Thursday, October 21, 2010

Daubber Resist--Week #18!

Hello all! We are half-way through the Compendium Challenge at Studio L3; can't believe it! This week is the Daubber Resist Technique. I love that I now have three techniques that give me almost the same effect as stamping in white ink...which I have yet to get to work-no matter what the brand! (Well, 2, as 1 uses my arch enemy, the nefarious iron).
This technique also needs a bit of practice to get it right. This image was my first attempt. I loved the vintage-y effect of the image on the corners; but found you can rub too hard in step#6. and then I blew it with the image-that tag really needed something more open and elegant. I wasn't sure how this would stamp over either; happy to see there is almost no problem with the images at all! So, on to tag #2~
This one I think I really got the daubber resist down...I really liked the snowflakes, and stamping Tim's deer in blue didn't overpower the image like the one above. But in true Kimmy fashion; I had to just add "one more thing"..and sprayed a hit of Tattered Angels Glacier Ice over the tag, then let it dry while getting some paper to shoot against. When I turned back!!! The tag had curled a bit, and the mist made the reindeer run!!! Erghhhh!!! One more thing to remember if this becomes a Christmas Card. And yes, from here on out, you will probably be seeing Holiday Themes...I better settle on a few designs soon...time is quickly running out!! Have a great crafting week all!


  1. Very nice tags! Love the colors you chose! Getting cold out your way or still pretty nice?

  2. Great tags! I know what you mean about rubbing too hard, I did the same thing and took off the top layer of paper, lol! Had to start over but it worked OK in the end.

  3. Kim, these are both lovely. It's fun to see the contrast between the two tags-- they're both so pretty and yet so different from each other. In both cases, your dabber resist is great!

    The little Christmas tree looks like it come straight from Whoville, which makes it even more special, and I'm LOVING what you did with the reindeer and snowflakes. It would make a stunner of a Christmas card!

    My iron and I have never gotten along, either!

  4. Great tags. Beautiful colours.


  5. Hi, Kim!! These are awesome...even with the "running" reindeer - it gives it a more worn look...and it is snowing. Everyone knows, you get wet in the snow! Those snowflakes look fab, btw! :)

  6. I think your snowflakes really came out very well with the resist technique. I love your colours.

  7. Loving these tags think my fav is the reindeer as I have a soft spot for them, your resist looks great in both.
    Thanks for joining as a follower to my blog and for your lovely comments. Will be following you too.


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