Thursday, November 18, 2010

Splattering-smattering; CCC #22

Oh boy! Now isn't this quite the challenge? Over at Linda's Studio L3, we have made it to week #22 on the Compenium of Curiosities Challenge. The technique: Alcohol Ink Splatter, page 52.

So, armed with a "borrowed" air can from our tech department at work, I headed up to my space, planning on getting this one done and then working on some holiday cards. It was actually quite warm up there, so being snuggie-free, I was planning on getting quite a lot done in my 2 hour window of time. (and I had peeked at some of the early one seemed to indicate "issues" with this one...)

So, with my sparse supply of glossy paper cut and ready, and my fave inks spread out all around me, I read the directions, twice (see, I have learned something!) and splattering forward, I go! Now, I don't know if my inks were "fermenting", (and I do keep caps on, and it was so windy, my room had wicked drafts) or the canned air was oozing some sort of gas other than air, but after 40 minutes of being so totally out of control of- anything--I was giggling like a fool, and had abolutely no pieces that looked even half good. And I still have no idea what step #5 is supposed to do...I had blobs of metal. So, on my last piece, I stick with just blues, (was still getting little splurts, no large spatters) but in step #5 I POUR on the, with my paper flooded, I did get a more consistant coverage, so here were are...

So while definately fun and I'm glad I did it, I have to admit, I like a little more- um, consistancy- or mental preview- on my results. (maybe this stems from my restricted craft time, and need to get things done...not sure) so I'm not sure if this will be in my "go to" toolbox of techniques.


  1. Love your dolphins Kim. I also found splatter to be a really out of control thing to do. I had at least 7 tries before I got anything I could live with, but I think your lovely blue splatter looks fab.
    Sue x

  2. love the smoothness of you card. looks like these dolphins really are swimming!

  3. Turned out really cool. And, BTW, the reason mine isn't done is cuz i was having some difficulty ;)

  4. Kim, the colors you selected for the ocean background are amazing. The dolphins are a perfect stamped image for this technique! Love, love this!

  5. It's turned out gorgeous love the colours youve choosen.
    hugs judex

  6. I *LOVE* this, Kim! The background is gorgeous and perfectly aquatic and so lovely with the wonderful dolphin stamp. It's really very magical looking!

    Your story made me laugh, because it sounds very much like my own experience with the technique the first time I tried it! I love it, but it took me a while to get there!

  7. Wow, Kim! Super cool card! your combination of dolphins and saying are perfect with your spatter-ific background! It looks AWESOME!!! :)

  8. I am at least a week behind on visiting my fellow challenge people, sorry about that. But this is a fab piece, love the colors you used.


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