Thursday, June 24, 2010

Challenge #2--Fragment Basics!

So, week one was a huge success! (and not just because I won the giveaway! LOL) but everyone's work was so amazing!! Thank you so much Linda for having this has definately gotten me out of my summer funk (yeah, I'm one of those...I hate summer, heat, humidity...yuck!)

Last week I had a vision, and while I had to work a bit to get the waterstamped image to look the way I wanted..I knew were I was going. This week..not so much. I had some fragments, but hadn't even opened the package. And starting this challenge put it mildly...a challenge! I think I touched every single piece of paper in my room!! Found my fav Graphic45...and went from there. So here we the colors..not sure if it was the best use of the fragment...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blockheads Contest---and paper addiction

So...I go up to my stamp room to start work on the 2nd week's Compendium Challenge...and I got nuttin'. OK..lets start with cleaning up the work area...lets put away some of this paper...and I notice something..well, I did know I had a paper problem..and I am totally aware I am a horder of all objects..but as much as I like oranges..I really can't recall doing many orange why in the name of Sam Hill do I have over 23 sheets of the different hues of Bazzill oranges?? Not to mention a few of the fourz packs and monopacks??? Really Kim?? Get a grip! And you know I won't use them...'cause you never know if you can get those exact colors is a disease!!

Now, papers organized, back in their proper slots, back to the fragments challenge...hmm hmm, still nothing..put some ink down on an atc...hmm, nice colors..oh, that new stamp from Blockheads...waterstamp it?? Very, here is an ATC that I'll enter into their contest...

As for the fragments...I got a pear...lets see where that takes me..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Water Stamping

This is my example for the first technique of the Compendium Challenge.
I used Dusty Concord, Faded Denim, Pine Needles and Chipped Sapphire inks. The stamp came from Impression Obsession and the saying came from StampScapes. I also
used Faded Denim and Picket Fence Stickles to create a bubble/current effect around the edges. Really hard to photgraph well.
I found this to be a tad tricky to get the effect I wanted; ink had to be thick, but not to dark, and stamp had to be left for a moment or two...too quick and no noticable effect; too long, and a wet blob. I had tried with different papers, and the papers couldn't be too absorbent. I went with the tag for the most notable effect.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Steps

OK, for a creative person, my first start in pretty un-inspiring...need to figure out how to change this stuff around.

So, why am I doing this?? Because I've just joined a stamping challenge, and needed a place to link my projects to. Now, this is not without some problems: I am on dial-up...yes, the old, crackly modem, 24.4 k connection on good, dry uploading and downloading is a challenge. I'm hoping this won't be a huge issue. Time-consuming, but not huge. Next, I am doing this to share my art, pets, and other items I find amusing or interesting. That can be depending on the dial-up, this may be pretty busy!
So, enough for this is only a test...