Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WOYWW #147

Well, it's been a while since I opened my craftroom door for the Workdesk Wednesday crowd! If you're new to the Wednesday ritual, please hop over to Julia's Stamping Ground to get all the details.
So, this morning is the same as I left it Sunday morning...I know, another part of sad! I'm doing the Online Card Class with Tim Holtz...though it is turning out to be a watching from the sidelines, hoping I can get to the assignments! I did get the first 4 days done, which you can is see in my previous posts...and which you can see the reminants of the projects here. I will say, it was rather cleansing just plowing through the tag samples, with no time to really think and let your brain get in the way of creating. My Distress Inks and my woefully small supply of Distress Reinkers didn't get put away. I did immediately put the self-made stamp pad away...after putting my arm in it! So stay tuned to see if I get any of the rest DI Markers and Stains are still on order, so those days will be a while! And now hop to Julia's to tour the other wonderful workdesks! Have a great week everyone!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Creative Chemistry: Day 4 is my class work from Day 4! I didn't do Day 5 as I only have 3 stains (linen, vintage photo and concord), but the rest are on order, so hopefully next week I can move ahead!
I don't have Tim's waterbrush's het, but the ones I have worked great on technique 1. The stamp is from Scottish Borders. Technique 2 was making your own mists. I confess: I had done this before, so used two of the older colors: Only to find out I had also used Pigment Pearls in at least one of them: So it's a bit sparkly! The mask is from Heidi Grace, I believe...

And finally: Making your own stamp pad: I had done this in a class years ago...thought it would be great for my Penny Black Christmas Cards, and then never did it: Now I have, and I can't wait to start my Christmas Cards!! This will make those beautiful Penny Black stamps, that I have colored using markers, so easy to do! I'm not sure this stamp by Inkadinkadoo is the best example, but I printed out 3, and they were all identical!
So, until my next stamping session when I can catch up: Have a great crafting week!

Creative Chemistry: Day 3

Hello again! Here are my Day 3 samples from Tim's Creative Chemistry Online Class. Unlike Day 2, I just couldn't find a way to tie all 3 together, so they are quite the mish-mash! On sample 1 I used Stream, Butterscotch, Meadow and Peach Belini Alcohol Inks. The stamp is from Sideshow Stamps. Sample 2: My only Archival colors other than Jet black are Olive and Cobalt. So while the resist shows, it's not as clear as Tim's sample. Note to self: pick up some lighter colors! And the 3rd sample: Lavender, Concord and Seedless Preserves DI's were used. Since his butterflies looked so nice in his sample, I used the same...and the reflections stamp is his script stamp from his reflections set.

So, stay tuned: Day 4 should be coming up shortly!

Creative Chemistry: Day 2

I finally got time this weekend to catch up with my first ever online class, Tim Holt'z Creative Chemistry. I'm able to watch the video's during my lunch hour, and thank heavens his hand-outs are so concise, as I had no problem doing the class work a few days later. These were three techniques I was already very familiar they were a good way for me to settle in and get started!
The stamp is from Magenta, and as I had left the first tag blank, I went back to show the different effects. This sorta carried over to the third tag, where I decided to continue sorta with the same ink colors, just to have an equal comparison.
Now, if only I knew how to load multiple pictures on the blog I'd be all set! So stay tuned! As I get more time, I'll try to catch up the other days.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Where in the world is your Vagabond?

Quick...and I mean really quick (I'm home on dial-up, so you'll beat me!) Go to Sizzix's Blog to get goodies for your Vagabond!! The Deets are Here!

My Vagabond; in the little dormer nook in my "you can no longer call it a guest room" craft room in Upstate NY!! And yes, it was used yesterday...I just had to sweep off all the paper bits..the dies are in the big chest, and the texture folders are in the little one...they go great with the Vagabond..don't they? I had gotten them at Michael's. It's the only clean/organized area in the room...mostly because there is just not that much room, and those dies hurt when they fall off the stack onto your feet!

OK, my photo has loaded...gonna see if I can upload to Sizzix now....go check it out yourself!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grungy Monday #39..Get Your Plaid On!

Heaven's it feels like a while since I've been able to get a GM Project done!! And the last one!! I would have hated to miss it! So, this week, Linda at Studio L3 has chosen a technique that has intrigued me since Tim first showed us in 2009! His cool Plaid technique from his 12 days of Christmas, Day 3, 2009! So, with alcohol inks all lined up: Bravely I go forth!! (I do have Celt blood in could I fail! LOL) I sorta wanted to go with colors of my husbands clan colors....and this really couldn't be farther from those! And, I want an honest show of hands....who else can't drag a sponge across a piece of paper in a straight line??? So, here is the first attempt...ugh!
My second attempt got rid of the Stream AI, and I added blending solution to see if it would flow came out much lighter, so I went with that. (Yeah, still not Clan Young-ahh well)
I then stamped the thistle stamp from Fred Mullett, some little celtic knots around the tag, and tied in a charm that sorta could be a Crest. I have to say, I am impressed with the color integrity of the Adirondack Currant ink. I used it in the Alchol version for the plaid, colored the tag with the Wrinkle-Free Distress Technique, even though it wasn't distress ink, it worked great!, and then stamped on the seam binding, which I than smooshed back into the left over ink on the craft sheet...all look spot!
So, there is still time to give this one a try! (definately check out Tim's first to see what is should really look like!) OH, and there are Prizes!! HTTP:\www.SimonSayStamp.Com will give someone a $25 shopping spree!! Have a great Crafty Weekend everyone!

WOYWW #145

Wow! It's been a long time since I've been up here in my cozy little space! And today I even got to play a bit! (I had to take a day off to do it; so the new bed could be delivered...maybe I should start buying more new furnature! LOL!)
Whats in the center there is my Grungy Monday piece...a Tim Technique I had wanted to try since he first showed it in his 12 Tags, 2009! Very fun, but does require some practice. (Check out my next post, hopefully soon!) And Lookey!!! My autographed Compendium...Vol II!! In the corner and ready to go for Linda's next Compendium Challenge!
Oh, and my shame area...the floor in can still see my Christmas Stamps lying about. I have just this upcoming weekend to get it all together, as I've signed up the Tim's Online Class: Creative Chemistry 101 (this indicates a 201 may be following, doesn't it?) I hope the new bed does it's job, (how ironic, the better the bed, the less time you should need to spend in it! lol) so I can get up early to get my stamping done before work; lord knows, after work has become way too complicated!
So, to see what all the Wednesday Workdesk excitement is about...head over to Julia's Stamping Ground and check it out...
Until next time...happy crafting!