Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WOYWW #212, err, #213: My where does time go?

Welcome to another What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday…Julia’sfrom the Stamping Ground fabulous idea of opening our craft room doors to allow others to take a peek…nose about; see what everyone is working on…fun stuff for the middle of a week!
This morning, which, for me means as I left it over the weekend, (Do I have to wait another 17 years before I can craft during the week, with no guilt?? If so, I really need to win the lottery!)  are some images I’m coloring to go on some cards for the craft show…see I’m getting prepared!  It's not until Oct., but I just can’t come up with a lot of designs in a short amount of time. These will bemodeled after a birthday card I made for my Mother in Law, with the paper weaving technique from the online class Pattern Play.
The bottles are the Mica Gloss from Judikin’s that I’m still playing with and trying to perfect.  As they have to be well mixed, I’m keeping them lying down, and try to spin them every time I get up there…who may work really well…or not…we’ll see….
Don’t worry, that knocked over paper cup is empty; I have started using distilled water for my water brushes, misters, etc. since some of my perfect pearl mixes developed a funny smell; our water has so much iron and magnesium, I figured it couldn’t hurt., and I use the cup to pour, as opposed to trying to fill a mister from a gallon jug; because that doesn’t work….just sayin’. Oh, and yes, the bottle: Crispin Hard Apple Cider…my DH found it, and it is very yummy; Strongbow is still my fav, and can be occasionally found in draft at some bars in the US; am so looking forward to my trip in Oct., so I can revive my acquaintance!  LOL!

I also played a bit with some more ATC’s, as our 4th anniversary PIF has reminded me how much I like making them; this is one that is flying over the sea as we speak…and it gave me a chance to use my new TH clipboard die; took a few tries to totally figure out the spacing, and it is pretty darn cool!!!

So, I’ve shown you mine; I’m going to peek in on some of yours…so have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WOYWW #211

Another “Hump Day” (wow, this week is flying by!) which means its Wednesday, which means it’s the day of an intriguing tradition created by Julia at the Stamping Ground, known as “What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday” were we open up our doors, and it turn, peek in others doors of their fabulous craft spaces!
 Mine is actually from Saturday, which unless my brazen mice have decided to cart off with ink pads or some of my “non-stamping” stash (ie, some trail mix) should be the same as this morning.  Now, this is the last shot, the end result of some seriously frantic card-making, resulting in some scarily teetering piles finally coming down.   

Yup, here it is….scraps, stencils shoved in with the scraps, Oh, and this is only after half the right side has fallen to the floor…

So, I finished my card, which I can’t show yet, as it’s winging its way to Wales; started to pick up the floor, decided dinner would be late, and set to with a real cleaning; surprisingly it was only about an hour. It helps when you have places for things, and just need to return them.  Of course, the black bag hanging on the door are all the unmounted stamps I bought at the stamp show, and need to be mounted on EZ-Cling, and put into binders.  Not really sure when that will be happening! Now, I still have to go to the back cabinet and organize/clean-up my Vagabond area; but there is only so much organization my heart can take! 

And oh, here are the ATC’s I received from the 4th Anniversary: Hettie’s painted masterpiece (My 2nd anniversary receivee), Gill’s from Stamping Lemons, with cool origami papers and a cute little envelope, Bella’s, who has made me think again about that cute typewriter die (and my 2nd anniversary sendee) And Monica’s who was this year’s sendee, and she graciously sent one my way too!

So now go visit Julia, and then wing your way around the world with more great work desks.  Such a great way to spend a Wednesday. Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WOYWW #210

Good morning and Happy Humpday! Which is Wednesday….which is the day Julia at the Stamping Ground as declared “What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday!”

An mine is a sad testament that I should just not make plans….You see, my husband was supposed to go on a golf outing on Saturday. Oh Joy! He’d be gone all day! The plan: charge through the housework, get to the dump early, then spend the rest of the day in the craft room: Putting everything away from the stamp show, playing with my new stamps and inks, playing MY music, loudly. I had fresh incense, a peanut butter jar and bones for Dakota; oh yes, the perfect day.  But because of the past week of torrential rains, the course was flooded; outing cancelled; so mopey husband means no guilty pleasures for me.

So; not even a smidge of a second spent in the craft room; until last night, when I went up to drop off some of the stamps I had ordered at the show, and take this picture. And because I had to, as I had gotten the diamond filler stamps for the DRS Designs Argyle stamp (they had sold out at the show) I had to try them out; how cool is that!! And, because Stampsmith had mailed me my fringy backgrounds, I thought I’d give that a try as well, over the Rubbernecker Poppies. I expected it to be more diffused…now I know, use lighter ink. The set has various circles, rectangles, etc, to look like torn mulberry paper (remember when that was the “Oh Wow!” Layer! LOL!)

So, there it is; what is out is just the few stamp pads and markers I tossed around in ten minutes to try out the new stamps….so very sad…And My ATC's are at work, where I showed them off; I'll bring them back to show next week.
Now get off this depressed desk, head to Julia’s, and portal around the world.  There are much happier desks out there, you’ll see! Have a good week everyone.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WOYWW #209

Happy Wednesday everyone! That means its What’s on Your Work Desk Wednesday, as envisioned by Julia at the Stamping Ground.

 OK, so I only came up to drop off the stash from my Heirloom Stamp Show weekend…after all, I have a cake to bake for works big bark-off/bakeoff (don’t ask, but wish me luck!) So, here are all my wonderful goodies; not bad as we only really purchased from 8 booths! LOL! Rubbernecker and Judikins did us in; and Our Daily Bread became just as dangerous! LOL!..So many stamps, mounted and unmounted…and see that cool yellow organizer; it folds!! Perfect for when I start, say, my Christmas stamping, but can’t have it take over the whole room yet. And now it has all the embossing folders, some stencils,  a few Memory Box dies, and a few sheets of pearl embellishments. And, darn that Judikins…she showed an awesome background technique using Mica Gloss inks, so of course we had to buy a few. I didn’t get the gold or green because I thought I had those; I actually have Colorbox Mica Magic reinkers…hmmm, might be the same?

So, I had to check..real quick..the cake you know…so here are some quick samples.  And of course, as there is so much ink on her sheets, she would then pick up enough to ink a stamp; I’m stingy, but still got this shell image (neat stamp.huh?)  And since I was playing, I just had to try these new layered floral stamps from Rubbernecker…before I forgot the technique she showed us.  How very neat are those…and fairly quick.  I’ll show you better when I have time. 

Oh, but I do have to show my ATC from last week’s 4th Anniversary…hopefully everyone has them buy now. And I'm going to start on next year' avoid this year's last minute mayhem.


So there you have it…oh, and I managed to make the cake and pudding, and not burn the coconut while toasting, so all I have to do between the board meetings is assemble my Lemon Coconut Trifle. Fingers crossed; I have a rep to uphold!! See you next week.