Sunday, August 7, 2016

Creative Chemistry 103: Gesso Fresco revisited

I absolutely LOVE the look of this technique!!  When doing the class tags, I thought it would be stunning in a I decided to give it a go.

Now, I only have the one set (so far) of the Distress Crayons, and this technique works better with darker colors, or at least, is a tad more noticeable-but I wasn't feeling  the cool colors, so mad do with the warms...

I've been sorta working on a song lyric theme for the pages in my journals, and Love "Take Me To Church" by least the melodic lines...have you read the lyrics??  And I have quite a few stencils that look like Abbey ruins, so it sorta fell in place.  The stencils are by TCW on the left and Stencil Girl on the right.  And yes, my handwriting sucks..and this is with a journaling template...
I went in with a PITT pen to sorta emphasize some of the lines, particularly the bird...

I'll be doing this one again....and yes...getting more colors....(did you hear..all the colors will eventualy be released--Oh Joy!)
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  2. Your page is really nice, I thought you made the image but even with the stencil, it's still nice. Great job. The colors just make it look like a dream.


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