Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Charmingly Fragmented

So over at Studio L3 we have made it to week 17; Fragment Charms, which is on page 64 of Tim's Compendium of Curiosities. I have found playing with these fragments much more fun than I originally thought I would...but as much as I LOVE the "touchiness" of beads; the raw attraction of natural stones and crystals...beading and jewelry making are just not for me! My stubby, non-nimble flute playing little fingers just won't allow me to relax and enjoy anything involving a jump ring! To the point that while you can't see it; the alcohol ink on the bees was not diluted with the extender; but instead with the glossy accents; which made the felt very hairy..and sticky..and, well, generally quite messy! And does anyone care to guess how quickly I was able to realize that I had picked up the wrong bottle??? Anyone??? All from attaching 6 little jump rings!! Though I will say; Tim's jump rings are by far the easiest I have ever worked with! They stayed in my pliers mouths, and closed pretty nicely; plus they come in such great colors...all my others are just too shiney...and small...and stiff...

Speaking of shiney; I thought the chain was a bit bright as well, so went in with some latte, ginger and espresso alcohol inks on those, but you can't really tell. Those are also the same colors I used on the fragments, with the addition of glossy accents to the felts...of course!

Oh, and another weird realization..this is my second stamping challenge piece that didn't involve one stamp! The images are from my fave Graphic 45 paper! So, while my blog-hopping has been seriously curtailed by work pretty much cutting all non-work related computer activity out, and dial-up being way too slow for enjoyable viewing, I will try to get to Linda's to see what fabulous charms everyone else has come up with! Have a great creative week everyone!


  1. OMG, Kim!!! This is gorgeous!!!! LOVE IT!!! <3

  2. A beautiful piece of jewellery Kim! Love your nature theme!

  3. this turned out very nice! love the colors

  4. Kim, I love your story telling as much as your gorgeous art! I'm laughing because I do things like that all the time-- pick up the glue instead of the reinker...and worse! But, I'd never in a million years think that you weren't a well-practiced jewelry maker, seeing this gorgeous necklace. The charms are beautiful (LOVE those papers!), and the chain you hung them on is so lovely and feminine. It's a fabulous piece!

  5. Love this piece. Gorgeous.



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