Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WOYWW #210

Good morning and Happy Humpday! Which is Wednesday….which is the day Julia at the Stamping Ground as declared “What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday!”

An mine is a sad testament that I should just not make plans….You see, my husband was supposed to go on a golf outing on Saturday. Oh Joy! He’d be gone all day! The plan: charge through the housework, get to the dump early, then spend the rest of the day in the craft room: Putting everything away from the stamp show, playing with my new stamps and inks, playing MY music, loudly. I had fresh incense, a peanut butter jar and bones for Dakota; oh yes, the perfect day.  But because of the past week of torrential rains, the course was flooded; outing cancelled; so mopey husband means no guilty pleasures for me.

So; not even a smidge of a second spent in the craft room; until last night, when I went up to drop off some of the stamps I had ordered at the show, and take this picture. And because I had to, as I had gotten the diamond filler stamps for the DRS Designs Argyle stamp (they had sold out at the show) I had to try them out; how cool is that!! And, because Stampsmith had mailed me my fringy backgrounds, I thought I’d give that a try as well, over the Rubbernecker Poppies. I expected it to be more diffused…now I know, use lighter ink. The set has various circles, rectangles, etc, to look like torn mulberry paper (remember when that was the “Oh Wow!” Layer! LOL!)

So, there it is; what is out is just the few stamp pads and markers I tossed around in ten minutes to try out the new stamps….so very sad…And My ATC's are at work, where I showed them off; I'll bring them back to show next week.
Now get off this depressed desk, head to Julia’s, and portal around the world.  There are much happier desks out there, you’ll see! Have a good week everyone.


  1. Very pretty stamping -- I like that fringed artsy background you used with the poppies. I know what you mean -- it's disappointing when you've got your heart set on a day for yourself and it falls through. Hope you and your desk have some time together very soon. Happy WOYWW from Laura #101

  2. Love what you did with your stamps. So effective.

  3. Love the yellow poppies - very Welsh!!
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #67

  4. Love that Argyle stamp, its awesome. Hope you get some more crafting time this week, Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #3 6xxx

  5. I also love the fringe poppies stamp! I hope this week you will be able to get into your craft room. Some weeks are tougher than others for sure!

  6. Love them - sorry you've not had much time to play but maybe next week... Helen 12

  7. don't you just hate it when your day of crafting gets put back because of a change of plans.
    Glad to hear you managed to order some bits and have just a little play
    Happy WOYWW and I hope you have a great week
    Ria #42

  8. The beach is in South Wales, it's by a place called Pembrey, where I was brought up. If you want cool places, do you mean history? There's lots in Wiltshire from Stonehenge and Avebury, 5000 year old stone circles, to Salisbury, Winchester, Bath...such a lot to see. Also you could meet up with some WOYWWers like me and Julia ;-)
    Hugs, LLJ 39 xx

  9. Love the stamp designs.
    Karen #47

  10. How rude of the weather to spoil your fun! I feel your pain.
    Great stamps you have bought! Cannot wait to see what you have chosen for me! Tee Hee!

  11. I love the frayed background..I guess we're about to go back to the old shadow inks era again then? Wow, I still have some too! Sorry about the golf..happens here too!

  12. Ow, pressed comment too soon, where are my manners. Your ATC arrived and is gorgeous, thank you for taking the time.

  13. ah fab work, love the new play with stash!

    .. and so know what you mean about planning and so does not go according to plan take today for example!! Shaz in oz.x #4


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