Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer Distress-well, not so distressing...

I had to make a bithday card for my old boss, and was at a bit of a loss, but then I saw the "Inspired by Summer Distress" Challenge over at Simon Says Stamp's blog, and that focused me  to, well, get inspired.  And I have to say, I am likimg the Mowed Lawn much more than I ever thought I would.  But the Salty Ocean is by far and away, my fave (both statements so odd for a "green" girl!)
And, again, I am so happy I bought that stamp from Stamp Camp!!! It has been used a bunch!

I wanted it to look watery, so I spritzed and flicked some gold perfect pearls mist that I mixed up, and then added the pearls.  So, I hope she likes it, its definately growing on me!
So there is still time if you want to play with the Summer Distress Seasonal Inks, hop on over to Simon's for the details...

WOYWW #169-Still freaky-and a guessing game

OK, now I'm really starting to get freaked has been 18 days and it still looks this way.  And I've been working!  Even did another birthday card on Monday.  Maybe it's this freaky-ness that rubbed off on my scary bird from the CC2C Challenge post (which should be the one before), but as long as the Muse is still hanging around, I guess I shouldn't complain.

I do have the new Distress Metallic Stains, with the little label dots drying on the craft sheet. I haven't played a ton yet, just some smooshing around on a tag or two...but they show real promise! And now...can anybody guess what that pile is on the left?   Hmm, should I give a hint?  I know..first person who guesses right, and I will send off a little present!!

So now,  go hop over to Julia's Stamping Ground, our hostess for this wonderful Wednesday excursion, to see some desks with more action on them! Have a great week!

Monday, August 27, 2012

CC2C # 19-Irresistable Resisting

Wow, I have really been breaking into the stash lately...maybe this is a sign of breaking the hording cycle, which can only be a freeing, good thing...right?  Anywho, this week over at Linda's Studio L3, our Compendium Vol. 2 Challenge is found on page 41, using Kraft resist.  In addition to the Compendium of Curiosities, Linda provided a video of Tim using some techniques which can be found on his blog. 

This is another one of Tim's techniques, which isn't really a step by step process, as much as a demonstration of a few different ways to use the awesome Kraft Resist.  My example uses 2 of them.  My card isn't finished, as once this part was done, I confess, the bird sorta scared me.  Kinda like an evil avenger...must be my current mental state, or watching the "Green Lantern" two nights now as TNT keeps showing the same movies over and over, and both nights we'd turn on the tv at bedtime to almost the exact same spot. (I'd realy like to see the beginning to put it all together!)  Either way, I'm sure it will eventually turn back into a happy, singing bird, and then I'll finish it up for a proper use. 

So, now that you've seen mine, hop over to Linda's and see some other fine examples of using this awesome paper, then jump on in!  See you next week!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WOYWW #168

 Do Not Faint!! I have not gone berserk and quit my hobby.  Well, I did sorta go a bit nuts what with all my limited time, and having to spend it on searching.  So, 2 weekends...yes 2!! weekends ago, I did this, and have since completed 2 Compendium of Curiosities Challenges, and 1 Creative Chemistry Blog challenge piece. Oh, and one card...and Ta Dah..still like this!

And's not just my main desk; but my side desk too, which really was a fright.  And the totes under the side desk (which hold all my pre-cut card sets)...and, you can even see into the closet, where that has been tidied with stamps put away as well.  Well, the green bag is holding all the unmounteds I bought at the convention in June, which have been mounted, but I still haven't gotten my odd sized photo sleeves to get them put away in the binders.  And I really do need to get that one cabinet up on the wall...

So, while it is shocking, it is more so knowing I've actually worked here since!! So, now you get to hop around the world and see even more impressive work-spaces.  Go check in with Julia, your hosetss from The Stamping Ground, then have a peek or two! And share your space as well!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

CC2C #18: White washing...

 This week at Studio L3, Linda has set our Compendium of Curiosities Challenge is page 47, Whitewash Stamping. 

I don't think I ever tried this one before, and wasn't sure quite what to expect. My first attempt was pretty sad; (see below) but I used a piece of Core'dinations Kraft cardstock, so that could be why it sorta looked moldy once it got wet.

So then I tried with a piece of Kraft Resist, with the least amount of resist-ing I could find.  Much better!  Of course I thought this stamp was a bit "blockier", but it sorta still worked. (It is from Stamp Camp, and you can see it on my previous post as well).  When you hold it at an angle, the whitewashing is more apparent. I'm still not sure on what to do with it, so it is au-natural, so to speak, but at least the tecnique isn't covered up!

So, there is still time to get involved! As an added incentive, The Funkie Junkie Boutique is this weeks sponsor, so go get white-washing!  And have a great week everyone!

Creative Chemistry Challenge #5

I had participated in Tim Holtz's online class, Creative Chemistry, and had loved it.  I flip through my class tags regularly.  But I hadn't gone back to the class site, so missed this whole opportunity! So Thank you Bella for leading me to the Creative Chemistry Facebook site!  They have monthly challenges, and this theme's technique is the Spritz and Flick.

I had just finished my Compendium of Curiosities challenge, so this stamp from Stamp Camp was still out.  And it looks great with this challenge! (Not so much on CC2!-which you can see on my next post)  I used my new Mowed lawn, along with squeezed lemonade and red barn DI's. I flicked away, and now wonder if flicking with a perfect pearls mixture would have worked...make it look more like a water lily?  hmm, I just may have to give it a go. 

So, I hope my first tag passes muster...thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

CC2C #17- Creatively Core'dinated!

We are on week #17 over at Studio L3, and this week, Linda has given us: *Tim Holtz: A Compendium of Curiosities, Vol. 2, page 61* And to spice things up, SimonSays Stamp is sponsoring with a $25 gift go grab that stack of Core'dinations I know you have stashed and jump on in!

First...I don't know what the heck happened between photo and printing, but this is not what this looks like in real life!! The background paper is Shabby Shutters from Tim's Distress line, with vintage photo DI over,  and how it blew so yellow, when the bird and ink looks dead spot on I have no idea!

Anywho, I went with both techniques.  While I've done the first many times, this is my first with the second half.  I'm not sure if I missed something, or maybe because my image was not too detailed, I'm just not sure why we're doing step #2. (Now, you know I can't say specifics; you need to grab a copy and look it up!).  I have a piece of dimensional tape under the wing to help pop it up, while the rest of the bird is floating on the embossed portion (Tim's music texture fade) of the background. And I am 98% certain the verse comes from Verses Stamps...

So there it go get Core'dinated have until Thurs. evening...plenty of time!! Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

CC2C #16: Perfectly Pearly!

For Week #16 of the Compendium of Curiositeis Challenge Vol. 2, Linda over at Studio L3 has choosen page #54: Perfect Pearls Mists.

Tim Holtz shows a few different uses for the Perfect Pearl Mists, and I chose the Textured layers one.  I only have 3 colors of the mists, pearl, gold and turquois (thanks again Linda!) so I used all 3.  For the tag background, the Salty Ocean summer series of Distress Inks, and then for the stamps I used the Distress Markers.  THe morning glory is from Picture Show Stamps, and the word from Paper Parachute. 

I had tried to give a spritz on the morning glories, not really forgetting that the distress markers would wick a bit, but it totally obliterated the fine lines of the stamp, so this one is pearl free. 

So, go check out the technique, then hop over to Linda's; there is still plenty of time to get your pearls on! Enjoy the week everyone.