Saturday, July 24, 2010

Come back Art Muse...Come Back!!

As has become my new weekly habit...the first thing I do Monday morning is to see which page Linda will pick for the Compendium of Curiosities Challenge at Studio L3. This week: page 66, Mulit Media Collage. Ok, I have a week to think about this, as I'm away for work, thinking...thinking...seeing everyone elses work...thinking...

OK, home now; chores done.. in my stamp room...reading the technique...thinking...thinking...I have come to the conclusion my muse has run away...a logical assumption after a week long seminar doing financial analysis on loans, where creative thinking was banned...

Now..the best block-busting technique: dump the embellishment drawer out..Eureka! I found two cardboard hearts! Now we're getting somewhere! Now I have to clean up my desk! Oh, found a key while I was at it... and wow, this one was a lot of work!

The details as I remember:
Aged Paper, Spun Sugar, Worn Lipstick, Aged Mahogany DI's on the hearts. The same plus Tea Dye on the background. Since I still haven't found an opaque white that works, I used a technique not yet challenged to get the text to pop.

I think I'll need to give this one another go, once I'm more at peace with my creative self...and maybe a lot less hot and humid!

Oh, and with advice from Marnie, I think I loaded this image at a more friendly web resolution. Please let me know if anyone notices anything better/worse, etc. Thanks!


  1. Kim, this is just striking! Beautiful shades of pink. Love it! Is Westerlo in Upstate NY?

  2. Kim, your muse must have hightailed it back in a hurry, because this certainly turned out in a most gorgeous way! I love your block-busting strategy, and if it works this well I'm going to dump my embellishment drawer every day. ;-)

    Your Multi-Medium hearts are lovely, and you totally rocked that background technique, too (we'll get to that one soon...). It's stunning, all the way around!

    Your photo looks great on my screen!

  3. Very nice work. Love the key even though it isn't the multi medium part. I also like the Van Gogh quote..

  4. Gorgeous hearts, the quote is great (need that stamp...) and the key is a great accent.

  5. oh, subtle colors, very pretty!

  6. Well worth the work. Your card is fantastic!

  7. Very pretty! I think your muse is back. I know it's hard for me to be in an organizing mode and creative mode at once. Something about right brain and left brain use so I've read. It makes sense that it's hard to switch back and forth sometimes. Your dogs are look so pretty in your avatar picture!

  8. Kim, this is awesome! I love the color combo and oooooh that key is too cool! :)


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