Thursday, June 28, 2012

WOYWW #160

Well, better late than never!! I'm sorta missing my "Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday" ritual from Julia's Stamping Ground. I did grab a quick photo on Tues night, so I could get it off the camera onto a thumb drive thingy for Wed., then at work...(thank you Sam) PANTS!!! All sorts a Shite hit the fan at, here I sit, before work, trying to catch up with life! And, on my goodie box from...the lovely Sam at Hettiecraft!! We started off with an image swap, and then we threw in a few do-dads (I got bells and wings!) and then the 3rd anniversary ATC's (we "met" on the PIF 2nd Anniversary!) ..but then she threw in some awesome UK Items I've asked about...Horlicks, Ovaltine and awesome tea..and a birthday apron to keep me ink free (well,first I have to ink it up, give it some character! then the spills won't show).  Now, all I know of my box to her is it cleared our customs in NYC and headed across the water the night we mailed it...I hope she gets it soon....
So, off I go to the world of credit union minutia....I hope everyone has a wonderful week...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

CC2C #10--Tissue Wrap Flowers

Hello everyone!  Welcome to the 10th week of Linda's Studio L3 Compendium of Curiosities 2 Challenge, based on Tim Holtz's fab book.  This week our assignment was Tissue AWrap Flowers, found on page 37.  And, as an added bonus, The Funky Junkie Boutique is the sponsor, offering up a gift certificate!
So, here is my attemp: and I will admit to being more than a bit sceptical...Things seemed to be going's that folding thing with me..but then, all of a sudden, the light dawned, I was pulling the wrong way, and Bam! A flower was born!  And since I apparently didn't hit center with the staple, I thought it looked more like a pansy.  So I hit the center with mustard seed Distress Stain, and the Edges with Dusty Concord...I probably could have used some Adirondack  Washes, but I get really messy with those, and figured I screw it up some how, and went with more subtle.  Well, for the flower...definately not the tag! LOL!  The backgournd is Mustard Seed and Rusty Hinge Distress Stains, the images are all Dusty Concord DI. And, notice the flourish? That is a 2 part stamp from Rubbernecker Stamps...the 2nd stamp is stippled so that you get that cast-off, 2nd image look, from a 1st generation ink hit, and you always know what you'll get!  Pretty cool, and one of my new sets from the Heirloom Stamp Show.  The daisy is from Inkadinkadoo and the saying from Impression Obsession.  Now, as The Compendium didn't specify a way to attach said flower to the tag, and Multi-Medium I'm sure will work, it just hadn't set yet, so I didn't dare touch the tag to put the finishing ribbons, etc.  Hopefully tonight it will be "stuck" and I can finish it and put it up on my "Challenge Board".

In the meantime, there is still some time left to join in.  See Linda's for the details, and go get tissuey...and there is a new challenge starting on Friday...Have a great week everyone, and if in the North East..stay cool!!

WOYWW #159

Welcome back to Wednesday...and the work desk tour of the world!! Thanks to Julia at The Stamping Ground for creating this wonderful weekday diversion!  This is mine last night, with just the card removed, as my nephew's birthday was erhm...Monday.  There is also my tag for the Compendium Challenge Vol. 2 over at Studio L3, which will be posted next.  As you can see; the unmounted are still not in I still haven't found photo sleeves I like.  And yes, I still have other stamps stacked in the top corner to be put away...before they fall. latest source of distress stamp bin: As you can see; it is now full.  There is no room left to move pads around to get to the bottom of my color stacks.  And I have the 3 summer colors arriving; even without the stains it's a problem.  So..what are the rest of you doing to easily access stamp pads, without taking up much, if any (LOL!) room?  You've seen my desk...its one thing to stack just the few inks I'm using there,but not enough room to do much more,  and then get annoyed every time I have to practically empty everything out, as my time has become so short...Arghhh! Yes, still venting over last nights session! LOL!  And, for those that know of the secret desk to the right..yeah, it's pretty much filled to the brim as well..what is a girl to do???
Ah well, I gotta get moving..that whole time thing.  So thanks for stopping by, and I will take all suggestions to heart! Go stop at Julia's to start the Wednesday Journey, and have a great rest of the week.  For those in the North East...try to stay is wicked out there now!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WOYWW #158

Welcome to Wednesday, and our weekly excursion around the world of work desks hosted by Julia at The Stamping Ground.  First, I wanted to show off the 3rd Anniversary ATC I received from Jan McConnell.  Very great idea showing our hostess’ homeland! 
Then there is my desk…I actually got quite a bit of stamping and such done this past weekend…finished my Compendium Challenge, which you can see on the previous post, played around a bit with some of the new stamps I picked up at the Heirloom Stamp Convention last weekend, and most shocking of all…stacked near the top…are all the un-mounted stamps...that are now mounted!! Usually that doesn’t happen until mid-winter. Now, with all the photography stores out of business due to digital...I need to find my print sheets that I use to store them in binders. The small ones fit in the ATC collector sheets, but I liked the 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 inch ones for the larger and background stamps. I guess I’ll be googleing on my lunch hour! LOL! Oh, and the Morning Glory stamp in the center…is from a new company called PictureShow Stamps, and she sells on Etsy. She had a lot of neat images, mounted and un-mounted…I picked up more than a few! LOL!

So I showed you mine…now show us yours. And have a great week everyone!

Monday, June 11, 2012

CC2C #9-Pocket Watch

We are already on week #9 of the Compendium of Curiosities Challenge over at Linda's Sudio L3! And this week, from Tim Holtz's fab book, we are on Page 35, and using his Pocket Watch... How Fun! And to spice things up, Simon Says Stamp is the sponsor, offering a Gift Certificate to one lucky recipient! 
So, you know the rules, you need to go get Tim's book to get the details. I used his Chit-chat words, a Prima Flower, and some micro beads and gilded mica flakes to add texture.  A cool ribbon and a key charm, and done! You can't see the background paper, but it is a piece of his craft resist, with peeled paint distress stain; which I thought was too dark when I did it, but evened out nicely.
Very fun! I now I've seen pocket watch display stands somewhere; I think it will look great on my desk at work. 

Now, I've posted early, for a change, so if you don't know about the wonderful challenge, you still have plenty of time to get involved! There's a new challenge every Friday.  Jump on in! Have a great week everyone.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

CC2C #8: Repurposed Packaging

Talk about under the wire!! Whewww!  The Compendium Challenge this week over at Linda's Studio L3 was: Technique 8: Repurposed Packaging; Tim Holtz: A Compendium of Curiosities, Vol. 2, page 62.  And I love using this stuff! I have 2 bags hanging in my closet of packaging just for this!

Now, time has once again ran out on me; so this is by no means finished...because...I swear...would have bet money on it....that somewhere I have a saying regarding horses/carousels, etc. Somewhere....just not in my unmounted sayings binder...or the unmounted sayings bin, or the mounted sayings drawer....but I know I have held one in my hand, ergo, it is in my stamp room somewhere...I would never have not bought it...would I??? So, this will be finished once I solve the saying issue, and tidy up the top with fibers of some sort...

Here is a close up of the gear.  I had tried using the textured technique as well, but on the Cargo Numbers, No.8 to be exact, but Tim's riveted grid pattern was too large for the smaller numbers, so didn't make sense, plus, those seem better suited to negative use, not possitive,  so it looked weird.  I used pitch black, stonewashed and silver additive alcohol inks, but I think I should have gone back and added a tad more, as the gear could be darker. 
And here is the stamp; I just bought it at the Heirloom Springfield MA show, from Lost Coast Designs: Steampunk Pony (knowing it would go great with that saying..../sigh)

OK, I gotta get go visit Linda and see what's going on, and join in; a new challenge awaits every Friday! Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WOYWW #157 Spoiler Alert!!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Time once again to hop around the global workdesks tied together by Julia @The Stamping Ground.who herself has been hopping around globally!)                                                            My workdesk project: The pieces-parts of my Compendium of Curiosities 2 challenge over at Studio L3...and unless a miracle happens tonight, they won't be finished in time...very sad as I love the technique we're doing. 
And the Spoiler Alert..last chance to look away if you're one of my ATC recipients...if you want to be surprised... otherwise, here it take on the productive desks that are shown each and every Wednesday...(ok, maybe more my workdesk! LOL!)
So time to get hopping and see others ATC...Have a great week everyone!