #5 is supposed to do...I had blobs of metal. So, on my last piece, I stick with just blues, (was still getting little splurts, no large spatters) but in step #5 I POUR on the, with my paper flooded, I did get a more consistant coverage, so here were are...

So while definately fun and I'm glad I did it, I have to admit, I like a little more- um, consistancy- or mental preview- on my results. (maybe this stems from my restricted craft time, and need to get things done...not sure) so I'm not sure if this will be in my "go to" toolbox of techniques.


Well, here it is Wednesday night, the wind is howling, but it's actually on the warm side; no snuggie or space heater needed in my craft room! So, I figured a quick attack on the Compendium of Curiosites challenge, and then on to some Christmas cards...

This shot was taken after I've been working on this an hour...I'm now laughing uncontrollably, and there is no hope for getting any holiday stamping done tonight! My finished challenge piece will be my next post; you can hear all the issues there! LOL!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CCC #21! Perfect Distress

Wow, week #21 already?? Over at Studio L3's Compenium Challenge we have been progressing nicely through Tim's book. This week: page 38, the Perfect Distress technique. Now, this was one of those challenges that upon thumbing through the book the first time, a certain stamp jumped out at me. Not to mess with the muse, I pushed all the Christmas stuff aside, and dug it out. And in a pre-senior moment...I just can't remember who made it...Magenta, maybe? Anyway, I love this stamp, even though it is HUGE! (by card-making standards! LOL!)

So, off I go with the mustards and staws and a dab of..hmm, corderoy or photo, no maybe burlap (where is my memory this morning?), the background was done. Not thinking things through, I immediately stamped my image in Ancient Mahogany...and dusted with copper PP's....TOO SOON! I never dried the background..ugh! So, take two, wasn't in such a rush..and..yupper! It looks pretty much like I hoped! Of course I then needed every trick in my photo-background toolbox to get the shiney-ness to appear; lets just say, thank god I've gone digital--easily a whole roll would have been spent trying to get a clear, focused image!
So, I really like this technique. With the right image it could be your main focus, but it can also make a really cool backgound. Thanks again Linda for running these challenges! Have a great crafty week everyone!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Industrial Grunge

Whew! I managed to squeak out some time to get this weeks challenge over at Studio L3 done. This week, #20, Industrial Grunge! And I was concerned, as on my occasional "flipping ahead" it seemed like this would be a bit time consuming. And I'm really low on grunge items, so as this is a "technique exercise", I wanted to experiement with some "leftover" pieces. (Come on--you know..)

So, all that being said...(oh, and the fact that my "studio" [bonus room over the heat] was FREEZING {yup, me, the arctic queen} was SHIVERING) I have to say, I had a ball with this. Let me just start with step 1!! Who Knew??? I might never use metallic ink pads again! I used all but the pearl one...and was really ready to stop there! For step 2, I did have to improvise, I thought (make that know!) I had a bunch of different scratch tools for the stampbord, but damned if I could find any?? but the x-acto worked just fine. I used DI Soot ont he silver and copper and DI Aged Mahogany on the gold. To go with the "industrial-ness" i used the little dot scrap in the corners, with the background being DI tumbled glass, wild honey and scattered straw. I meant to add some swirlies before attaching the flowers, but I was so cold, I didn't want to get up to get another ink pad ( sad is that?? I have resolved, my step-sons old room WILL be done..this I can have electricity and heat for the cold season!)

So, all said, I think it came out really cool, and wished I had used some of the "better pieces" of grunge, but it is a technique I will do again! And it was pretty quick too---so if you haven't joined in yet---and can squeak out a half-hour---go get industrialized!

Oh, and after Scratchy, Ponder and Dakota bragged how they had their picture posted, Astro and Angus tried stealing my new camera, so I promised them they would get "air-time" too! So here is the "A" team of my feline foursome...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

PDCC #53: Black, White & Burgandy week of firsts! I have lurked at the Play Date Cafe challenges done by my fellow Compendium Challenge artists, and this week this challenge broke through a road block I'd been having on one of my Christmas ideas. So.. Ta Dah!! My first PDCC post! This week's challenge, which starts year two for them, is The Color Splash Challenge, where you use black and white, with just a splash of the chosen color; this week, Burgandy! They have a photo for inspiration, which I included left.

Now, how did this unblocked my block, you ask? I had been messing around with this chicadee stamp from Impression Obsession, coloring with pencils, stamping with different inks, etc., but it was either too messy, or too long/chancy an effect to try to do 15 of them. So, while staring at my stamp..again...Wham! The challenge jumped in my mind..for the holly berries!! I colored the berries with pencils, then gave a dot of Distress Stickles Fired Brick for texture, and thought, not bad..but needed something...a word..and the Hero Arts sayings borders came to mind (my fav!!), done in the Ancient Mahogany DI, which oddly matched the fired brick stickles, and almost done. Needed the bearest smudge of soot and ancient page on the borders, then matted on burgandy paper...not bad.
I'm not really liking the white card it's then mounted to...maybe cream would be better? Any other suggestions? So, thanks for letting me have a play date at the cafe!! I hope I'll be able to play along again.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Wow, this is my first every WOYWW blog!! And my desk as in it's usual state of mess! This is the finishing of my Compendium Challenge for week #19. You can't tell, by my table is 6 x 3. It was my old dinning room table that can seat 6 very comfortably! And for some reason, I just can't create unless I'm totally encased in "stuff" and have just enough space to lay down a sheet of paper!!! Yes, I do occasionally reach the point of desparation, where everything gets put away, the table top is clean, and it looks so nice. But then, when I need to make a card, project, etc., no amount of celtic music or incense can get me going until I've gotten eveything back to this state! LOL! So, thanks for visiting...but I gotta go get some work done!

Extreme Masking: CCC #19

OK, I'll admit it: I was worried about this one. When first thumbing through the Compendium, and then once Linda created these challenges. Yup, never had a thought in my head about what to do for this. So, all the credit this week goes to my husband Michael, who when I said "I don't know what to do for the masking challenge" he said "making a mask? Really?" Duh, I have a mask stamp...and it all sorta fell in place from there!

I use Eclipse tacky sheets for my masks, So from the main image, I then cut out the eyes and lips, so with the external outline as well, it was like using 3 masks. While the masks are pretty thin, it was really hard to stamp an image in the eyes and lips. I tried the stampscapes universe field, clouds...nothing worked. Then I used Tim's small definitions stamp, left un-mounted to a block, so I could press my finger into the small openings. It worked! Of course you can't see it in the picture. I had orginally meant to emboss the Dream saying, but used the wrong ink. As it wasn't showing very clearly, I went over the letters with a dark blue Glaze Pen...again, you can't see it it, but they stand up a bit now, and are a bit glossy. Gotta use those pens more!!

And, finally, while grabbing my camera; I passed these two sleeping beauties, so I grabbed a shot. My big orange boys, Ponder and Scratchy...thinking if they sleep in a box, they will be hidden from the fox (Dakota) LOL!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blog Candy Giveaway

Wow...Everyone needs to stop over at Scrap wtih Stacy's blog! She is being very generous wtih a HUGE stash of Tim's goodies. She will be closing it on the 31st, so hop over and check it out! All the details are over there!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Daubber Resist--Week #18!

Hello all! We are half-way through the Compendium Challenge at Studio L3; can't believe it! This week is the Daubber Resist Technique. I love that I now have three techniques that give me almost the same effect as stamping in white ink...which I have yet to get to work-no matter what the brand! (Well, 2, as 1 uses my arch enemy, the nefarious iron).
This technique also needs a bit of practice to get it right. This image was my first attempt. I loved the vintage-y effect of the image on the corners; but found you can rub too hard in step#6. and then I blew it with the image-that tag really needed something more open and elegant. I wasn't sure how this would stamp over either; happy to see there is almost no problem with the images at all! So, on to tag #2~
This one I think I really got the daubber resist down...I really liked the snowflakes, and stamping Tim's deer in blue didn't overpower the image like the one above. But in true Kimmy fashion; I had to just add "one more thing"..and sprayed a hit of Tattered Angels Glacier Ice over the tag, then let it dry while getting some paper to shoot against. When I turned back!!! The tag had curled a bit, and the mist made the reindeer run!!! Erghhhh!!! One more thing to remember if this becomes a Christmas Card. And yes, from here on out, you will probably be seeing Holiday Themes...I better settle on a few designs soon...time is quickly running out!! Have a great crafting week all!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Charmingly Fragmented

So over at Studio L3 we have made it to week 17; Fragment Charms, which is on page 64 of Tim's Compendium of Curiosities. I have found playing with these fragments much more fun than I originally thought I would...but as much as I LOVE the "touchiness" of beads; the raw attraction of natural stones and crystals...beading and jewelry making are just not for me! My stubby, non-nimble flute playing little fingers just won't allow me to relax and enjoy anything involving a jump ring! To the point that while you can't see it; the alcohol ink on the bees was not diluted with the extender; but instead with the glossy accents; which made the felt very hairy..and sticky..and, well, generally quite messy! And does anyone care to guess how quickly I was able to realize that I had picked up the wrong bottle??? Anyone??? All from attaching 6 little jump rings!! Though I will say; Tim's jump rings are by far the easiest I have ever worked with! They stayed in my pliers mouths, and closed pretty nicely; plus they come in such great colors...all my others are just too shiney...and small...and stiff...

Speaking of shiney; I thought the chain was a bit bright as well, so went in with some latte, ginger and espresso alcohol inks on those, but you can't really tell. Those are also the same colors I used on the fragments, with the addition of glossy accents to the felts...of course!

Oh, and another weird realization..this is my second stamping challenge piece that didn't involve one stamp! The images are from my fave Graphic 45 paper! So, while my blog-hopping has been seriously curtailed by work pretty much cutting all non-work related computer activity out, and dial-up being way too slow for enjoyable viewing, I will try to get to Linda's to see what fabulous charms everyone else has come up with! Have a great creative week everyone!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wrinkle Distress #2

Good morning all...

I just can't go a week without making something for Linda's Compendium Challenge...I might loose my momentum, and then who know what would happen! So, while playing around a bit working out some Christmas ideas, I came out with this...

Originally the dove/earth was all in blue ink, but looked like it needed help, so this was an experiment with black embossing on the dove, and silver embossing on the earth...and Distress Embossing Ink dries just a little too quick to change powder colors...had a few issues. But I thought it was ok. Then, I just couldn't leave well enough alone, wanted to make the silver stand out more..and added green on the continents...I think that sort a killed it...
So, what does everyone think? Could this adapt to a card? And it seems the tags work best with this technique, and my white paper isn't working with this at all...anyone having luck with white cardstock? And what brand is it? I love this technique, and would so love to have it work on cards!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Distressing-ly Wrinkle-Free!

Welcome to Week #16 on the Compendium Challenge at Studio L3. This week: page 33, Wrinkle-free Distress. And, OK, I have a confession: I have, er sorta done this one already...I just couldn't help it!! It looked so inviting, easy, promising...
So, yes, you have seen this as a background on a few of my past entries. However, in the spirit of discovery, and the challenge, I have taken one of my first tags that I tried this with, and used it as my entry. (because, yes, practice really does make this better, smoother, more controlled)
My colors were Peeled Paint,Barn Door, Wild Honey, and Mustard. All the stamps came from Rubbernecker Stamps: I just love the poem by Robert Frost! And even though it is like-high 70's and humid as hell today (yeah, upstate NY...What the..?) this tag is almost like looking at all the leaves that have fallen in the driveway. I really do love fall! And the iced pumpkin latte from Dunkin' Donuts! Which is almost empty, and I just started work...might need another Dunkin' run...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alcohol Ink on Grunge-- CCC#15

Welcome to week #15 of Lovely Linda's Compendium of Curiosities Challenge! This week, page #53 is our tutorial. Now, I am prefacing this week by admitting I have loved alcohol (oh, err..) ink since my very first bottle of Pinata inks. And this particular technique on glossy has been a fave of mine since, well, that first bottle of Pinata ink! And after our Monoprint challenge a few weeks those inks are never far from my hand! So, to do this on grunge...well, I was quite excited (and very glad my order for the paint dabber came in time!)

So, with best intentions, I stole into my craft loft for a few sacred minutes of playing...unfortunately puppy had to come (or cats would have been was one of those nights!) And you guessed it..I was yelling at puppy so much, my mojo ran away...I came up with nothing! So, just to see how it worked, I worked on some flower punches I had (heavens forbid I screw up a nice piece of grunge!) Very cool, but bumpy..having issues with the paint lay-down...tried another...pretty cool..time running out...still no ideas..just small pieces-parts...Dakota has a yarn ball...oye! So...when all else fails...ATC Time! I did get to play with the new Enamel Accents. which I really liked, despite my terrible free-hand stuff. it stamping challenge entry...with absolutely no stamps! But the cats survived, Dakota didn't knock down my grid storage yarn wasn't all slobbery..and the photo kinda shows the agate effect. If it wasn't so late, I'd be hitting my other favorite alcohol product!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Showing the Grunge!

This weeks challenge at Simon Says Stamp and Show is showing your interpretation of "Grunge". I had done this card for a friend, and since it had to be mailed, I couldn't add too much "Stuff" on the outside...I love my postman (I should, he's my hubby!) but I don't trust them to get stuff with bumpy envelopes where they belong! But I did use a few techniques from the Compendium of Curiosities! Three to be exact! See if you can tell which ones they are! And all the stamps are from Tim. And Happy Crafting everyone!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

CCC #14; Masking

Hi all~

Well, here we are at week #14 at Studio L3's Compendium of Curiosities Challenge...and I still haven't missed a week...yay!
Now, I have cut my own masks before, and with this being such a stressed week, wasn't sure what I was going to be up to--or how much time I'd have, so was a bit worried on what would appear on a finished project. So, with about an hour of free time, up to the craft room I go, and pulled out some of the pre-cut masks from Tim...and Wow; how much easier are they to use??!! So starting with the big clock mask, things just sorta flew from there (plus I'm sure the time limit was in the back of my mind) The "Time is Eternity" stamp is from Non Sequitur stamps (hmm, spelling?) and the Ben Franklin quote is from A Stamp in the Hand. All the rest are from Tim's line. Oh, and I had time left to play with the tinted fragment technique over one of Tim's salvage sticker clock faces...It got a bit "copper-ey" as I, uhm, apparently didn't tighten the top well the last time and started shaking, and, got copper..well, pretty much in person, when looking "across" the fragment, it is pratically opaque.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm gonna start looking at what everyone else has made.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Stamp-tember Hop!

Wow! What a crazy week in Blog-dom! I don't know about you; but I really am pressed to keep up with it all; and still try to create and clean a house!! LOL! So, in addition to the Starving Artistamps Blog Candy Give-away and the creation of Eclectic Paperies E-Team, there is Simon Says Stamp "Stamp-tember Hop"! This one is really cool, with great prizes available. So go check them out!

The Theme is holiday fun, and I need to start my Christmas cards, so here is something I've been mulling over ever since we did the Alcohol Ink Monoprints over as the Compendium Challenge at Studio L3. Now, I'm hoping its my new monitor at work, but the photo is looking really dark here; I hope it's not so bad. I kinda like it; but it did seem a bit labor intensive for doing 15-20 cards. ( I generally do 4-5 designs of 15-20 cards each--I just can't do all one design!LOL!) Maybe it was just the stupid bow...I really hate tying little bows (or big bows..any bows really!) So, please, let me know what you think...and as I develop more of my designs, I'll share them with you.

Meanwhile, go get into the holiday spirit as well, and start Hopping!!

Blog Candy giveaway

Oh my, this is just one crazy bloggy week!! There is the new Eclectic Paperies E-Team tutorials, the Simon Says Stamp Blog Hop, and Starving Artistamps Blog Candy Giveaway! And this is to help them spread the word on their four new stamp collections. So hop on over and check them out. Then spread the word and you too might get some free blog candy!

Oh, this has nothing to do with Halloween, but I have just seen "The Soloist", and this is my tribute to Beethoven. Wow, looks really dark; I hope it's my new monitor at work...I'll try to load another image tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oh..Those Tattered Flowers!

Welcome to Week #13! This week's assignment: Page 65, Grungepaper Flowers. For anyone not already involved in the Compendium of Curiosities Challenge, you will need to hop on over to Studio L3 to get the details.

Now, I had just bought the sizzix big shot and Tattered Florals die waiting for this challenge so I was very excited! Of course, without giving anything away, I am sharing the Big Shot with my friend Julie, and pre-punched a bunch of stuff in advance, which sort of screwed up step #1 by assembling after cutting; making things, lets say, interesting; and I'm not sure if the xyron machine is the way to go for pasting onto grungepaper. That aside, I think they turned out splendidly! And once again, I fell to my new color theme: Ancient Linen, Tattered Rose and Victorian Velvet. It does turn out so much cooler on a tag than on a white ATC...more likely the type of paper, but you know what I mean! (And Linda...can we please do the first tutorial soon?? I feel like I'm cheating, I'm using it so much! LOL!)
So I'm going to hop over now to see what everyone else has done (I try not to peek too much until after I'm done!). Have a great crafting week everyone! And wow, do I use a lot of exclaimation points..ah well, I probably talk that way too when discussing crafting...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Working the Layers!

True to my word, I did make a separate ATC for the Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge. And while it doesn't have half the layers that everyone else has, for me, it was quite an exercise! I realized I don't do many layers...some colorful matting, maybe...but usually I add one charm or trinket, and thats it.

So this was an ATC, with an ATC Chipboard Frame that I covered in music paper. Don't even ask where I got the frames...they came square and oval...for the life of me I can't remember...but it was from a new site I found, I believe, on the Studio L3 blog. Then because the ATC was a linen texture, I stamped the saying, and glued that in the center, with a small heart I had left over from the Crackle Technique a few weeks ago.not that you can see the rock candy distress crackle paint; but it is there! The bird and flourish were my final embellishments...the flourish is a Jolee package..pretty cool; I'll need to find more of those! I hope everyone else had fun with this challenge! And remember, Less is not always More!!

Week #12-Chipped Enamel

Wow! I've made it through week #12! I don't think I've been 100% on anything this long! Well, ok, I don't think I've ever missed a concert in 15 years in the Lower Cape Concert Band; but I did miss more than a few rehersals! But, I digress;

So, this week we're delving into Chipped Enamels over at Studio L3. Now, while I found this technique extremely easy, and very cool (well, we won't talk about the 3 attempts to do the brad...2nd degree burns at the least! LOL!)...I just couldn't experiment with my limited stash of metal I kept it pretty say the least! But now I know what to expect and will go boldly forth on projects that scream for this texture! And, I'm also going to look for all those cool numbers everyone else is using! Oh, and I did find a new fav color combination: Ancient Linen, Tattered Rose and Victorian Velvet! It looked really cool on a tag I started, then totally botched with the black embossing, it came out close here...

So hop on over to see Linda, and delve into the Compendium of Curiousities, Page 44. Have a great rest of the week everyone!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

CCC #11-Blended Batik

Happy week 11 everyone! Before I go too far in this blog; I have a few disclaimers: 1. I have an active dislike of irons (I will not say irrational fear...) 2. My girlfriend Julie was to come over and have a play-day; but she's sick. 3. Since I had planned for a party, and my husband will be golfing all day, I felt it only right to partake of the menu; I've had 2 pineapple mojito's; I just realized I probably shouldn't be driving to meet my SIL for dinner; and 4. I have a brand new digital SLR; these are the 8th shots from it: I don't know how to work the software that came with it' and am giggling too much to read the manual-you'll just have to live with what is coming out. I think they still look better than the little olympus that died last week; but I should refer you back to #3.

So, this week was page #36 in Tim Holtz's book for the challenge at Studio L3. (pretty cool; finally figured out this link stuff..sorry, refer to #3) Aside from disclaimer #1, I was looking forward to this challenge; I can't find a good white ink; and this is a great substitute; as long as you know you want to do something thats paler than your background--before you do your background. So, how did my image not turn out pale?? I don't know; somewhere between during my first tag the checkboard popped into my head; and of course I started it backwards. So on take 2 I did the red first, then the black over, then continued with the instructions--can't share them here! LOL! I tried to go back to the original celtic knotwork in green; but now it looks really boring; and busy; and way too pale- But this one---I'm really liking it! And since I wanted to show the technique in a more normal fashion, I also used it on the little tag. Now, because the clip was increadbly shiney, I used some alcohol inks to tone it down, and took a close up (because I can! LOL!) to show that detail, with some of the batik effect.

Now, as if one challenge in my time-deprived life isn't enough, Simon Says Stamp and Show also has a weekly challenge. And since this is an item inspired by Tim, and this tag is darker than I usually do, a tad grungier, so to speak, I'm sorta cheating by sending it to both places. I will try on future challenges to not have one piece do double duty!
And lastly, some good news; it has taken 1 hour 22 minutes to load the photos (and yes, I start those first; and you wonder why my blog can ramble...); in which I've had 2 ice teas (normal ones..Sheesh..) and feel that I can safely drive to dinner in the next half hour. So have a good weekend everyone! Julie; I hope you feel better soon, and you can get your challenge done! See you all on week #12!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Distress Stickles!

Welcome Week #10! I've been looking forward to this technique for a while...a reason to use all my pretty stickles bottles! (Yeah, that hording..need all colors thing...)

So...with all my bottles lined up..the possibilites!! Settled on flowers..I had cut some at my old stamp store on the Cape, and thought the outlines would mirror Tim's technique sort of. After inking, I covered the flowers with Mustard Seed, Dried Marigold,touch of Fired Brick, Milled Lavender, touch of Dusty Concord, Faded Denim, Shabby Shutters and Peeled Paint. (Almost all but the browns and metals! LOL!) I found I liked dabbing more than spreading; more texture was left that way. The saying is from Rubbernecker Stamps.

Got everything all glued down; and Dumb...Stupid...Me...couldn't leave well enough alone...thought leaves and a vine would be nice... Part of my brain was shouting "Stop! Less is More"..and yet my poor, uncoordinated hand had to grap the peeled paint bottle and start squirting! LOL! Ah well, "it is what it is", as the saying goes! So, the picture isn't great, but you can sort of see the glitterl
I have found that Simon Says Stamp is also running a weekly challenge, and this week its stamping in the Wendy Vecchi-Studio 490 Style. Just discovering Wendy, I hope this sort of works; I've noticed she has flowers on almost this is going there as well...I hope it isn't too wrong. You can find their challenge here: Simon says stamp and show

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Distressing Crackle!

Oh Boy! This is week #9 in Studio L3's Compendium of Curiosities Challenge, and this week, it's page #42. You all know the rules, you need to get the book to see how it's done! But...this has been my MOST challenging! It took an entire evening just trying to get my jars of Distress Crackle Paint into a somewhat liquid state..still very thick..but somewhat spreadable. I haven't had these jars too long, maybe a year, and had capped them tightly, so I'm a bit annoyed with their lack of longevitiy, I must say. But once that feat was accomplished, it was design time; I had a great plan, but wasn't sure how to pull it clear can you stamp over a cracked surface?? Not too well, depending on how crisp you want. On the other hand, a bold graphic stamp came off looking antique-ey and awesome!

Anyway, after sampling, testing, and almost finishing...I decided I didn't like it! LOL! So back to the drawing board, with no time to spare! This time an ATC seemed to be forming; I colored Tim's butterflies with Prismacolor pencils, then applied the rock candy crackle over them. The saying is from Penny Black, and the floral border is from Tim's set as well. Nothing fancy, and I have a small detail of the butterflies to see the effect.

And just because: the stars and hearts came out kinda cool; here is the one I may be resurrected some day...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Inking of the Grunge!

Almost didn't think I was going to make it this week! But I refuse to go down this early! Besides, the weather is absolutely beautiful today, and I didn't feel like I'd be dying of humidity (can people die of humidity? I really think I almost did!)

Now, before I get into my piece..I wish to thank Linda again for hosting this challenge, and for everyone who has participated with such stunning pieces of art. And it is because of all of you..that, despite feeling I'd never need one..I have aquired a Sizzix Big Shot! Ok, some of Tim's dies and textures helped a bit; but it was everyone's work showing what they did with the dies that pushed me over the edge. Now, I only have 2's budget can only go so far; but its a start!

Now, on to the Challenge; The Compendium of Curiosities page #39. Remember, we're not allowe to give the techniques away; you need to get your own copy! I had these flowers already cut when I had used a stores machine, and thought what a great time to use them. I used Mustard Seed, Tumbled Glass and Victorian Velvet DI's, along with Vintage Photo DI on the edges. The ATC was Mustartd Seed and Vintage Photo. THe vine was stamped with Peeled Paint, and I'm embarassed to say, I have no idea who made it. The saying is from Stampscapes. And I added just a bit of bling to the flower centers.

For some reason...I just love this ATC! I hope you all do as well!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Challenge #7! Ophelia!

Yeah!! This week Linda at Studio L3 chose page 55 for our challenge! Tinted Vision Fragments! I confess...when I first got my Compendium of Curiosities, this was the only technique that totally grabbed me and I knew I'd be trying it out. (Needless to say...I'm very glad I'm in this challenge, as I have 6 other "go-to" techniques now in my tool-box!)

Now, while thumbing through the Compendium when it first arrived, I new immediately that Ophelia from Stampsmith would be my subject! Thank god there's a fragment that fits her! I can't believe I don't have Espresso ink, but Latte, Ginger and and Slate did the trick. The tag background is Crushed Olive, Bundled Sage, Rusty Hinge and Vintage Photo DI's, with Mustard Seed Distress Embossing Powder on the corner flourishes. (see..a technique from two weeks ago!) I really love this to all my card recipients...expect to see some fragments in the future!
And here is a close-up for Ophelia: I forgot to mention, I used Spun Sugar, Barn Door and Dried Marigold DI's to color her in.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Come back Art Muse...Come Back!!

As has become my new weekly habit...the first thing I do Monday morning is to see which page Linda will pick for the Compendium of Curiosities Challenge at Studio L3. This week: page 66, Mulit Media Collage. Ok, I have a week to think about this, as I'm away for work, thinking...thinking...seeing everyone elses work...thinking...

OK, home now; chores done.. in my stamp room...reading the technique...thinking...thinking...I have come to the conclusion my muse has run away...a logical assumption after a week long seminar doing financial analysis on loans, where creative thinking was banned...

Now..the best block-busting technique: dump the embellishment drawer out..Eureka! I found two cardboard hearts! Now we're getting somewhere! Now I have to clean up my desk! Oh, found a key while I was at it... and wow, this one was a lot of work!

The details as I remember:
Aged Paper, Spun Sugar, Worn Lipstick, Aged Mahogany DI's on the hearts. The same plus Tea Dye on the background. Since I still haven't found an opaque white that works, I used a technique not yet challenged to get the text to pop.

I think I'll need to give this one another go, once I'm more at peace with my creative self...and maybe a lot less hot and humid!

Oh, and with advice from Marnie, I think I loaded this image at a more friendly web resolution. Please let me know if anyone notices anything better/worse, etc. Thanks!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Curiosities Continue...

Wow! 5 for 5! I'm pretty amazed..this will be 1/7th of the journey completed!! So this week Linda at Studio L3 chose Page 43.. Distress Powers. Now, I did have two jars, and had used them a bit, with some "eh" results. And after seeing the early posts, I went and got 3 more colors, and paid particular attention to step #4....(hmmm, a trend; patience!!!) and I will say this time I had much better results.

I used the Peeled Paint and Faded Jeans for the powers, with the Distress Embossing Ink...which does make a bit of a difference over regular pigment inks. Then I used mustard seed, dried marigold, spiced marmalade, milled lavender and dusty concord on the background. The stamps come from Tim (but you all knew that!) and the Flight came from Inkadinkado.

I liked it so much, I then did my husband's birthday card this way... Yeah! A new technique to add to the creative tool box!

Oh, and on a side note; it has become apparent that I now Hate those silly bags that have the self-adhesive on the flap...really!! What ever happened to good old zipper bags?? They didn't stick, tear, get mangled, and leave 3 sets of stamps precariously loose from their covers! Hurumph!