Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WOYWW #235

Happy WOYWW Everyone! That is short for What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday, the brilliant blog hop initiated by our lovely hostess, Julia at The Stamping Ground….and you can see all the deets there.
Once again, or still….my desk is the flurry of assembly line card production!  This week: card fronts I took to work to color on my lunch hours and was planning to finish Sunday, but then I had to make a sympathy card for my husband’s boss.  So hopefully tonight I’ll finish up these stacks...and then only 15 more to make! Note to self…print out address labels.

The card with the calla lily, mid left, was going to be the sympathy card, but I decided it didn’t work…but I forgot to take a picture of the one he’ll send instead. And the Christmas tree in the back, a card that will go in my departments office party door prize basket…maybe…not sure I’m liking it at the moment. Also true now looking at the trains…need more color…maybe red in the oval instead of yellow….hmmmmm.
And the Scotch Mounting tape…the roll I SWORE I bought a little while ago (but not a year ago) but couldn’t find after fruitless hours of searching...I found it in my little carry case I put my projects in take to work…so yes, a year ago.. So, yay, not totally losing my mind: always good to know.  And no...still haven't touched the Distress paints....but soon, my pretties...sooon!

So, there it is, in its perpetual busy state.  Perhaps after the New Year I’ll be able to neaten up a tad….but that won’t be a Resolution! LOL! Have a great week everybody!


  1. Those look like some very pretty images you are working! Thanks for letting me lurk! LOL

    Happy WOYWW!

    Nancy #97

  2. Lolll, oh I buy countless things and put them in 'safe' places, never to be seen'd think we'd learn, wouldn't you? I'm going to make a Jan Box in our utility room and put everything in there. It'll be a mess but at least I'll know where stuff is!!
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xx

  3. Busy Busy Busy there Honey! I have to make a sympathy card in the midst of glitter too! Ho Hum!


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