Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Week #12-Chipped Enamel

Wow! I've made it through week #12! I don't think I've been 100% on anything this long! Well, ok, I don't think I've ever missed a concert in 15 years in the Lower Cape Concert Band; but I did miss more than a few rehersals! But, I digress;

So, this week we're delving into Chipped Enamels over at Studio L3. Now, while I found this technique extremely easy, and very cool (well, we won't talk about the 3 attempts to do the brad...2nd degree burns at the least! LOL!)...I just couldn't experiment with my limited stash of metal I kept it pretty say the least! But now I know what to expect and will go boldly forth on projects that scream for this texture! And, I'm also going to look for all those cool numbers everyone else is using! Oh, and I did find a new fav color combination: Ancient Linen, Tattered Rose and Victorian Velvet! It looked really cool on a tag I started, then totally botched with the black embossing, it came out close here...

So hop on over to see Linda, and delve into the Compendium of Curiousities, Page 44. Have a great rest of the week everyone!


  1. Love your CCC12 chipped enamel piece! I could not bring myself to chip off the enamel!!! The sentiment you used is beautiful! Have a nice evening!

  2. Ouu! Kim! Your flower is GREAT and I can see why you like the inking combo ... perfect!

  3. Kim, this is beautiful!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the color combo!!! :) Oh, and I have a little tip for the brad. Do you have a pair of long tweezers, maybe even crafting tweezers? Use them to hold the more burnt fingers. ;)

  4. Kim, this is awesome! You did indeed discover a FABULOUS color combination. Next time I do something with a Victorian feel, I'm going to borrow this, okay?

    I love your chipped enamel flower-- you did a great job with the technique! And that sentiment is one of my absolute, all-time favorites!

    Bravo, you talented girl!

  5. I love it! The chipped enamel is great and the sentiment is wonderful.-Thanks for sharing

  6. This is lovely - I too, love your colours. Great chipped enamelling.


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