Friday, August 5, 2016

Creative Chemistry 103; Day 4 --Distress Crayons!

Today’s lessons are all about the Distress Crayons…and I’ll confess; while new to my craftroom, I’ve become a Gelato addict…so when I saw the crayon video’s from CHA, I was very excited, as these would be more “earthy” colors. So after trying the set out, I was a bit bummed.  Close but not the same as gelatos…but now! The lessons show the differences and why and how to best use them. So Com’on rest of the colors!!  I’m going to get the other 2 sets this weekend!

First up was the Crayon Smudged Technique.  My stencil is not the best choice; too much depth/roughness to truly smudge, (my fingers not happy! LOL!) but I’ve got the gist, and will rework it this weekend--plus I need to make a mask for the postage edges...I'm only so neat!

Then there was the Crayon Gesso Fresco…and Holy Camoly!  This is going to be stunning in a journal! I got carried away, despite my time restraints, and did a bunch; here are the better 2.

Then the Textured Resist. I picked another tricky tight stencil…but still love how it came out; but now I really need the white crayon.

And finally the Watercolor Resist Technique…and this too shows great possibilities!  Here is just the image; I ran out of gas to finish the card I have in stay tuned. 

So with luck, after the Day 6 lessons on Saturday, I’ll be able to catch up on the 6-7 techniques I missed during the week…and then actually start to use them, not just do the exercises.  So stay tuned!

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