Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WOYWW #236

Happy WOYWW Everyone! That is short for What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday, the brilliant blog hop initiated by our lovely hostess, Julia at The Stamping Ground….and you can see all the deets there.
This week, I am happy to report all my Christmas cards are done  Now, that is not to say I may still play around with some ideas, as I have 4 stamps new this year that I haven’t even inked yet…and I did make that vow that I’d be far more prepared for the craft fair and general card making in the future …but at least the pressure is off. Well, now I have to make them out and send them, but you know…

So what you do see now (and now that I’m looking, I really do hope those ink pad lids are closed!) is the birthday card I literally whipped up for our orchestra conductor, whose birthday is the same as Beethoven’s, and for our last concert of the season we will be celebrating both with a big cake and snacks… And for once I can say thank heavens for patterned layout paper, as that is the background for the card.  I really didn’t do much to it at all; just the happy birthday stamp, put a bit more color on the violin, and stamped the inside. 
And, not that you can really tell, but yes, there are a few more jars of the distress paint holding up that little drawer that holds my distress foam applicators.  6 more,, thanks to Joann’s wonderful 40% sales.  While I’ll be at the Cape this weekend having Christmas with my Husband’s family, I swear I will be cracking those babies open in the next week…so stay tuned! LOL!

Have a great week everybody!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WOYWW #235

Happy WOYWW Everyone! That is short for What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday, the brilliant blog hop initiated by our lovely hostess, Julia at The Stamping Ground….and you can see all the deets there.
Once again, or still….my desk is the flurry of assembly line card production!  This week: card fronts I took to work to color on my lunch hours and was planning to finish Sunday, but then I had to make a sympathy card for my husband’s boss.  So hopefully tonight I’ll finish up these stacks...and then only 15 more to make! Note to self…print out address labels.

The card with the calla lily, mid left, was going to be the sympathy card, but I decided it didn’t work…but I forgot to take a picture of the one he’ll send instead. And the Christmas tree in the back, a card that will go in my departments office party door prize basket…maybe…not sure I’m liking it at the moment. Also true now looking at the trains…need more color…maybe red in the oval instead of yellow….hmmmmm.
And the Scotch Mounting tape…the roll I SWORE I bought a little while ago (but not a year ago) but couldn’t find after fruitless hours of searching...I found it in my little carry case I put my projects in take to work…so yes, a year ago.. So, yay, not totally losing my mind: always good to know.  And no...still haven't touched the Distress paints....but soon, my pretties...sooon!

So, there it is, in its perpetual busy state.  Perhaps after the New Year I’ll be able to neaten up a tad….but that won’t be a Resolution! LOL! Have a great week everybody!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WOYWW #234

Happy WOYWW Everyone! That is short for What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday, the brilliant blog hop initiated by our lovely hostess, Julia at The Stamping Ground….and you can see all the deets there.

My desk…the flurry of assembly line card production! It is with mixed emotions that I report I netted $156 from the craft show sales. Yay! Money! Boo, now I need to make another 45 cards for me to send out! LOL! But, I have the money to restock some of my paper…but, not enough to go back to the shop Hettie brought me to, to stuff a box of the lovely red paper that I used up on these cards.

And yes, everyone from there was right on the money…Woodware is the stamp company, and while not in pick cellophane, it does have a pink cardboard insert…Koodos to Hettie! ( left) So there are my trees all spread out to allow the few drops of gold stickles to dry on a few of the splatters of the stamp. Just to give a bit extra sparkle and texture…I tried gold embossing tinsel, but just didn’t like it.

Oh, and I broke down…see in the back right corner…those few jars…9 to be precise… yes, I picked up some Distress Paints. Joann’s had them in sets, and I had coupons…40% off…so there they are. I haven’t opened them yet…but as I have Friday off, and I’ll get a good chunk of my cards done, I am planning to play this weekend. And who knows…there are a few more color sets there, and I have another coupon…
So, there it is…in all its glory…

I hope everyone has a crafty week, and to my US friends, a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WOYWW #233

Welcome to “What’s on Your Work desk Wednesday” as set forth by our hostess Julia from The Stamping Ground.  She has all the deets there…so go check it out!

I had my whole post last week ready to go…had more than a few photos of my holiday cards that were uploaded at my Brothers computer, but alas, when I was home to work on the text, on my good ole’ dial-up. The post failed..then the photos vanished, then my saved draft was blank…so 2 hours of frustration left me postless…so I’ll try to make up for it while I’m (shhh) on the work computer..if I don’t’ get locked out or worse…

Here is my desk, still suffering from my craft fair frenzy. These are my kitty cards from Stampendous (purchased on my vacation to Wales). The Sparkly Fluff is currently drying on their hats, so I'll show the finished cards next week. I have one more design planned for 8 cards, to make tonight for tomorrows show, which will bring my Christmas cards to 52, along with 40 Misc. cards, a few altered notebooks, some ornaments and some candles. Hope I have enough! (fancy that…not really looking forward to selling them so I don’t have to make another 60 cards; really warped thinking there!)    

A few other cards; the lady in the cosmo glass was for my managers retirement party “Operation Cosmo”, total surprise, and if anyone needs to borrow that stamp, let me know. Not easy finding a Cosmo stamp! The glass had a hit of Glossy Accents, and everyone loved it... /wheww, as it was the office card)

 Two other Craft Holiday cards; the ribbon tree (another fav…very clean) was another stamp purchased in England, Wood…something was the company. The skates are a TH die...wished I had been able to start the TH Online class before this, as I just saw the tarnished silver lesson, and that would have been great on the blades. And last, a wedding card for my cousin…and yes, a Paper Artsy stamp purchased on my vacation. (Wow, I have actually inked all but 2 stamps..and they will be in my next set for my personal cards…that is a record percentage of inked stamps/purchased stamps, which overall is at 70%, which may be a bit high (ok, math, which qualifies this for use on the work computer! LOL!)

Oh, and my desk from last week…’cuz I had too: My gimpy kitty Ponder (dislocated back hip with incident from dog) managed to get up the stairs, and on the desk without me hearing a single thump while I was in the corner with the Vagabond station. I ended up doing a lot of cutting as I didn’t want to wake him!

Wow, long post. See what happens when at a real keyboard and not on the IPad…Apologies (but no typos!)…you can just look at the pictures if you want…no worries! Have a great week everone!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WOYWW #229

Welcome to Wednesday...designated as What's on your work desk Wednesday by Julia at the Stamping us the opportunity to peek in at everyone's crafty goodness!
My desk...shows the goodies I acquired while visiting Hettie and beautiful Wales!

 Now...this may be offered in other parts of the US, but I have to say, I got the biggest kick out of stuffing as many sheets of paper as possible into a one-price Box! Not paying by sheet...or by pound...but what you could cram in there! 51 sheets! Of amazing colors! What a deal!
I tried to get stamps that I couldn't find here, but ended up with a few from Stampendous...that I couldn't find here. Same with the stencil...

Now, I just need to get them inky...hopefully next week you can see the results!
Until next time...happy crafting!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WOYWW #228

Welcome to Wednesday, which is "What's on your work desk Wednesday" as decreed by Julia at The Stamping Ground.

This week, I'm not at my desk, but across the pond, visiting Hettie, who was my first WOYWW anniversary buddy!

How much fun is it to sort through another's stash?!! Tons! Thanks for the visit Hettie! And thank you Julia for creating this wonderful way to connect with crafters around the world!

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

WOYWW #226

I know...I've been absent lately, mostly because I still have iPad issues for blogging...good news: I really have spent quite a bit of time in the craft room.

But first, for those that don't know, Julia at the Stamping Ground has proclaimed Wednesday as see all about it, hop over to her space.

And my space...well, as I have made all the birthday, general and thanksgiving cards for the craft fair in Nov., here are some of my Christmas papers and stamps, out and ready for when I get back from vacation.

Here are some of my general cards, before they got packed away...I have to say, that yellow one is really grabbing my attention this morning...hmmm, might need to do a few more of those as well...

So, I'm off for a few weeks, wondering around Wales this time...where I'll finally meet Hettie in person! Real quick...any stamp shops between Heathrow and Liverpool? And LLJ, I still have your email if my timing works out (traveling w/hubby puts cramp in stamping/visiting agenda LOL!)

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WOYWW #222

It is so nice getting in the craft room again after, IMO, the worst summer ever! So now it is Wednesday, the day Julia at The Stamping Ground has decreed as world wide peek in on others desks day...well she calls it WOYWW , so check the deets out there, and here is my space...

Actually sort of tidy, even after a bit of a flurry making birthday and misc. occasion cards. I think I can blame it on my Fingerlakes wine tour find from a few weeks ago..makes getting and replacing the inks so much easier! Now don't get all stressed out, I'm sure this affliction won't last!

So all that is left once I put the finished cards away, were the framelits oval dies, my IO cover a card stamp I seem to be using a lot lately, and, toward the back, the pieces-parts of the quilted card that has been hanging around for a few months now...they will get put together this weekend...promise!

And some of those cards...boat and net by Our Daily Bread, and the design for the others from Craft Stamper, maybe..or an online blog, it was a while ago..but I liked the look and remembered it...
Ok, now back from blog press to blogger..sorry this is such a mess, can't seem to move photos around on an IPad...what a pain! Arghhhh!

So, there it is..I'll try to stop by a few desks later, but work beckons now...have a great week everyone.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WOYWW #221

It's Wednesday, which means its the day Julia from the Stamping Ground has designated as our weekly peek into others places day!

I've finally put some time in, first because I have cards that had to be made, then more so because I realize I only have a few weeks to stock up for a holiday craft show, and I sold almost everything last year. Now, that means you'll be seeing some Christmas cards in the very near future...I did get the stamp box out, and the papers, and yes, even ordered the holiday train stamp from Stampendous that matches the snowy scene postcard from last year.

But on the desk now, the card blanks that have been run through various texture folders for the patchwork patterned pieces I did weeks ago, which you can sorta see to the right. Towards the back, my die mask foe the butterfly branch die and stamp set from Our Daily Bread...starting to be my new fave company. A few ink pads that didn't make their way home, and in the front left is the cover a stamp roller, with the mattress ticking stamp from Impression Obsession. I really need to use that more often!

So there it go hit Julia's to visit some other great desks! Have a great week and Labor Day everyone.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WOYWW #219

Wow! Now that the weather has finally gotten nice (well for me, I love these nippy mornings)

summer is just flying by, as are the weeks. it's Wednesday that means its "what's on your work desk Wednesday" as envisioned by our hostess Julia at the StampingGround.

As I'm still trying to adapt to an iPad only world, this will be short.

Here I have some pieces-parts of some cards I'm making for my Brothers anniversary , as well as a few extras for the craft show in November. After selling out last year, then having to make a ton more Christmas cards for my own use, I'm being proactive! The main image is a branch of butterflies, which thankfully has a coordinating die, from Our Daily Bread, a great company I discovered at the Heirloom Rubber Stamp show.
I've done the coloring with a waterbrush and distress markers. My ovals ate all cut out, waiting for their turn.

Here is the first card, my template, if you will before I went Into "production". Not sure why its so blue...the base is actually a silver/gray, the butterflies are milled lavender, dusty concord and lilac.

So, there it is...if I can get the link thing to work, go hop over to Julia's to catch the rest of the WOYWW excitement, Have a good week everyone.
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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WOYWW #217 has happened. Work has shut down all non-work related Internet use. While I honestly don't disagree in theory, it throws me out of..everything everyone else takes for granted. All because the local broadband company won't run a cable up our hill. And this includes I'm attempting this wifi less, to see if I can post when I get to a wifi spot. and as blogger by itself won't take the photos from here, I'm trying blog press to see what happens. I have no idea how to link to Julia's Stamping Ground ( who has all the info on the WOYWW experience. And the photo of my desk? Well I've got it in the iPad list. So here goes.

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I had to reorganize because of...This wonderful addition.

We found this box in an antique store in Watkins Glen, in the Fingerlakes Wine Country of New York. Perfect for my distress inks. I thought it would also hold the stains, but unfortunately not. I would like to say i'll be altering it, but lets be honest. Oh, and the stuff on the desk...clearance items ( gotta love pre- CHA clearance) TH dies and stamp set, and more paper pads!

This is the side desk, also spiffed up.

wow, this is an effort...So keeping fingers crossed this works on Wed. And with luck, I'll figure how to link to other blogs...forgive any typos, etc.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Creative Chemistry FB July Challenge

Well, I missed a few months, but as July's challenge was "Patriotic-anything goes", I couldn't not enter. You see, and this is a tad embarrassing, but for the first 13 or so years of my life, I thought all the July 4th festivities were for my Birthday.  My actual Birthday is July 7, and as my parents worked and it was a holiday all the Aunts and Uncles had off, it became the party/cook-out day...and the fireworks were bonus!  So, as my Brother and Sister in Law had a Birthday BBQ on the 4th, it was only natural that the patriotic theme came up for a thank you card.

I started with a cool paper-weaving piece that I picked up from another Online Card Class..."Pattern Play" Yes, one of the few techniques I liked. And I've used it a lot.(I even have started my Christmas blocks with it).  TH's mini star was colored with Distress Marker Barn Door Red., the binding was stamped with a line of music, like in his July Tag, and colored with Festive Berry and Denim Distress Stains, used one of his number tokens, and because I wanted a Firework-ey filler...I stamped a Rubbernecker Swirl with Judikins White Diamond EP.

OK, back in the swing of things...see you for the August Challenge!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WOYWW #213...for real...

Not only is today Wednesday, (and the Wednesday before July 4th-Holiday!!) but it is also our day for peeking in on craft desks around the world, thanks to Julia at the Stamping Ground.

And on my desk; the same lily images I colored last week, just moved over out of the way.  On the pad are the paper weavings I’ve done to go with them.  I will say, even if that has been the only technique I embraced from the Online Card Class “Pattern Play”, it has definitely paid for itself! Well, maybe not, as those are new paper packs to the left, that I had to get to, you know, make sure I had palettes I could use to, erm, weave…

All the toppled bottles are the Judikins Mica Gloss, and yes, this seems to be working, as the mica pigments seem to be easier to mix up, and as they are in my face, I have managed to shake every one up every time I’m in the room.  Not to self; if I ever buy more Adirondack dabbers  or distress crackles, I’m going to do the same thing. Of course I’ll need more room to keep bottles lying about, but we’ll deal with that later.

The purple papers are from said Mica Gloss; eggplant and silver. Still playing around to try to get the rich effect that is displayed all around the Judikins show booth, and I will get there! 

And here is a card I made for my Mother’s dear friend who dislocated her hip in a fall.  I embossed the gloss paper, then used a Tim Holtz die to cut out the opening, creating a mat. 

So happy WOYWW! And Happy 4th . Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WOYWW #212, err, #213: My where does time go?

Welcome to another What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday…Julia’sfrom the Stamping Ground fabulous idea of opening our craft room doors to allow others to take a peek…nose about; see what everyone is working on…fun stuff for the middle of a week!
This morning, which, for me means as I left it over the weekend, (Do I have to wait another 17 years before I can craft during the week, with no guilt?? If so, I really need to win the lottery!)  are some images I’m coloring to go on some cards for the craft show…see I’m getting prepared!  It's not until Oct., but I just can’t come up with a lot of designs in a short amount of time. These will bemodeled after a birthday card I made for my Mother in Law, with the paper weaving technique from the online class Pattern Play.
The bottles are the Mica Gloss from Judikin’s that I’m still playing with and trying to perfect.  As they have to be well mixed, I’m keeping them lying down, and try to spin them every time I get up there…who may work really well…or not…we’ll see….
Don’t worry, that knocked over paper cup is empty; I have started using distilled water for my water brushes, misters, etc. since some of my perfect pearl mixes developed a funny smell; our water has so much iron and magnesium, I figured it couldn’t hurt., and I use the cup to pour, as opposed to trying to fill a mister from a gallon jug; because that doesn’t work….just sayin’. Oh, and yes, the bottle: Crispin Hard Apple Cider…my DH found it, and it is very yummy; Strongbow is still my fav, and can be occasionally found in draft at some bars in the US; am so looking forward to my trip in Oct., so I can revive my acquaintance!  LOL!

I also played a bit with some more ATC’s, as our 4th anniversary PIF has reminded me how much I like making them; this is one that is flying over the sea as we speak…and it gave me a chance to use my new TH clipboard die; took a few tries to totally figure out the spacing, and it is pretty darn cool!!!

So, I’ve shown you mine; I’m going to peek in on some of yours…so have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WOYWW #211

Another “Hump Day” (wow, this week is flying by!) which means its Wednesday, which means it’s the day of an intriguing tradition created by Julia at the Stamping Ground, known as “What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday” were we open up our doors, and it turn, peek in others doors of their fabulous craft spaces!
 Mine is actually from Saturday, which unless my brazen mice have decided to cart off with ink pads or some of my “non-stamping” stash (ie, some trail mix) should be the same as this morning.  Now, this is the last shot, the end result of some seriously frantic card-making, resulting in some scarily teetering piles finally coming down.   

Yup, here it is….scraps, stencils shoved in with the scraps, Oh, and this is only after half the right side has fallen to the floor…

So, I finished my card, which I can’t show yet, as it’s winging its way to Wales; started to pick up the floor, decided dinner would be late, and set to with a real cleaning; surprisingly it was only about an hour. It helps when you have places for things, and just need to return them.  Of course, the black bag hanging on the door are all the unmounted stamps I bought at the stamp show, and need to be mounted on EZ-Cling, and put into binders.  Not really sure when that will be happening! Now, I still have to go to the back cabinet and organize/clean-up my Vagabond area; but there is only so much organization my heart can take! 

And oh, here are the ATC’s I received from the 4th Anniversary: Hettie’s painted masterpiece (My 2nd anniversary receivee), Gill’s from Stamping Lemons, with cool origami papers and a cute little envelope, Bella’s, who has made me think again about that cute typewriter die (and my 2nd anniversary sendee) And Monica’s who was this year’s sendee, and she graciously sent one my way too!

So now go visit Julia, and then wing your way around the world with more great work desks.  Such a great way to spend a Wednesday. Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WOYWW #210

Good morning and Happy Humpday! Which is Wednesday….which is the day Julia at the Stamping Ground as declared “What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday!”

An mine is a sad testament that I should just not make plans….You see, my husband was supposed to go on a golf outing on Saturday. Oh Joy! He’d be gone all day! The plan: charge through the housework, get to the dump early, then spend the rest of the day in the craft room: Putting everything away from the stamp show, playing with my new stamps and inks, playing MY music, loudly. I had fresh incense, a peanut butter jar and bones for Dakota; oh yes, the perfect day.  But because of the past week of torrential rains, the course was flooded; outing cancelled; so mopey husband means no guilty pleasures for me.

So; not even a smidge of a second spent in the craft room; until last night, when I went up to drop off some of the stamps I had ordered at the show, and take this picture. And because I had to, as I had gotten the diamond filler stamps for the DRS Designs Argyle stamp (they had sold out at the show) I had to try them out; how cool is that!! And, because Stampsmith had mailed me my fringy backgrounds, I thought I’d give that a try as well, over the Rubbernecker Poppies. I expected it to be more diffused…now I know, use lighter ink. The set has various circles, rectangles, etc, to look like torn mulberry paper (remember when that was the “Oh Wow!” Layer! LOL!)

So, there it is; what is out is just the few stamp pads and markers I tossed around in ten minutes to try out the new stamps….so very sad…And My ATC's are at work, where I showed them off; I'll bring them back to show next week.
Now get off this depressed desk, head to Julia’s, and portal around the world.  There are much happier desks out there, you’ll see! Have a good week everyone.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WOYWW #209

Happy Wednesday everyone! That means its What’s on Your Work Desk Wednesday, as envisioned by Julia at the Stamping Ground.

 OK, so I only came up to drop off the stash from my Heirloom Stamp Show weekend…after all, I have a cake to bake for works big bark-off/bakeoff (don’t ask, but wish me luck!) So, here are all my wonderful goodies; not bad as we only really purchased from 8 booths! LOL! Rubbernecker and Judikins did us in; and Our Daily Bread became just as dangerous! LOL!..So many stamps, mounted and unmounted…and see that cool yellow organizer; it folds!! Perfect for when I start, say, my Christmas stamping, but can’t have it take over the whole room yet. And now it has all the embossing folders, some stencils,  a few Memory Box dies, and a few sheets of pearl embellishments. And, darn that Judikins…she showed an awesome background technique using Mica Gloss inks, so of course we had to buy a few. I didn’t get the gold or green because I thought I had those; I actually have Colorbox Mica Magic reinkers…hmmm, might be the same?

So, I had to check..real quick..the cake you know…so here are some quick samples.  And of course, as there is so much ink on her sheets, she would then pick up enough to ink a stamp; I’m stingy, but still got this shell image (neat stamp.huh?)  And since I was playing, I just had to try these new layered floral stamps from Rubbernecker…before I forgot the technique she showed us.  How very neat are those…and fairly quick.  I’ll show you better when I have time. 

Oh, but I do have to show my ATC from last week’s 4th Anniversary…hopefully everyone has them buy now. And I'm going to start on next year' avoid this year's last minute mayhem.


So there you have it…oh, and I managed to make the cake and pudding, and not burn the coconut while toasting, so all I have to do between the board meetings is assemble my Lemon Coconut Trifle. Fingers crossed; I have a rep to uphold!! See you next week.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy 4th WOYWW!!! (ie, #208)

Here it is!! The 208th segment of the “What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday”! The super-fun (just couldn’t say “uber”-sorry) mid week phenomenon of world-wide desk hopping created by the wonderful Julia atThe Stamping Ground! So you math geeks---that makes it the 4th Anniversary!
And as part of the anniversary proceedings, there is the Play it Forward ATC Swap…so that is what is on my desk…well, no, there isn’t a pre-peek of my ATC, just the clear sleeves that were left out.(hmmm, picture loaded;I may be wrong...) Overall the desk is pretty clean; while waiting for a component to dry, I tidied up.
Well, except for the flute, which got dropped there.  The orchestral season is over...but I SWEAR!, I will practice through the summer, so I won’t have so many truly deplorable rehearsals in the fall! But overall, all neat and tidy. Because the big Heirloom Stamp Show in Springfield MA is this weekend, and I’ll need space to lay out the goodies I will be acquiring…the list is long, baby!!! And that stack of Tim Holtz (for the most part) stamps in the top left; I really need to get another organizer for those. (Oh! Add it to the list) It’s nice to keep them out and handy, but we all know things happen to things left out. My tape runner has been displaced by all the paper pads (yup, the desk on the right is a disgrace; no showing of that for a while! LOL!) so I’ll need to find a better place for them as well. 

So, yup, while it was a busy place over the holiday, it sure doesn’t look it now.  So,instead, go head over to Julia’s, and join in on this Wednesday fun! And Happy Anniversary Everyone!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

WOYWW #207

Feels like forever since I’ve been able to join in on theStamping Grounds “Whats on Your Workdesk Wednesday”!!   Life has gotten in the way of crafting; but fear not!! I have started working on my ATC’s for the 4th Anniversary of WOYWW! And that’s what I have scattered about: Pieces-parts and trial and error pieces.  I’ve got Dyan’s ink sprays sprayin’, some serious distressin’,  some stencilin’. Yup, still not sure what the final piece will look like, but they will be ready!!
So, to see what this is all about, go see Julia at the Stamping Ground. And then go visit some great desks around the world! Have a great week everyone.

Oh, I did get one card done, a congratulations card for one of my husband’s co-workers who got a promotion…can you tell I found a technique I like from the online class “Pattern Play”?  What 'till Christmas…I’m going to have a bunch of these little quilt type pieces ready to go! LOL!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


OK, this is a call for help!  When I saw the Spellbinders Embossabilities Shells, I had to have it...really; love sea shells, and all things ocean. So I finally got to play with it, and now…need help.  I hate to cover it up. Has anyone else used these? What are you doing with them? Any photos you can share? 
I found that I like inking the plate so that the ink goes into the deep impressions, but as these are so 3D, then rubbing some ink over the top left lots of plain paper. 
 Using the Dylusions Ink Spray didn’t show the texture, so I hit the tops with Snow Cap Pigment ink, and that is probably the only one I wouldn’t mind covering up.  The one done on black paper was colored using Perfect Pearls. This was just a quick experiment, and sorta sloppy, but I like it, and again, can’t see how to use it.

So, any suggestions are most welcome!! Thanks for stopping by.

Colored with Perfect Pearls

WOYWW #203

OK...What is wrong with this picture? Or more importantly, what is wrong with ME???
I took the Online Card Class “Pattern Play” to learn to use pattern paper, and hopefully start using up some of my stash.  What I learned was that the papers I love and buy just aren’t the pattern style that fits with my style. So, instead of moving on…LOOK!

Last week a few of my stamp stores that I still am stupid enough to open their sale emails, had sales, on paper packs…so this is from 3 orders that just arrived. 3 of the packs are for Christmas!! (and no…we couldn’t just leave it there; we also bought a white pen, some inchie frames, the clipboard TH die…) But, I do so love that green one on the top from Prima…just sayin’.
So, that is what you see… as well as a few items that didn’t get put away from last weekend’s stamping and clean-up.  The stamp on the left, the white block, is from LaBlanche. Question…how do you store these? I don’t want to have it stacked with the wood mounted, as I’m afraid they will squash it. I also need to find a safe place for the ink palette trays, so they don’t tip.  The one on top I’ve started with the TH Distress Stains.  There is one below with the perfect pearls. 

So there is my work desk; to know the why’s and how’s, and who’s, just go visit Julia at the Stamping Ground; she will make you see Wednesday a whole new way! Have a good week everyone.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WOYWW #202

OK, I really don’t know whats going on with my focusing: I’m still blaming my new-fangled “progressive” eyes, but now I’m not so sure.  But the camera focusing feature seems to be working fine at distances…so bear with me while I figure this out. So, today is Wednesday, which our lovely hostess Julia at the Stamping Ground as deemed a world-wide sharing of work desks.  How very fun!
  The stamp is from Penny Black.  In the top left are two practice pieces from a La Blanche Silicone stamp (feels weird, but stamps well) I was working on my distress marker techniques with.  The new Dylusions Sprays I (/gasp!) still haven’t played with.  All the inks I was just too lazy to put away (honesty…refreshing! LOL!)  and the same with the stamps on the right.

As April is a huge birthday month for my husband’s family, this card is going to my Sister In Law. Can’t believe I actually had paper that went with the stamp…scary when you start going through the stash!! (I have taken teh Onlime Card Class "Pattern Play" and am making an effort to use patterned papers.  Some of the class directions are hanging out on the left.) The stamp is from Penny Black. 

So, I’ve shown mine, now I’ll be peeking in on some of yours.  And as I’m doing this at work, I may not be able to comment, so don’t hold that against me…but I peek in while on hold or waiting for files to print…makes my day so much less mundane!  Have a good week everyone!

Pattern Play Day 5

Well, it was done a while ago, but I’m finally posting my project from the 5th day of the Online Card Classes “Pattern Play”.  And I have to say, this day fit me!! This modified weave block makes such a nice accent. And its fun matching the papers. So much so that I’ve made quite a few blocks to have on hand. And as April is a big birthday month, here are two of the cards going out.

This one is for my brother. With this technique, all you need is one manly image (ok, so the bird not so manly, but he is a bird watcher…) and some strong patterns, and voila! I love the way the varnished pattern added I guess I'll have to start cutting into my Tim Holtz resist papers! LOL!

This one is for my Mother In Law.  The Calla Lilies were colored with distress markers. And now…I need some banner dies…/sigh! 
So, while I determined some of the techniqes just didn't work with my style, overall the class did help me break into the pattern paper stash, and even cut up a few sheets! They say it takes 30 days to make a habit: here's to seeing if thats true!!  To the  Pattern Paper...away!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WOYWW #199

Good Wednesday everyone!   It is that wonderful What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday, where Julia atthe Stamping Ground hostess' us around the creative desks of the world.
As I was taking the Online Card Class, “Pattern Play”, I was trying very hard to get the homework done in my limited time, so I really should have taken a picture of the floor, as that is where most of my pattern paper has ended up, all around my chair.  Now that I better know what works (which is not what I’m drawn to) I need to start buying those easily managed 6 x 6 pads; the 12 x 12 are usually just too big a pattern to fit in my style of card making. 
So, what you see is my new spellbinders Basic Cuts (I think that’s the name) die, which makes layers for your standard card size…love that! In the center, one of the cards I made for the homework; I made them out of order, but you can see the post here.   Notice; my new Dylusion’s Sprays are still there, untouched…I hope to remedy that this coming weekend! And my Tim Holtz stamps, which I want to get back to for all the April Birthdays! 

So, to see some really creative desks, pop over to Julia’s and portal away.  And Happy Easter everyone!