Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WOYWW #364 Happy 7th Anniversary!

Here we are! The 7th Anniversary of “What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday”—the fun blog hop started by Julia at The StampingGround.  Hop over there to see all the deets; but for now, co-hosted by Lunch Lady Jan…so follow the 2nd link to get over to her fun desk. 

Thank you Julia for sustaining such a fun way to break up the work week!  I have met many wonderful friends both in person and on line over the years, and hope to meet many more.   I also hope your surgery went well, and you have a speedy, successful recovery!!

My desk; still clean-ish; first because I didn’t want to give away my ATC’s for the celebration; and second, because I needed room to get acquainted with my new trimmer, from Stampin’ Up. Yes, it has the sliding blades that normally I hate, but they seem to work pretty well; but I did buy the additional rotary blade attachment, so we’ll get along fine!  (an yes, after learning from my Fiskar’s fiasco…I have enough replacement blades and cutting bars to last quite a few years….just in case!)

And here is a card I made, which would have been a nightmare on my old trimmer as I had to cut 2 windows out to overlay…my brain hurt from the math (and I work at a Credit Union! LOL!) but the cuts went exactly as they should. The card is a retirement card for our Association Exec. Director.  Kinda hard to tell; but I used translucent Yupo alcohol paper (weird/cool stuff) for the dragonfly, with a white insert that is only attached in the fold, so light can sorta show through.

Lastly, I have just a few spare ATC’s available (every year I try to make more.../sigh), if anyone would like to do an additional swap…just let me know!

Thanks, and have a great, creative week everyone.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WOYWW #363

Welcome to What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday! Thanks to our hostess Julia at The Stamping Ground, we have an opportunity to peek into creative spaces all over the world.

This is my desk as of 2 hours ago...

I've started a card for my Executive Director's retirement; she has a thing for dragonflies; and while I have a million images of birds and butterflies; shockingly only a few of dragonflies; and this one seems the most interesting; But it needs a cool background; enter all the alcohol inks on the right, which made the background on the left; my first time playing with Yupo Alcohol Ink Paper by Ranger. Stuff is weird and pretty cool at the same time; but it does play well with the inks.  So now it sits until I can fully formulate an idea; plus I had to stop to make dinner.

The stack upper left is a pile of misc. cast-offs, pieces parts, etc. just from the last month.  I need to get control of these, as I have 2 drawers, a plastic case, a stack on the other desk and a bin of almost 20 years of these pieces.  At what point does one decide that they are just mistakes, or non-salvageable scraps of paper, and weed them out?  because I am really needing the space...just sayin/ 

Oh, and just so you can see my real intent for the day (off of work for vet appointment and vacuum service call) I finished up the ATC's, got everything sorted, then had a good clean, with only the intention of looking for the dragonfly stamp; this was how I intended to end the day; which was only a half hour before the above.  Doesn't take much to make a mess!

So that is mine; now go visit Julia to hop over to more creative spaces.  Have a great week everyone.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

WOYWW #362

Hi Everyone, just a quick, late post for this weeks edition of What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday, hosted by the brilliant Julia at the Stamping Ground.

I had the afternoon off, (lovely appointment with the pest people trying to plan an attack on the squirrels in our house...Joy!) so I took a few minutes to work a bit more on our anniversary ATC's.  But couldn't ruin the surprise, so quickly covered them up before taking the photo.  So there is all sorts of mess still lying around; but will be needed this weekend when I finish; so there it is.

Now go check out all the other creative desks around the world! Have a great week everyone.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

WOYWW #361

Welcome to WOYWW…the “What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday”  blog hop created by Julia at the StampingGround,  so hop over there to join the fun.

Not much to see here; just finished up making a Mother’s day card for my Mom-in-Law…on the left, all the misc. scrap that has been mostly Color-burst-ized, which I know I’ll never use, but might just have a large enough area for small die cut or punch…ok, even I’m shaking my head…
The little blackglitter clothes pins need to find a place—as do the butterflies before they get ruined.  

Some trim scraps…and  I just had to replace my old Fiskars “Ultimate Craft Trimmer”, as I can no longer find the cutting bar replacements; with a new Fiskars Rotary Craft trimmer; it looked similar, if a bit smoother (rounded corners, etc.) but the swing out bar has the ruler markings as the same color, just can’t read the orange!  And the main platform stops at 3 ¼ inches, then the gap to the bar measurement at 4 ½!  Most of my layers are between 3 ½-4! I’m supposed to guess??? So I’m fairly certain I’m taking it back as it was $30!; so what types of rotary trimmers are you all using?  I don’t feel I get good straight cuts on the guillotine types…And of course the only other brand at Michael’s was theirs…So, Please….any advice or product reviews would be most appreciated!!
Back to the desk, the only other item of interest; the green paper towel…which has been well used while starting my ATC’s, and will end up in my box of used but very colorful paper towels…’cause, again….I just might use them somewhere…

And here is the card I had finished…

Now hop over to Julia’s and portal to some other creative work desks.  Have a great week everyone.