Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy 4th WOYWW!!! (ie, #208)

Here it is!! The 208th segment of the “What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday”! The super-fun (just couldn’t say “uber”-sorry) mid week phenomenon of world-wide desk hopping created by the wonderful Julia atThe Stamping Ground! So you math geeks---that makes it the 4th Anniversary!
And as part of the anniversary proceedings, there is the Play it Forward ATC Swap…so that is what is on my desk…well, no, there isn’t a pre-peek of my ATC, just the clear sleeves that were left out.(hmmm, picture loaded;I may be wrong...) Overall the desk is pretty clean; while waiting for a component to dry, I tidied up.
Well, except for the flute, which got dropped there.  The orchestral season is over...but I SWEAR!, I will practice through the summer, so I won’t have so many truly deplorable rehearsals in the fall! But overall, all neat and tidy. Because the big Heirloom Stamp Show in Springfield MA is this weekend, and I’ll need space to lay out the goodies I will be acquiring…the list is long, baby!!! And that stack of Tim Holtz (for the most part) stamps in the top left; I really need to get another organizer for those. (Oh! Add it to the list) It’s nice to keep them out and handy, but we all know things happen to things left out. My tape runner has been displaced by all the paper pads (yup, the desk on the right is a disgrace; no showing of that for a while! LOL!) so I’ll need to find a better place for them as well. 

So, yup, while it was a busy place over the holiday, it sure doesn’t look it now.  So,instead, go head over to Julia’s, and join in on this Wednesday fun! And Happy Anniversary Everyone!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

WOYWW #207

Feels like forever since I’ve been able to join in on theStamping Grounds “Whats on Your Workdesk Wednesday”!!   Life has gotten in the way of crafting; but fear not!! I have started working on my ATC’s for the 4th Anniversary of WOYWW! And that’s what I have scattered about: Pieces-parts and trial and error pieces.  I’ve got Dyan’s ink sprays sprayin’, some serious distressin’,  some stencilin’. Yup, still not sure what the final piece will look like, but they will be ready!!
So, to see what this is all about, go see Julia at the Stamping Ground. And then go visit some great desks around the world! Have a great week everyone.

Oh, I did get one card done, a congratulations card for one of my husband’s co-workers who got a promotion…can you tell I found a technique I like from the online class “Pattern Play”?  What 'till Christmas…I’m going to have a bunch of these little quilt type pieces ready to go! LOL!