Wednesday, April 24, 2013


OK, this is a call for help!  When I saw the Spellbinders Embossabilities Shells, I had to have it...really; love sea shells, and all things ocean. So I finally got to play with it, and now…need help.  I hate to cover it up. Has anyone else used these? What are you doing with them? Any photos you can share? 
I found that I like inking the plate so that the ink goes into the deep impressions, but as these are so 3D, then rubbing some ink over the top left lots of plain paper. 
 Using the Dylusions Ink Spray didn’t show the texture, so I hit the tops with Snow Cap Pigment ink, and that is probably the only one I wouldn’t mind covering up.  The one done on black paper was colored using Perfect Pearls. This was just a quick experiment, and sorta sloppy, but I like it, and again, can’t see how to use it.

So, any suggestions are most welcome!! Thanks for stopping by.

Colored with Perfect Pearls


  1. No suggestions, but the one you colored with Perfect Pearls is gorgeous.


  2. I am a mermaid and ocean just won my heart.
    susan s

  3. It is a piece of art just as is. I love the one with the Perfect Pearls.

  4. I say keep adding color to them like you did with the perfect pearls one - it is gorgeous. You could always add it to a collaged mixed media piece, or add a saying, a piece of twine around the card might look nice, or mermaid over it. I really do think it stands out on it's own though.

  5. These are gorgeous. You could add a string of pearls or other embellishments and then mount it on a card. They're pretty in their simplicity. They don't need a ton of extras.

  6. I agree with those who said they can stand alone. The one with perfect pearls is just beautiful. The one's you're not so happy with, just keep experimenting. Maybe you'll end up with a happy accident, to quote my old friend, Bob Ross. (You know, the guy with the big 'fro who painted with oils on PBS)

  7. Very cool look on both. I think the PP one is just lovely and striking with the color, and when I look at the white/blue combo one I am thinking of Wedgewood/China look, and think it is pretty. I am also thinking with something like these, you can cut them up and use the shells on a card or layout/mixed media piece as well. Did you try using it with Core-dinations paper and sanding? That may look cool too.

  8. I love both of these Kim, but specially the black one. Great embossing folder too.
    Not sure why you need help there girl!
    Hugs and Happy Friday.

  9. I can't add anything that hasn't been said but I wanted to let you know I think you did a fab job & they are beautiful :)


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