Saturday, August 14, 2010

Distressing Crackle!

Oh Boy! This is week #9 in Studio L3's Compendium of Curiosities Challenge, and this week, it's page #42. You all know the rules, you need to get the book to see how it's done! But...this has been my MOST challenging! It took an entire evening just trying to get my jars of Distress Crackle Paint into a somewhat liquid state..still very thick..but somewhat spreadable. I haven't had these jars too long, maybe a year, and had capped them tightly, so I'm a bit annoyed with their lack of longevitiy, I must say. But once that feat was accomplished, it was design time; I had a great plan, but wasn't sure how to pull it clear can you stamp over a cracked surface?? Not too well, depending on how crisp you want. On the other hand, a bold graphic stamp came off looking antique-ey and awesome!

Anyway, after sampling, testing, and almost finishing...I decided I didn't like it! LOL! So back to the drawing board, with no time to spare! This time an ATC seemed to be forming; I colored Tim's butterflies with Prismacolor pencils, then applied the rock candy crackle over them. The saying is from Penny Black, and the floral border is from Tim's set as well. Nothing fancy, and I have a small detail of the butterflies to see the effect.

And just because: the stars and hearts came out kinda cool; here is the one I may be resurrected some day...


  1. Kim, this is spectacular! Love the beautiful butterflies and your card is proof that beauty is all around us! Have a great rest of the week!

  2. Oooo, I love your butterfly ATC! The colors are gorgeous and the crackle on the butterflies looks awesome!! You're right about the heart and stars, the crackle on them is spectacular!! And that's a very nice saying on the parchment,too! I really like that. Job well done, again, my friend!! <3

  3. Kim, this is absolutely gorgeous! I'm sorry you had a struggle with the crackle paint, but things sure did work out beautifully in the end! Those butterflies are magnificent-- the coloring is stunning, and the Rock Candy looks great! The background is lovely, too!

    That extra piece you created is going to make a great card or layout as well. Fab work, girlfriend!

  4. I really like both of your pieces, Kim, but the butterflies are beautiful. Glad you persevered!
    P.S. Sari waste if the strips of silk remnants from making Saris. I got it from a LB Crafts in the UK.(They do have a webite - but don't know whether it is on it.)

  5. Your crackle CCC challenge turned out great! I can't wait to see your Distress Stickles now. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Marnie


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