Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WOYWW #217 has happened. Work has shut down all non-work related Internet use. While I honestly don't disagree in theory, it throws me out of..everything everyone else takes for granted. All because the local broadband company won't run a cable up our hill. And this includes I'm attempting this wifi less, to see if I can post when I get to a wifi spot. and as blogger by itself won't take the photos from here, I'm trying blog press to see what happens. I have no idea how to link to Julia's Stamping Ground ( who has all the info on the WOYWW experience. And the photo of my desk? Well I've got it in the iPad list. So here goes.

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I had to reorganize because of...This wonderful addition.

We found this box in an antique store in Watkins Glen, in the Fingerlakes Wine Country of New York. Perfect for my distress inks. I thought it would also hold the stains, but unfortunately not. I would like to say i'll be altering it, but lets be honest. Oh, and the stuff on the desk...clearance items ( gotta love pre- CHA clearance) TH dies and stamp set, and more paper pads!

This is the side desk, also spiffed up.

wow, this is an effort...So keeping fingers crossed this works on Wed. And with luck, I'll figure how to link to other blogs...forgive any typos, etc.


  1. Well done for getting around the problem...but isn't it a pain when you can't access the internet anymore....sigh. The box is lovely, what a great find. And great bargains too...yeah, gotta love cut price stuff!!
    Hugs, LLJ #20 xx

  2. Well, you made it...LOL So many corporations have cut off any non work related intranet.
    Krisha #108

  3. It's a HUGE pain when you can't access the internet. Loving all the goodies on your desk. happy crafting #125

  4. You must be feeling like you are missing a limb! WEll, you got this far, lets see if you can link next week! #85

  5. Hello. Well Im Roberta aka Bert #122. And Im new and very slow at this. I seem to get lost in all the goodies in every one sites.. just wanted to say thank you for sharing and letting me peak. Have a lovely day. Bert


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