Friday, December 30, 2011

Grungy Monday #30-All Taped Up

Here we are at the last Grungy Monday Challenge of the year! And as I'm just about to go on the clock at work, this will be short: All the details of our Grungy Monday assignments can be found at Linda's Studio L3, where we delve into the cool creativeness of Tim Holtz. And this week there is a prize offering, sponsored by Simon Says Stamp. This week: to use either Tim's new Tissue Paper and/or his Tissue Tape. Since I haven't found or seen any of the tissue paper yet, I had to go with the Tape. (But the paper sounds really cool! Now we have GrungeTissue to go with grungepaper and grungeboard! Totally workable, inkable, distressable stuff!)

I used my new Vagabond (sorry, just can't seem to stop saying that!) to cut the bird out of grungepaper, which I covered with the Symphony Tape. I then smooshed is some of my new purple Distress Stain (Thank you Linda! LOL!) and let it dry, while I then covered a tag with my other 2 new stains, Linen and Photo (thank you Boss Maria for the GC). In the process, I learned you really need to be aware of your work space when using these stains...While running amok with the purple, I manged to stain a stack of grungepaper, two wood stamps, and my jeans. LOL! I stamped the saying with the new Seedless Preserves (1st time use-nice color!) the flourish with the concord and lavender DI's, then went to put my stickle-less Rock Candy Stickles (when will I remember to replace it?) on the bird; and of course forgot that the stain would my really cool blotches all evened out...but still pretty neat. I finished the eye with the Glossy Enamels.

Oh, and Dakota would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! I'm trying to convince her that her resolution should be to leave everything in the closet!

So, there is still time to get into the Tissue Fun! Go see Linda, then play for your selves. And I do hope everyone has a very healthy, happy New Year!

WOYWW #134

Good morning (well, my time!) everyone! I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas! My husband managed to shock me by getting me a deep fryer AND a Vagabond! The fryer I'll play with this weekend; but I did get to play with the vagabond Wed., and it is very cool; so, now, do I sell the Big shot, or keep it so that when using the spell binders, one can be set for cutting, and the other for the embossing?? (I was always annoyed with having to flip a tab back and forth! LOL)
So, this week my desk; still fairly tidy, shows my Grungy Monday project, which hopefully I'll have time to post next (work can be such a killjoy! LOL!) This was my first time playing with my new stains..and boy! Can I make a mess with them! First lesson: put away EVERYTHING you don't want to risk getting splattered, smeared, etc. My pile of grunge paper was off to the side, and about 4 pieces now have a purple border.

Oh, and here is Dakota, helping me by taking the box back out of the closet to get to the styrofoam packing...but she is looking cute doing it! So, now, go head over to Julia's Stamping Ground to see what WOYWW is all about, and then start peeking at some other creative work spaces! Have a Happy New Year's everyone!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WOYWW #133: Crazy-Scary!

Good morning WOYWWers! And it is...for a change. I got all my cards finished Sunday, (can be seen on my previous post-shameless plug) mailed out Monday, finished my last of the shopping this morning (I love stores that are open before 7:00am! and last night I went into my "space:" to dig out some hidden gifts, and then spent about an hour "tidying up" from the card wreckage. And lookey!! I have a desk! And FYI: the table to my right is all clean too!

Ok, I'll show you my shame: the floor in front of the desk...but I'll get to that after Christmas! Promise! (or Dakota will chew the stamps!) Hey, I said I only had an hour!

But now..I do have a problem: At what point do you realize a "scrap" of paper is no longer a scrap, but trash? I think I'm going to go with, once you can no longer cut a piece from my smallest die, and then will attack my scrap folder and lose about 2 inches, which will then get it to fit back into my nice plastic scrap holder! But I am open to suggestions! LOL! (Any reason to save...well, anything!)

So, incase you haven't been to Julia''s Stamping Ground first, and need to see what WOYWW is all about..head there, and then head to the other wonderful desks! And I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 19, 2011

The 2011 Card Collection

Tadaaa! And Phewww!! Finally finished my Christmas Cards. I had done so well at the craft fair, I had to make them all over again; throw in a vacation, and let me just say...NEVER THIS LATE AGAIN! And I noticed, looking at them all layed out: every one of them used some type of die cut: Tim Holtz Alterations, Spell Binder layers and stencil, and Memory Box. Hmmmm, who would have thunk?

In no particular order; this one is using a Spellbinders stencil, with Distress Inks and Glimmer Mist. Tim Holtz gave a great tip with offsetting letters for depth, so I did the same with the saying... looks real shimmery!

And this is my kitty one for the year: stamp by Magenta, colored with prismacolored pencils.

This one is using the Memory box dies and background stamp, with Distress inks, and I believe an Anna Griffen holly background on the red panel. Can't remember where the little greeting came from.

This one used the Tim Holtz reindeer die and his green garland texture fade. The little saying is from Memory Box: Gotta love it! And a Hero Arts stamp was used on the deer, "On Comet, On Cupid..."

And this one: stamps also from Memory Box, and the ribbon Spellbinders die: very cool and useful die set! There is sparkly fluff on the trim of the hat!

And I just realized, I never transferred the Memory Box snowflake edge card to the memory stick to bring to work..bummer! My friend Julie had a great idea: find self adhesive paper for it, and it took a while, but then I found a sparkly white paper...and it worked Great! So there they are. A record year: 106 cards (ok, I did reuse a few designs from years past, as I was running out of supplies/paper, etc.) between commissions, craft show and me! I hope everyone appreciates them, and I hope you enjoyed seeing them too.

And I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Wonderful new year!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Grungy Monday #29---Git 'er Done!

OK, I'm a big fan of "Git 'er done", with all that red-neck twang and mentality behind it... only way to get the board packets out on time, get the newsletter articles out to the printer on time, get a loan approved..on time (get the gist?) I'm not a big fan when creating..well, maybe with practicing those flute studies, but it has been 40 years, so I'm entitled...but definately not while creating art with ink. So it is with a head hung in shame, that I admit, this sample was attacked with the whole idea of getting 'er done. Lovely Linda at Studio L3 even gave us two weeks for this one, and no set assignment, just use a technique or product from the fabulous Tim Holtz, in honor of his wonderful "12 Tags of Christmas". But, you see, I am WAY behind the eightball this season; I sold all my Christmas cards at the craft show, so I still have to make 45 to get out for me; I have a commission of 10 gift card holders for my head boss (no pressure), I haven't even started on shopping for the immediate family, but at least picked up the grand niece/nephews that have to wrapped, boxed and mailed out this week, and I don't have a clue what to get my husband!

So, as I'm on the home computer, I can't go back to check but it was the 2nd or 3rd tag with the Holiday Relfections set that I chose to follow (Yea for me! 1 Tag technique done! LOL!) This is the one where you use alcohol ink on hard plastic and the Reflections Stamps. To get the whole formula, hop over to Tim's blog and scout it out. As I had the folder out, I also tried to recreate his original technique of stamping on the embossing folders. Of course I did it backwards the first time! LOL!

Here is a close-up, showing the music staff. I wish I had used more ink on the felt, so it would be smoother and the detail would be cleaner. I used a drop of the enamel accents for the eye. The saying comes from Memory Box.

So, done, and with luck, may actually upload before tomorrows deadline.

And, I'd like to take this opportunity to let everyone who is following and completeing the "12 Tags" to know, while I just can't post, I'm am peeking and you all deserve a huge Congrats! And Tim, thank you for sharing your wonderful vision and's my new year resolution to be all caught up by next December 1 so I can play along too! LOL!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Grungy Monday #28-Foiled Again!

Well! It has been a while since I've been able to participate in Linda's Studio L3 Grungy Monday Series and I feel like an outsider! LOL! This week we had the task of using Tim Holtz's foil technique. As I have already been on this machine 45 minutes, and still haven't been able to load Linda's page to get the link, I'm going to send you to her to get the info from me, it will be better for all of us.

And since I couldn't get to his link all week I had to guess at the actual procedure. Maybe thats why mine is such a mess! Actually, it doesn't look a such mess in person, but as you can see from the detail image below...omg! I wish I had thought I wanted gold foil before I did the border, and used the Butterscotch AI before I embossed. That may have made it much more blended. And as you can see, I'm still trying to find a great way to use those reindeer...still not sure of this one, but getting closer. The little saying is from Memory a huge fan of "So You Think You Can Dance", I just had to have it!

The AI's I used are butterscotch, cranberry, meadow and espresso. The deer die is Tim's, and the stamp with all the names I believe is from Hero Arts---a very old hero arts! I'm also totally getting into the Spellbinders dies, which cut out the main layer and the saying layer. (And I'm still typing as I'm still loading the photo...the air is blue here!) For Christmas, I want someone to convince the Broadband suppliers that denying people broadband just because of their somewhat un-populated location is cruel and unusual punishment, particularly since we are over a decade into the 21st Century! How is this progress!!!??? OK, photos loaded, rant over...I'll stop now.

So, to see some fine examples of this technique, hop over to Linda's and explore away. Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

WOYWW #126

Oh boy! Today is my craft fair, sponsored by my work to benefit the victims of the Tropical Storms Irene, many of whom are still not able to go back to their houses. (Again, so weird as we're in the mountains in Upstate NY!) So, my desk last night...packing up and doing some last minute finishing. I almost forgot to get a shot, and since I had promised to show the ornaments, I kept a few out for a quick shot. The stamps are from Outlines, and take the patience of Job to cut out! LOL! And some ornaments tops fit perfectly, and others, not so much! The Pointasetta's are my favorites. I 've tried them with red vellum, but I love the frosted so much better!

So, this is my mess for the week. I'm torn with wanting to sell all my cards, then having to make all the Christmas ones again to send out, and selling everything else, but not have to spend the next few weeks making more Christmas cards...come back next week and see which it is! LOL!

Now, head over to Julia's Stamping Ground, see what this WOYWW Is all about, and then go look at some stunninglty creative work areas. Have a great week everyone.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Perfectly Distressingly, Grungingly, Monday (#24)

Not just grungingly Monday--but all week! I've been kicked in the A$$ by a cold that won't quit! I haven't missed this much work since I had major surgery 17, maybe 18 years ago! The other night after major cold meds, I actually was able to climb the stairs to the craft room and sorta get inky. Now, since I've been home, I haven't been able to download (22 minutes to load the intro..ugh! Who wants to go into a hostage scheme with the cable company?) Tim's video that Linda linked with this weeks challenge at Studio L3, so I hope it is the same technique he has in his Compendium of Curiosities. As I didn't have the energy to look through all the stamps, I went with the Inkadinkadoo set that was on the desk. After doing the background with Old Paper DI and stamping Tim's music in Pumice DI, I stamped the Cardinal in Fired Brick. Hit it with Gold Perfect Pearl, then misted with some of the same. The saying is from Memory Box.

WHile I feel it stills needs some embellishment, I didn't have the energy to play around, but liked it enough that I made 2 more, so if I find that perfect "finish", I'll have 3 more cards for the craft Thurs. (Gasp!) Hopefully, as I made it downstairs today without fainting, I can make it upstairs and try to make up for lost time! I still have a lot of crafting to do! So, go head over to Linda's, check out Tim Holtz's video, and go get perfectly distressed.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

GM #23: aka Speed Grunge!

Oye Vey! Linda picked a doosey for our 23rd Grungy Monday Challenge. And as there is still plenty of time, go visit her Studio L3 for all the details. Now, what made this a doosey? Not the difficulty of a technique...not digging to find a substitute if you don't have the same, this was a self-destructive kind a challenge: Time! Make a card using a Tim Holtz technique or product. The it in ten minutes or less!!!

Now, what you don't know is I was actually published a few years ago for a Christmas card I made in Somerset Magazine's "Take Ten" issue. Then, like now, the actual planning and prepping don't really count in the ten minutes...But for some reason..even with my planning, I imploded! And the only way this got done is I have a lot of layers cut for my craft basically I had all the cutting done. And. looking at the photo...not sure I'm even liking it. The technique I learned at a Tim Holtz Style Card making class. Use Versamark ink on glossy, stamp your images, brayer with Adirondack Inks, then overstamp a border in archival black. And I love this new stamp set I just got...but's just not quite right. And now I really hate the purple around the saying.. yeah, I think I need a red0...

So, now go over and see some amazing 10 minutes miracles! Then get your timer and.....GO!

WOYWW #124

Happy Wednesday! Especially since I'm on vacation, and this is my 15th wedding anniversary. Which also means that my stamp crafting/addiction also started 15 years ago. LOL! No, not in a way to escape my new husband...but it was on my honeymoon in Ireland, where I found my first celtic knot stamp. I came home with 7, then found a stamp store (thank heavens they were around then!) that demo-ed different inks and embossing powders. And the rest is pretty much history!

So, as we're heading to the Cape for the rest of the weekend-this is my desk, getting stuff ready to bring with to work a bit so I don't have an empty table at that craft fair on NOV. 3! This one is my annual kitty card. This image is from Magenta. I'm probably too heavy on Christmas cards, but what I don't sell I can use for me...take some of pressure off of the 75 I usually send out. So, all you craft fair much do you bring? I'm only making 10 Christmas they take forever to cut out..I figure I can take orders if I sell out. Same with the candles, and I promise to have pictures of those next week. Basically I'm freaking out...and I know I'm not charging enough...but at least covering supplies.

OK, before I really start babbling...head over to Julia's Stamping Ground, and see what the WOYWW phenom is all about, then go look at some well-grounded artist's spaces! Have a good week everyone!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Grungy-Spooky Monday #22

Wow..almost missed the first Grungy Monday Challenge over at Linda's Studio L3, which has been on a break, since it seems like forever! Our mission: A Halloween inspired project using one or more of Tim Holtz's products. While I don't have a dearth of Tim's wonderful products, I do have a dearth of halloween-type items. Don't know why: I love Halloween, I love costumes, ditto candy; I have just never "crafted" anything halloween, not even web cupcakes!! So, I have spent the whole week wondering what to do. Then Tim's blog gave me some inspiration- I have a stash of the Seasonal Grungeboard diecuts-under lock and key!! I thought I had the craft resist paper, but apparently not.

So..using one of the rare bats, I black dabbered it, then spritzed with the home-made blend of perfect-pearls mist. While that was drying, I colored a tag using the wrinkle free distress technique and Tim's new seasonal colors. I then Embossed the tag with Tim's old tree folder, and hit that with the Bundled twigs. I then realized I should have done the moon first...sigh. So , I cut out the moon from the Memory Box cat w/moon stamp, hit that with DI Mustard Seed, and the gold Perfect Pearl mist. I cut out a bit of letterblocks from the Seasonal Stash, stuck the bat over the cat-head in the moon, then just had to add the googly-eyed scaredy cat sticker on the bottom. And yay! I even found some black ribbon to finish it off. So, go pop over to Linda's to see what Grungy Monday is all about--you still have a smidge of time left! Have a great rest of the weekend everyone.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WOYWW #123: My Name Is Kim...And I'm a webstore Addict!

It starts innocently enough...I need paper I just can't get at the three big box stores. I go online (at work--dial-up issues you know-which makes this even worse!) and start shopping. Next thing you know, I have a bunch of "shopping carts" open. I have found one site that has the red paper on sale; one site with the white and black on sale; Oh, and I need more of the ATG tape, and the mounting foam tape, and oh, the Tim Holtz stamp set is on sale over here...and that die on sale over there... And look! More Memory Box Stamps!! And Jingle Bell Brads (they really jingle!) So, this is my desk, Tues. night, after I had to smuggle 3 boxes into the house, upstairs into the stamp room, and then see what I actually bought (dont' ask how much! LOL! And if I HAD gotten it all from one place...then it would have been free shipping) all while being quick, saying I had left my shoes upstairs so the hubby doesn't get suspicious...Oh, and I have one more shipment, where am I going tofind room to put all this stuff??

While I ponder that, you need to go visit Julia's Stamping Ground, and then see all the other wonderful creative work spaces....and then have a good weekend-you deserve it!

Oh, and here are some visitors out my window...there were 12-14 of them..these were the only 2 by the time I got the camera ready....they have learned you can't hunt on our property, so we have 3 herds (do you call it a herd? A clutch? Hmmm) of them wondering around.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WOYWW #122

Hi again! Wow, it really helps to keep the camera handy! (And know that what you see Monday night won't be any different Wednesday morning). To see what that has to do with anything...go visit Julia's Stamping Ground, and take in the whole Workdesk Wednesday Experience! LOL!

So, I'm still in my craft show mode; starting to really panic! I better get a move on if I want to include ornaments and candles! Anywho, I have a whole new appreciation to those of you who create kits for classes. My goal is to do enough of the inky work so that I can then pack up stuff to cut, trim, color, and assemble on my lunch hours. Of course I have forgotten critical pencil colors, pencil sharpener, and a whole layer!

What we have here are some of my stamps from my new fav company, Memory Box. And after playing with all the ornaments, I think I'll stick with the red and green ones, with gold embossing.

So, I'm going to use my limited computer time (work is still threatening to "shut down" all non-work related sites..I will have a nervous breakdown!) and visit all those other wonderfully creative work spaces. I hope you get to do the same. Have a great week!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Play Date in the Cafe #101

Wow, I haven't made it to a play date in, like forever! But this week's colors, Wine, Smudge, Leather and Parchment, are my favorite colors, so I had to give it a go. I will admit, not my best my head it came out so much better! LOL! Time just didn't allow me to bend the reality to fit. And I have to go watch that Tim Holtz video to see about the reflections stamps....I seemed to have missed a step, as you can't see that on the dress form at all. But I did get to play with the new stamp set, and I'm Soooo Loving that Ruler!

My inks were Vintage Photo, Aged Mahogany, Weathered Wood and Antique Linen. I was sorta amazed how bright the AgeMahogany came out on the binding ribbon...I even added some of the weathered wood to tame it down, but you can't tell. Now, watch, when I want that rich red, it just won't happen! LOL!

So, now go get your cup a' coffee, tea, hot cocoa (that time! YUM!) and spend some time at the Play Date Cafe! See how wonderfuly rich and versatile these colors can be!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WOYWW #121

Greetings all! Well, I sorta survived last week; aside from the confirmation from the vet that one of the kitties, Ponder, does indeed have cancer, I was able to really hit the craft room over the weekend and make some progress for the craft show. Last night I started putting all the done cards away and ran out of the card baggies that I had gotten from the LSS that closed...anyone have any supplier info?

I also played around...again...with the Deer die and the new die from Memory Box...with the chickadee stamp from Impression Obsession. Its hard to tell, but I have sparkly paper underneath..any suggestions? I'm not sure what to add, change, etc. These layers will probably go over a white card. I so loved the die when I saw a sample in the store...

And finally...Tadah! My side table is sorta back to normal...not teetering piles! (Very Proud!) And I can still find things. So, it was quite a week.

So, if you're new to the WOYWW experience, go visit Julia's Stamping Ground and then go see some really great work spaces! See you next week!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

WOYWW #120--The Horror!

I thought I was in control; Things seemed to be progressing nicely with the commissioned Xmas cards. I had taken Wed., and Thurs. off with the only purpose taking the fur-babies to the vet (yeah, 2 shifts-I need to be committed!) and crafting! I had done the coloring and a lot of the cutting/punching during the last few work lunch hours. and only had to assemble the 24 cards. I ran out to grab a drink, came back in and actually looked at my "space"!! And Holy Crap!

Tell me this is not a disaster site waiting to happen! Piles everwhere, ink applicators near pristine white panels ready to go...and my "spare" desk beside me---which was clean anticipating a play date-Ghah! Had to grab a shot, with a vow to clean up when done! Next thing I know, Hubby is home, dinner isn't started, and only half the cards are finished! Because, yes, shortly after this shot, I reached for my crimper and silver paper, and avalanche! Luckily, I had moved all the ink sponges back where they belonged, so no disaster there, and all the ink pads landed on the chair mat. It is now Thus., and as soon as this loads, I'll be closing myself off for the next 5 hours to 1) finish the cards, 2) re-organize so I can find things again and 3) if time allows, work on some more designs for the craft show...oh boy!

Now, to see what all this is about, you can go check out Julia's Stamping Ground, and then visit other fabulous desks! And I'll be visiting around abit later as well. So wish me luck with my goals..I'll let you know how I did next week! Oh, Look, the photo just loaded...I spy with my little eye--the jar of sparkly fluff I couldn't find...can you? LOL!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

WOYWW #118

Hi all, real quick as work is busy-busy! Plus, for any ark builders out there...I am on the third peak on the right...waiting with my craft tools to be picked up! Only one road left open to get down the hill to work, a good 10 mile detour! UGH!

So, I got some real quick time the other night, to really...I mean Really...start my cards for the craft show. So, played around with the TH reindeer die; love the deer, not sure what to do with them! LOL! I got a new Spellbinder set, and used one for the frame, and this are the new stamps from Memory Box I picked up a few weeks ago...well, not the saying...hmm, give me a moment...

Anyway, to see what all the Wednesday fuss is about; head over to Julia's Stamping Ground, and then peek at some truely inspiring desks! Have a great week! Stay safe if you're in the North East Flood zones!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Grungy Monday #21

While at first, while totally understanding Linda's need to slow things down to catch up, what with the TH Cruise and all, (ok, maybe not that understanding...she's going on The Cruise!) I was bummed to not have the Grungy Monday Challenge to start my weeks. Now, thank heavens! I seriously need some time as well! I have officially registered for one craft show in Nov., and still would like to do the local Fire Department one in late Oct., so I really need to get those holiday cards cranking!

So, back to this challenge, which you have plenty of time to join is open until Sept. 18, which starts us off with Tim Holtz showing us 4 techniques for his Fragments. I only used one, as I just couldn't find the right background on the tape transfer one, I suck at collages, and I really want to give the etched glass on my undivided attention, you may see that one by the 18th! So, this is the alcohol ink version. The backgrounds are from the Graphic 45 Christmas Past collection. The ink colors were meadow, cranberry and latte (or maybe ginger...) I layered the fragments over a tag I stamped with my new Memory Box Christmas Stamp, then layered over sanded Core'dinations paper to fit in my 7 Gypsies ATC tray.

You need to forgive the photos; the day I was leaving for Niagara Falls for our Annual convention at work, I smashed my camera lens into the door knob. (good news--seems to only be the filter which shattered, and once they remove that, and straighten out the ding so I can screw another one in-I'll be good as new! Oh, and only 1 week in the shop and $35!! I was ready to by a new lens!!) So I am using my 100 mm lens, and pretty much shooting from across the room! LOL! And, as I had promised before, here is the tray so far...hmmm, butterflies anyone? LOL!

So, go get those fragements out; pick a favorite, or new technique, and get hopping! Oh, and did I mention that Linda mentioned a prize?? You still have plenty of time!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Absolutely Everything, Day 2!

(ok, full back-up running at work, I have 15 minutes to post again! LOL)

So, Our Tim Holtz Inspired Weekend finished with a class that converted some of Tim's Tag Techniques into cards. Very Fun-especially since I mostly make cards!! Some of the techniques are in Tim's book, The Compendium of Curiosities, with some Perfect Pearls Spray added for good measure! So, without further ado:

Card 1: A take on the "Perfectly Distressed" technique in TCC. Stamp with Distress Ink, dust with Perfect Pearls, spray and let the magic happen!

#2: My favorite: The rusted Enamel Technique on the background, and the Indsutrial Grunge technique on the gears. I so love the color on this one!

#3: Using Perfect Medium, stamp one or two images on glossy cardstock. Then using a brayer, brayer the heck out of it with Adirondack Inks. The darker the better! Then overstamp with black. I do wish my bird came out a tad darker.

And Finally: #4: Which I honestly can't remember what we did! LOL! I think it was the Wrinkle Free Distress background, with the grunge label adding texture, along with the seam binding.

So, that was our fabulous weekend of creativity! The true test of our craftyness though was in the smuggling of the 8 or so bags of "Stash" that made their way into the craft room! LOL!
Well, gotta run, work becons yet again. I still have a few more posts to catch up on, so do stop by in a bit to catch up with me!

Absolutely! The Best!

Already seems like a lifetime ago! The first weekend of August, "Absolutely Everything", in Topsfield MA, was having some Tim Holtz inspired classes, with a little after hours get together of members of the "All Things Tim" Yahoo Group. Well, it's a 4 hour drive for us, but as my sister lives in Haverhill, MA, just a jump down the road, my friend Julie and I took the Friday off, packed leftovers for the men, and headed out. On the way we stopped at "Ink About It" in Westfield, MA. What a very cute store, and as all our local stores have closed, it was like a stamping oasis! Even knowing we'd be shopping the next two days didn't stop us from packing quite a few bags in the car.

Saturday was a whole day class--using Tim's Configurations Tray. Now...I preface that our LSS's classes where very..ummm, specific. Everyone on the same steps, with almost the same colors, same stamps, etc. After a few years, you become a soldier. Not so at AE!! Julie and I were SO Befuddled! LOL! It was really kinda shocking. We got to pick just about all the elements, which made for some serious confusion. The first project was to take the two larger dividers and make a little suitecase with a book inside! Very Cool! That we accomplished on time.

The actual tray?? Julie was a perfectionist on the Tissue Tape step, which put her way behind...I just winged it...and still finished just last weekend! So, here are the project from our first day of our wonderful Tim Inspired Weekend.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

woyww #116-err, more the floor?

Wow..I feel like I haven't been around in a while! And just when I finally get some crafting done, and pictures taken..Bam! Hurricane Irene whollops us, takes out our power, and leaves me in the dark! Since I had time on my hands, but it was too dark to work at the desk area, other than tidy up, but the light from the windows was fine, I thought it was time to dig around the Christmas Stamp box, and start getting some ideas for cards. So, here it is...spread out on the floor, and don't even ask what it was like for me to get up after about 30 minutes! LOL! Now, I don't know why its so tiny...I probably did something weird when trying to get all the pictures off the camera, in case we lost the power again. So, now, go stop by Julia's Stamping Ground to see all the fun spaces on Wednesday, and then, come back around again, as through-out the day I try to get my Grungy Monday and Absolutely Everything projects loaded up too. Have a great rest of the week everyone!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Grungy but Stickly Goodness- GM 20

Wow-almost missed another week of Linda's Studio L3 Grungy Monday Challenge! Drat that work! But, with a huge thunderstorm raging, and the humidity a good reason not to clean my floors...(the whole reason I took the afternoon off! LOL) I snuck up to my craft room, and WHAM! My poor neglected muse tackled me, threw a new stamp in my face, stickle bottles were rolling everywhere..and Ta Daaa! a new ATC for my Grungy Monday 7 Gypsies ATC Tray!

So, what was the challege this week? To play with Tim Holtz's Distress Stickles of course! I started with my new pear stamp from Impression Obsession. I colored it with Prismacolor pencils, and then used Mustard Seed Distress Stickles on the yellow pear, Shabby Shutter DS's on the two green pears, and little blops of Vintage Photo DS on the pits. Everything was going wonderfully--not smudging the stickles, until I decided to run some black soot DI just on the edges, then went to try to dry the stickles a bit further before gluing down, and sure enough smudged the black ink. ah well! I then layered it over Core'dinatons Vintage Dk. Green, which I sanded on the edges-I am so loving that paper! Now, I have a close up of the stickles as well as one of the tray so far, but my dial-up isnt loading anything, so my patience may make you wait for the tray one next time. So, go check out Linda's and her design team's wonderful work, and get busy--time is running out!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Grungy Monday #19

Whew! I made it! Quite the week at work; which manages to steal from my precious craft time..but I'm here, with a suprisingly ok example of the technique Linda has assigned for the Studio L3 Grungy Monday Challenge. This week, we visit Tim Holtz's 12 Tags of Christmas, 2010, Day 10. This is the one that grabbed my attention, but I never went back to check it out after the holiday rush. So I was quite excited..had great plans, and then reality said I only had 45 mintues to work and photograph, and still get other things done. Hence, the "suprisingly ok" comment.

I would have like a better dabber resist texture around the background, which I had cut out of a manila file folder, not quite so heavy, but it was a learning curve. I love using the recycled plastic packaging stuff..I've been saving it ever since I saw this tag. (Trivia: I read somewhere that 18% of emergency room visits are for stitches from opening this type of bubble packaging--really!)

I used the shattered glass texture fade, and the "B" and the heart are from Tim's Grungeboard sets. I used watermelon dabber on the heart, and espresso on the b, then stamped the rest of the letters also in espresso. I also edged the heart with a bit of the espresso. The background was spun sugar--which shifted by being over the manila tag; with the snowcap dabber I thought I had just skimmed around the edges. Now, go visit Tim's link, check out the technique, and go get busy--there is still time! Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

WOYWW- #114 Absolutely Everything!!

LOOKIT MY STUFF!!!! (insert sigh of contentment here) Last weekend my friend Julie and I took a road trip to Topsfield, MA for our first visit to Absolutely Everything, and take some Tim Holtz inspired classes! IT WAS FANTASTIC! As our local stamp stores all closed a few years ago, we've been stuck with the Box Stores and online ordering, but with online ordering, you sorta have to know what you want--and never really see anything new! say we were kids in a candy store is an understatement. We had even primed ourselves on the way out with a stop at Ink About It, which is another fabulous shop. Oh yes...we definately did our part to help the local stamp store economy! LOL! So, now I need time to play with it! I can't wait to try those new Memory Box dies!! How fantastic do they look?!! And all the cool 7 Gypsies trinkets?? And in the class we got a bottle of the Picket Fence Mixative. I then had to pick up the new picket fence ink pad, reinker, and distress stain! LOL! Oh..and the paper packs!! There are 5 of them!!! I've tried twice now to put stuff away...but I keep laying it all out again! As I might be basking in the shopping glow for a few more days...there may be a similar photo next week! LOL! Now, to see some desks hard at work, and actual projects made by the stuff mine is just holding, go jump over to Julia's Stamping Ground, and then visit around the world with Whats On Your Workdesk? Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WOYWW #113

Wow...made it! So excited! This weekend I'm taking a road trip with my friend Julie to stay at my sisters, and then travel to Topsfield MA, to visit the Absolutely Everything Store!! They are having special "Tim" style classes--and since our LSS closed, it's been like, 2 years since I was able to hang out at a stamp store and take classes, and just meet other equally crafty people!! And they are having an evening gathering for the "All Things Tim" yahoo group people who can make it. So besides being fairly tidy as I was gathering our "class kit" together, there are some ATC's to trade. Not as many as I would have liked, but all I could fit in.

And too looks like my Arizona Tea bottle is floating! I must be stacked on some ink pads...Well, gotta run, all sorts a weird happenings at work. I'll stop by, and in the meantime, you all need to visit Julia's Stamping Ground and see what the WOYWW is all about!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Grungy Monday #17

So upset that I missed my first week since the start of the CCC and GM! But work called-and life reared its ugly head! So back with a vengance (god, can't spell!) and of course, the Rock Candy Stickles is..well stickless! So first, go over to Linda's L3 Studio and see which wonderful product from Tim Holtz we get to play with.
So, here we are. I tried to take a picture to show the few sparkly stickel left. I tried smearing some in the folds of the rosette, but again, barely seen even real life! So, now go check out Linda's, visit Tim, and get Rocked!