Sunday, August 7, 2016

Creative Chemistry 103,: Day 6: Textured surface and Foil Sheets

Hi everyone,
We've reached the last day of this fantastic class from Online Card Classes, the Creative Chemistry series taught by TIm Holtz.  It has been fantastic.  And just because the "live" part is over (well, there is one more "Catch up week), doesn't mean you can't still take with all their classes, you have lifetime access to the content--only the forum's and galleries get closed to new postings. It's been great to learn new ways to use the stash you already have...yes, I know...don't play coy...

So today wasn't so much a lesson, as breaking down some of the new surfaces and substrates. (and yes, most were already in my stash...being horded for god knows what...

My example today uses the Burlap sheet from the Textured Surfaces, as well as the Foiling Technique....and I love that!!! I better order a few more packs of this too!
I took the image from the Watercolor Resist lesson, added some gold foiling around the edges...hard to see, but it's there, then layered over the self-adhesive (thank god...can't imagine trying to glue this down!) Burlap,

You can sorta see the foiling better here.  I'm going to add a banner, once I find my missing stamp...along with my missing DIY distress pad and the Picket fence ink pad...this has been a tough week for my already taxed organizational skills...just about every TH related medium or item is stacked on my desk!

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  1. This is such a pretty card/project! I want to try the foil technique also. I have tried it with sticky powder, and had some trouble with it. I feel your pain about losing track of TH supplies. It has been quite the week!


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