Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WOYWW #211

Another “Hump Day” (wow, this week is flying by!) which means its Wednesday, which means it’s the day of an intriguing tradition created by Julia at the Stamping Ground, known as “What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday” were we open up our doors, and it turn, peek in others doors of their fabulous craft spaces!
 Mine is actually from Saturday, which unless my brazen mice have decided to cart off with ink pads or some of my “non-stamping” stash (ie, some trail mix) should be the same as this morning.  Now, this is the last shot, the end result of some seriously frantic card-making, resulting in some scarily teetering piles finally coming down.   

Yup, here it is….scraps, stencils shoved in with the scraps, Oh, and this is only after half the right side has fallen to the floor…

So, I finished my card, which I can’t show yet, as it’s winging its way to Wales; started to pick up the floor, decided dinner would be late, and set to with a real cleaning; surprisingly it was only about an hour. It helps when you have places for things, and just need to return them.  Of course, the black bag hanging on the door are all the unmounted stamps I bought at the stamp show, and need to be mounted on EZ-Cling, and put into binders.  Not really sure when that will be happening! Now, I still have to go to the back cabinet and organize/clean-up my Vagabond area; but there is only so much organization my heart can take! 

And oh, here are the ATC’s I received from the 4th Anniversary: Hettie’s painted masterpiece (My 2nd anniversary receivee), Gill’s from Stamping Lemons, with cool origami papers and a cute little envelope, Bella’s, who has made me think again about that cute typewriter die (and my 2nd anniversary sendee) And Monica’s who was this year’s sendee, and she graciously sent one my way too!

So now go visit Julia, and then wing your way around the world with more great work desks.  Such a great way to spend a Wednesday. Have a great week everyone!


  1. What a pretty color on your walls! I love that cheerful yellow :) Hehe, I get topple-y stacks of things in my space too!

    Katie 127

  2. Glad my ATC found its way to you. I use that little typewriter so often, I think I might just wear it out! It has so many uses! Happy WOYWW. #73

  3. Love your busy crafting space so much going on
    Nice selection of ATC s you have

  4. Great crafting space you got there. and looks well loved Lovely ATCs!! Hugs, Dorothy woyww #135

  5. Such a pretty craft room!
    Karen #46

  6. What a fantastic crafting space. You have one busy work desk. Love the ATCs. happy crafting #26

  7. That's a lovely workspace and those are beautiful ATC's on your desk.
    Have wonderful week, Happy WOYWW. xx

  8. Hi Kim
    you desk is looking great today I have had a good poke around had a play with some of your stash and then took a look at your fantastic ATC's
    have a great WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #47

  9. Oh your space is so nice. Pretty too, love that you can potentially use two desks as one space. And hey, I'm with hours organising and cleaning is PLENTY!

  10. Good grief Girl! Only an hour to clear your mess? It will take me about a week before you arrive to do mine!!
    Your lovely card arrived today. Thank you. I am not sure if you got my message via Skype earlier? Sorry about the hic cups but I needed to try the table to see if it worked!


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