Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pattern Play Day 2 & 3

OK, Got some serious homework time in for my Online Card Class 'Pattern Play", where we learn how to use all those pattern papers we're drowning in, but can't seem to use!  I have come to realize, that unlike other techniques, were you do them once, you're good to go; this is going to be an ongoing strugg, er, refinement process for me!  It took me almost an hour just to chose a pattern for day 2! Gah! It turns out it was too subtle...but I do love this clear embossing over the paper.  I even broke out the iron (well, really had too; it was just too shiney to leave alone...this time....) And believe it or not; this was one of the very first pieces of patterned paper I ever it's at least 12 years old! And I picked a Penny Black for the stamp, which, being a circle, really limited me, and I wasn't prepared with images after the fact, so, eh...used some St. Patrick's stamps I hadn't puit away. I will come back to this, as I also like the card sample where she punched the saying through the background, making it the main theme...I just don't have any dies to do that with.

So, Day 3 was using bold, bright, "harder to work with" patterns.  I admit at this point I was a bit frazzled, so wussed' out and mimiced the clean, simple sample.  I can't remember which pack I got the paper from, but the stamp is from Onyx Xpressions. I do like this one much better, and I also know that somewhere I have peacock blue pearls which I will add to finish it off.  This is one way I can see me really using my papers.  I also liked the word bubble sample, but, again, not the type of dies I have in my stash. 

So, only 2 more days to go. But I will make this an ongoing study...for I see patterned paper becomeing my friend!


  1. this looks like a difficult challenge to me Kim, but you have coped with it marvelously. Annette x

  2. Ooo! Tricky one honey, but I am glad you have soldiered on like a trooper! Love the horse stamp you have used on the bottom card. That flowered paper is super cute too!


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