Thursday, August 4, 2016

Creative Chemistry 103 Day 3--Texture Paste front and center!

More experiments from the Creative Chemistry 103 class at Online Card Classes.  Thankfully my texture paste sample pack and grit paste arrived that morning....otherwise I'd really be behind. As it was, it was not my best evening.  My little tin foil pan I got out to soak my stencils in so I wouldn't have to waste time washing everything between steps must have had a pinhole.  I start hearing a tapping, find it's water running down my desk onto the trimmer on the floor! the whole desktop was flooded...which I should have noticed sooner as my stamping mat slipped a little, which was weird.  And, even though it wasn't hot, it was more humid than I thought, so the paste took forever to dry.  Will bring a fan upstairs to try these again.

So all I have to show are my sample tags, and just on the Texture Paste Coloring and Embossing techniques.  I also did the texture paste sample tag, but did it backwards, and also forgot that Tim said to watch out for too wet application, So by the time I got all dried up, I went with quick and sprayed the hell out of it, and yes, the color does go under the paste.

So here is the first one, the Texture Paste Coloring Technique...and this shows promise!  In the past I've colored my molding paste with either paint or gelatos, and yes, it does change the color. I love how the colors stayed true.  I used distress paint on the top, a little mowed lawn spray stain bottom and a dash up top, and then regular distress inks everywhere else.   I can't wait to try this again for real!

And then the Texture Paste Embossing technique!! HOLY CRAP!  while this might be a more limited does have a WOW factor!  I never really like the Queen's Gold EP, but it was the first jar I grabbed, and it was perfect for this...adding the Hickory smoke, salty ocean and peacock feather inks, and it popped!

So there is my day 3 experiences...I have 2 lessons to catch up on (I have never liked my collages, so that is a "if there's time" one)  plus whatever today holds...yup, I really need to retire!!
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Oh and am I the only one that smells lemon custard with the transparent glossy texture paste?

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