Wednesday, January 23, 2019

WOYWW #503

 Happy WOYWW.  For those unfamiliar, that is “What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday”, an international blog hop hosted by Julia at The Stamping Ground.  

Even when I’m not working, Wednesdays seem to fly right by me!  So aside from blogging more, the rest of my new year intentions are holding.  Still no job, but have some applications out there.  And I’ve lost a few pounds, so that’s good. But mostly I have been cleaning and organizing. (I should show you my kitchen pantry!)  This is my 2nd desk area, as I left it Monday.  I still have 6 areas in the craft room to hit, but my two main card-making desk areas are done!  And no, I won’t show the rest of the room where things are getting placed until they find their own space—but the good news is there has been a few trash bags. 

 Below, mostly 'cause its still clean, is the "main" cardmaking desk area.

And I have been doing a ton of crafting; mostly for the Wanderlust online class. Here are two pieces for the “Typography” class.  These are directly from the teacher’s examples, as I was way out of my comfort zone to get creative and come up with my own lettering style—maybe this afternoon. 

 Hard to tell, but the one on the left spells Pencil vertically.

So, my desk this Wednesday morning; now hop back to Julia’s to see other great spaces.  And I’d love for you to follow me on Instagram, where I post far more frequently.  Please find me @pussnflutes.  
Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

WOYWW #500!

Happy New Year! And Happy first WOYWW post of the year as well.  For those unfamiliar, that is “What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday”, an international blog hop hosted by Julia at The StampingGround.  And #500!  What a post to come back to!

I have been absent from blogging since August; things had gotten a tad crazy at work, a minor health scare thankfully resolved in September, ended up losing my job middle of December, and while I was constantly crafting, it was more of a “catch-up; get ‘er done” kinda thing. 

So this year; I will take time for myself; (obviously not taking lunch hours at work mean nothing,) I will enjoy the process of creating.   I will explore new opportunities, keep an open mind, and be positive to new situations.  I will also be more diligent in fighting the hoarding syndrome and cleaning and organizing my life and space.  I will work on getting healthier. (Hmmm; finding a new job is also on the list; but it seems like there’s not a lot of time left over! LOL!)

And, while blogging more is also an intention, I do Instagram far more frequently.  Please follow me @pussnflutes.   

So, my desk this Wednesday afternoon; clean and clear (I said I’d be more diligent-not perfect!) and ready for the first Wanderlust lesson of 2019!  Two Journals are ready to go.  Most of my supplies are tidied and ready to grab. You see my Advent Calendar Journal top left;(visit my Instagram to see those images) and, since you can see the floor under the futon; those are all my Christmas stamps, ready for the fall (did I mention less procrastination as well?).

Welcome to 2019—a Year of New Beginnings!

Now go back to Julia's and share your space.  We want to see what your new year brings...