Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WOYWW #233

Welcome to “What’s on Your Work desk Wednesday” as set forth by our hostess Julia from The Stamping Ground.  She has all the deets there…so go check it out!

I had my whole post last week ready to go…had more than a few photos of my holiday cards that were uploaded at my Brothers computer, but alas, when I was home to work on the text, on my good ole’ dial-up. The post failed..then the photos vanished, then my saved draft was blank…so 2 hours of frustration left me postless…so I’ll try to make up for it while I’m (shhh) on the work computer..if I don’t’ get locked out or worse…

Here is my desk, still suffering from my craft fair frenzy. These are my kitty cards from Stampendous (purchased on my vacation to Wales). The Sparkly Fluff is currently drying on their hats, so I'll show the finished cards next week. I have one more design planned for 8 cards, to make tonight for tomorrows show, which will bring my Christmas cards to 52, along with 40 Misc. cards, a few altered notebooks, some ornaments and some candles. Hope I have enough! (fancy that…not really looking forward to selling them so I don’t have to make another 60 cards; really warped thinking there!)    

A few other cards; the lady in the cosmo glass was for my managers retirement party “Operation Cosmo”, total surprise, and if anyone needs to borrow that stamp, let me know. Not easy finding a Cosmo stamp! The glass had a hit of Glossy Accents, and everyone loved it... /wheww, as it was the office card)

 Two other Craft Holiday cards; the ribbon tree (another fav…very clean) was another stamp purchased in England, Wood…something was the company. The skates are a TH die...wished I had been able to start the TH Online class before this, as I just saw the tarnished silver lesson, and that would have been great on the blades. And last, a wedding card for my cousin…and yes, a Paper Artsy stamp purchased on my vacation. (Wow, I have actually inked all but 2 stamps..and they will be in my next set for my personal cards…that is a record percentage of inked stamps/purchased stamps, which overall is at 70%, which may be a bit high (ok, math, which qualifies this for use on the work computer! LOL!)

Oh, and my desk from last week…’cuz I had too: My gimpy kitty Ponder (dislocated back hip with incident from dog) managed to get up the stairs, and on the desk without me hearing a single thump while I was in the corner with the Vagabond station. I ended up doing a lot of cutting as I didn’t want to wake him!

Wow, long post. See what happens when at a real keyboard and not on the IPad…Apologies (but no typos!)…you can just look at the pictures if you want…no worries! Have a great week everone!


  1. Sticky toffee cake is JUST like the pudding except without the has a creamy topping instead..lush :-P
    Love all the cards you've made especially the swirly Christmas tree! Did you have a good tour around the UK? I read in Hetties blog that you'd had a good stay there :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 41 xx

  2. I do love your kitty. I have one who is trying to adopt us, but it attacked (unprovoked) my 16 year old blind dog who was not impressed! Not sure how this story is going to end...I used my pearl paint dabber on my wreath to clip the edges and leaves. Thanks for the visit already. #31

  3. Hello Kim, those darn computer, blogger, yikes they can make anyone crazy, it worked fine for your post, your cards are beautiful, that's where I saw you on Hettie's bog, thanks Jan, oh those brain farts are the worst :O), How was your trip, I loooooove to visit over the pond, to visit my DS, I never want to come home, so much inspiration there, thanks for sharing happy WOYWW. Dianne #60.

  4. Wow Kim. Beautiful cards you have made and good luck on the sale. Wood....Woodware? Usually in pink cellophane and sold in UK? Maybe. Beautiful stamp too.

  5. I am sitting in my living room with everyone asleep chuckling and many colors, so little time. SO TRUE. That is just wonderful. For me it is all about the color. I just love it!!
    Poor Ponder....I hope he is on the road to sad when when our buddies are hurting.
    Love all your cards...the cosmo looks pretty spiffy.
    Color ON! Hope you have a great week....
    Sara j #90

  6. Argh Kim, much as I love my iPad, I could easily never use it again for blogging and commenting...!
    And bless you for letting the kitty they rule us so well! Poor Ponder, those sort of altercations take up a life.
    Loving your cards and your purchases..the other stamp company is were nearly there..most of us UK side would recognise it anyway!


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