Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wrinkle Distress #2

Good morning all...

I just can't go a week without making something for Linda's Compendium Challenge...I might loose my momentum, and then who know what would happen! So, while playing around a bit working out some Christmas ideas, I came out with this...

Originally the dove/earth was all in blue ink, but looked like it needed help, so this was an experiment with black embossing on the dove, and silver embossing on the earth...and Distress Embossing Ink dries just a little too quick to change powder colors...had a few issues. But I thought it was ok. Then, I just couldn't leave well enough alone, wanted to make the silver stand out more..and added green on the continents...I think that sort a killed it...
So, what does everyone think? Could this adapt to a card? And it seems the tags work best with this technique, and my white paper isn't working with this at all...anyone having luck with white cardstock? And what brand is it? I love this technique, and would so love to have it work on cards!


  1. I think your tag is smashing and love your creation. No doubt the very talented Linda will be able to answer your questions.
    Annette x

  2. What a lovely tag Kim, it looks fabulous.
    Sue x

  3. Your background looks great!, love the tag.

  4. Kim, I LOVE how you did the earth! I enlarged the tag for a closer look and was really impressed with out beautifully the continents are colored, and I love the glittering oceans. The dove looks fabulous-- it's a gorgeous stamp, and the black embossing gives it really nice texture. And, your wrinkle-free distress background is absolutely perfect!

    I think manilla tags work especially well for this technique because they're not quite as absorbent as regular card stock, so the inks can move around on the surface and give you those cool patters. I've had it work equally well on white shipping tags, but you're right-- it's hard to find full-size paper that takes the ink as nicely. The best I've found is Neenah Classic Solar White. It has that same really smooth surface, and though it isn't as heavy as a shipping tag, you can get a great wrinkle-free distress look with it.

    You could absolutely turn this into card! It would look beautiful mounted on a green panel that matches the continents in the design. I'd probably slant the card slightly and add some little brads or rhinestones to the card you mount it to, but just play with it and I know you'll come up with a fabulous design!.


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