Thursday, September 27, 2012

WOYWW #173

Almost missed our Wednesday journey of workdesks across the world! I was so busy getting a card out I almost forgot to snap a shot of the desk. And proof that you can't change a leopards spots...after almost 7 weeks of near freaky neatness, I'm back to chaotic nirvana, which is still showing a touch of neatness-you  can see the whole craft sheet! (I'm also throwing out the paper towels and small edges/scrap right away! LOL!)
Sizzix Flip-it card, with riviting patchwork technique

I have found the solution to the clogged up glossy accents bottle...Tapestry Needles (top right on craft sheet). They are a bit thicker, and open it right up!  And the only inks and stain still out are from the card...which I got to play with the flip-it die again...I'm deciding I like it! Now I need better envelopes and thicker cardstock for the base. Oh, and the reddish box on the left...a mini sewing box found at Harbor Freight for dirt cheap that holds all my Tim Goodies (well the larger ones, the jump rings and brads etc, are staying in their packaging!)

So, I will start peeking in at others desks, starting with Julia's Stamping Ground, our hostess in this weekly event! Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

CC2C #22:Truely Riveting..

We are on our 22nd week at Linda's Compendium of Curiosites Vol. 2 Challenge. This week, we tackle Tim's Riveted Patchwork, found on page #57. I also got to learn this technique with Tim himself this May at Absolutely Everything. And I had bought this little box then, and now, no excuses...gotta get it done!

Now, as you can see from this straight down shot, I used black and a touch of meadow AI's.  I don't know what is reflected on the other two shots, but I really love that color!!! I'm going to go back in with some latte or ginger to see if I can recreate this. 

So, as I'm early, you still have time to get in on the riveting action! As a plus...The Funkie Junkie Boutique ( has offered up a $25 gift come in and give it a go!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Mirror Lake Inn

Day 3 of meetings,and trying to figure this google plus apply out...will have be on wifi;so this is not an option for cards and with work shutting down my thumb drive transfers (thanks PCI compliance!) My blogging days may be coming to an end...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

IPad test:MirrorLake,Lake Placid, NY

can I take pictures from the IPad and post to the blog? yes, but that was some work...speaking of...I'm here for 2 days fork our board meetings...and this is the shot from my balcony.  and now I need to get down for the cocktail reception ( no, really, I do).
KK, see you all later, test successfully complete!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WOYWW #172: Getting Serious!

Welcome to our Wednesday journey of workdesks from around the world...all hosted by Julia at the Stamping Ground.   And on my desk...getting serious on the holiday cards!!  After running out at a craft fair...and not having any for my own use...I've learned my lesson. Plus I need to have a few new designs to show for very nice to actually get some money back in the craft account!!  These are the backgrounds for the mitten stamp you can see here, which are laid out to dry the rock candy stickles.
And, I also got to play with the new flip-it die from Sizzix.   I was a bit befuddled, once it was cut, as I think I thought it was on a "normal" card it took awhile, but here is what I came up there may be some Thanksgiving/Holiday cards in this dies future.   And, look... things are still overall organized and very shocking!!
So now that you've seen mine, go do some serious scouting out through all the other open doors...and have a great week everyone!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Flip It Fun

 OK, so I saw a blog post using the Sizzix Flip-it Dies, and immediately ordered 2 (they just happened to be on sale at could I not?) Of course, once I got the die, I will admit, I wasn't sure what to do with it, and now I can't find the blog...and being on dial-up, I just couldn't even get to the 1 minute video on really is getting ridiculous!! Lay some cable up the hill for criminy's sake@!!) So, after playing around, I came up with an idea..and now I have to ask...How is it possible that I can't find even a scrap of patterned paper to go on that itty bitty front flap??

Please go to exhibit A: The big box of my 6 x 6 paper pads....and exhibit B: where 80% of the stacks on the left side, 2nd and 3rd sheet are patterned paper packs, and 40% of the paper stacks on the right side are too..Really??? I can't even claim I had the perfect sheet, but it was the last one and I didn't want to use it(hoarder syndrome!) I just couldn't find anything!!!  Thank heavens for the embossing folders...added nice interest.  And the new tattered florals border...I'm finally using up small scraps of paper; just lay them down, and bingo! Now I need a small basket to start storing all my little die-cut pieces-parts! 

Exhibit A
I also have the ornate frame die, which I think can make great birthday apparently I need to get the Framelets die, with the big circle to make layering a snap... And I guess I should start my planning by picking out a nice patterned paper, then going from there...because obviously I can't work base out! LOL!
Exhibit B

CC2C #21: Blended Stains

Welcome to another week of Linda's Compendium of Curiosites Vol. 2 Challenge! This week we have been assigned page #45 from Tim Holtz's fab book, blended stains.  And to make things interesting, Simon Says Stamp has put up a gift certificate!!

This technique was also shown by Tim in his Creative Chemistry 101 class, and even then I just didn't seem to get it right...maybe I use colors too far apart?  I also tried on regular and watercolor paper, as I originally wanted to make a card, but only the manila tags seem to pull this off.  Anyone know of a white paper with the smooshy-ness of manila? I used Tumbled Glass, Barn Red, Mustard Seed and Shabby Shutters...
I will say, this does work on binding and yarn really well...

So, go grab some Distress Stains, and blend away...there is still plenty of time! Have a great week everyone.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

CC101 Face Book Challenge: Rockin' the Candy

The Creative Chemistry 101 Face Book Group  challenge for September is Rock Candy Distress Stickles.  This technique was demonstrated by Tim Holtz on the last day of the Online Card Class series.  I'll admit: I just don't use my stickles enough.  Now, with the colors I have no complaints; but this is my 3rd bottle of the rock candy (clear) stickles, as I always seem to run out of the stickle part!! I'm even storing them upside down to keep the glitter towards the tip! Anyone else having this problem? 

Anywho, I'm starting my Christmas card designs, and love this mitten stamp from Impression Obsession, so as I already was playing around with it and the Distress Markers, I thought I'd merge it with the challenge.  The snowflake background is also from IO, using the rolling Mega Mount! And I LOVE IT!  So easy to get a perfectly even background impression! So, in addition to the rock candy stickles on the background, I also used Picket Fence Stickles on the cuff of the mittens.  And as soon as I find a nice blue thin velvet (I think) ribbon, that will be going on my finished design...
Hmm, and I better order more blue paper for the card as well...and more of that Rock Candy, as this bottle is almost out...oh love shopping lists!! Have a great week everyone!

CC2C #20: Enameled Stamping

Thank you Linda for reminding me how fun this technique is!  Linda's Compendium of Curiosities Vol. 2 challenge for this week was from Page #44, Enameled Stamping, and as I can't tell you what to do, I can say get Tim Holtz's newest book, and then try this...such a very cool way to make backgrounds! 
And as a Compenium Challenge First for me; I've actually  made a card that is being sent out; its to congratulate my Husband's current acting Post Master on becoming the permanent PM for the, am I being effecient, or jinxing him?  (they're not announcing the posting until tomorrow.)

I meant to look and see who made the key stamp, but at 9:30 last night, I forgot (at least I can't say I did look and then forgot this morning, whew!), but I think it worked with this tecnique beautifully.  Wild Honey and Faded Denim are the colors used.

So, now, go back to visit Linda's and then see what everyone else did. And don't forget; a new challenge will begin tomorrow! 

WOYWW #171: Almost back to Normal.../sigh

Happy WOYWW—on Thurs!  OK, I feel better…do you?  37 days of tidiness, and then not quite back to the old habits, but not sterile either!  So, 9:30 last night, just after photographing my entry for Linda’s Studio L3 Compendium Challenge (should be next posting….), I remembered it was Wednesday, so snapped this as well.  Besides for the challenge, the card is also for my husband’s current Post Master, who he hopes will become the permanent PM for the office.  (is making a congratulations card before the event being efficient, or jinxing?)  There is the mega-mount with the snowflake background…SO LOVE THIS MOUNT!!!! (I’ll be posting that card today too…stay tuned) OH!! And on the left: my 2 new flip-its dies from Sizzix…gonna get some play time tonight…they look soooo cooool!!!! And, in the background, a candle from Penny Black I’m fiddling with for a Christmas design…so busy, busy busy!!
KK, gotta go….many posts to make, and work time is clicking down…no go jump over to Julia’s Stamping Ground, as she is the mighty portal master of this mid-week fun! Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

WOYWW #170

OK, its been a month, and they say after 30 days, an activity becomes a habit..and while not as tidy, it's no longer sterile, and the only things out are what I'm actually using...and except for the whole finding the Christmas Stamps project (part of last years tidying..) I can actually get things done much quicker.  Yay!  So, first, let me say how happy I am that I bought the Mega-Mount from Impression Obsessions...with the big snowflake background stamp...that thing rocks! (No, really, it does..its curved to rock the stamp over the paper...)  Corner to corner perfection!  And I have two designs I'm playing with, the one with the mittens you can see probably tomorrow (just not having a good conncection patience is thin). I will be entering that in the Creative Chemestry Face Book Monthly Challenge.  And the one with the reindeer is from a technique demoed on the Ranger site...pretty cool! If I can just learn to keep the white part clean, this will be a great design for the craft fair.
So, now head over to Julia's Stamping Ground, who will lead you through all the wonderful Wednesday-ness.
Oh, and Brenda guessed last weeks fluffy pile: my Dakota is blowing her undercoat, and since she jumped on my lap, I thought it only fair to pluck her tufts! I'll be sending two big bags full to a friend who spins yarn to see what she comes up with.

Have a great week everyone!