Tuesday, July 31, 2012

CC2 #15: Enameled Brilliance!

Wow! This week at Linda's Studio L3, we have been assigned Page #56 from Tim's 2nd Compendium, Enameled Metals.  How too cool is this one??!!!

Of course I knew I had bought a pack of the metal foil tape when I was Absolutely Everything for Tims's weekend of classes.  I just couldn't find it.  That lead to an extreme clean-up of my "right-side" desk.  And not just one...but three! packs did I eventually come up with! Yeah me!

As you know, you need to reference the techique from Tim himself, but let me just say..you need to! I was not expecting the results I got. I went with the Sizzix Basic Gray texture folder that Julie found at the Springfield stamps show, which matched the Sizzlet die she had gotten me for Christmas (I have such a pear thing!) I actually like the plain one, and while I didn't know what I would do with it, I didn't want to risk ruining it either! LOL!

But, man I'm glad I did.  I had picked out the paper colors when the metal was still wet, and as I was using scraps, I wasn't thrilled with the match, but then after the 2nd to last step, they seem to go perfectly! Who knew?  I have visions of great Christmas Cards with this one.

So there is still time; grab your copy of he Compendium of Curiosities Vol. 2 and get enameling!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

CC2C #14 (&13)-Guilded Glassine

This week Linda over at Studio L3 has chosen the Guilded Kraft Glassine, page 39, from Tim's wonderful Compendium of Cursiosities Vol. 2 Challenge.  And since I was away last week, I also did a bit of last weeks technique, the spritz and flick, but it's not very noticeable. 

My colors where meadow, willow and lettuce for the vine, and butterscotch, peach melba and terra cotta for the flowers, with walnut stain as the top coat.  And I layed out where to stamp the "create" 3 times!!! Why it ran afoul of the vine I have no idea!!! 
I still have to "pretty it up" a bit before it goes on the wall, but I do like the way the glassine works.  Even though the paper is dark, it still took some of the yellows.  I should have tried the pearl instead of the gold mixatives though. 

So, while there isn't much time left, jump over to Linda's and check out the challenge.  This week there is a prize donated by Funkie Junkie Boutique, so go get your guilded glassine on!

WOYWW #164

So, after being away for a week of vacation, then being away for a week for work...and then having to pamper my poor husband who didn't eat for 8 days (yeah, right....just not the food I bought for him) I finally got a few moments to catch up on my thank you cards for my birthday, then birthday cards for all the July birthdays I've missed! Oh, and my project for the Compendium of Curiosities Challenge at Studio L3...which will be the following post...sometime today. And this is the mess I'm left with... Ink pads stacked, stamps to be put away, some papers to be stashed before they become spattered or wrinkled..just a general disarray!

Here are two of the cards I made.  The purple flower one is alcohol inks.  I just ran amok with the inks, and did 6 of these with different color combos.  The sunflower is using Tim Holtz's Distress Markers. 

So, now to see some truely inspirational desks, go visit Julia at the Stamping Ground, and get in on the WOYWW wackyness! Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

CC2C #111 & 12: Configuring Challenge!

Talk about last minute!! And I can't say it's just biting off more than I can chew...we went away for a few days, shut the computers down, and now it took 23 minutes to open blogger!! Ghaa!   I have 63 minutes left ...tick tock! Typing fast while pictures are loading...

So, this is the 2-week Configurations Box or Tray Challenge from Linda's Studio L3,were these last two weeks we explored pages #33 & #34 of Tim Holtz's Compendium of Curiosities Vol. 2. Now, I origianlly planned on my small configurations box, but the sections looked too deep and narrow for my theme, butterflies and birds, wings and hopes..and I wanted to use reds to go with my new office once the new association building is finished. So I went and got the tray. Then before vacation I started gathering and making things to put in the tray. I thought I was golden! I still had time to select papers and get them cut before we left for the Cape. And you got it...couldn't decide until we got home today at 2:30...nothing like a deadline to make a decision.

Now, I thought I had items for the two empty boxes, but for the life of me I couldn't find (or remember-and I'm only 5 days over 50!!) them so I'll fill them in this weekend. And I'm not so sure about the butterfly border. The bottom right is chalkboard paper, but I couldn write neatly with chalk to save my life, so I stamped the quote with chalk inks...it came from a play our high school did in a competition, where I was the flute accompianment, can't remember the name, but I'll never forget that line!The three jars of semi-precious stones I picked up at a mine in North Carolina. So glad I found them!!

And here is the tray before I started filling it...

I still want to do the box, but I did orginally earmark that for a Christmas theme, so while I'm on a roll, I might just get that started as well.

OK, pictures loaded, forgive any typos..and while it's too late to join this week, check out Linda's pad every Friday morning, where a new Compendium Challenge awaits! Have a great weekend everyone!