Thursday, September 22, 2011

WOYWW #120--The Horror!

I thought I was in control; Things seemed to be progressing nicely with the commissioned Xmas cards. I had taken Wed., and Thurs. off with the only purpose taking the fur-babies to the vet (yeah, 2 shifts-I need to be committed!) and crafting! I had done the coloring and a lot of the cutting/punching during the last few work lunch hours. and only had to assemble the 24 cards. I ran out to grab a drink, came back in and actually looked at my "space"!! And Holy Crap!

Tell me this is not a disaster site waiting to happen! Piles everwhere, ink applicators near pristine white panels ready to go...and my "spare" desk beside me---which was clean anticipating a play date-Ghah! Had to grab a shot, with a vow to clean up when done! Next thing I know, Hubby is home, dinner isn't started, and only half the cards are finished! Because, yes, shortly after this shot, I reached for my crimper and silver paper, and avalanche! Luckily, I had moved all the ink sponges back where they belonged, so no disaster there, and all the ink pads landed on the chair mat. It is now Thus., and as soon as this loads, I'll be closing myself off for the next 5 hours to 1) finish the cards, 2) re-organize so I can find things again and 3) if time allows, work on some more designs for the craft show...oh boy!

Now, to see what all this is about, you can go check out Julia's Stamping Ground, and then visit other fabulous desks! And I'll be visiting around abit later as well. So wish me luck with my goals..I'll let you know how I did next week! Oh, Look, the photo just loaded...I spy with my little eye--the jar of sparkly fluff I couldn't find...can you? LOL!


  1. Love your desk pic- and yes I always work on the edge of an avalanche too! Not sure that I really NEED that much excitement in my life,lol.Happy WOYWW, Shaz

  2. Very creative workspace, thanks for the peek and sharing,

    xoxo Marjo#36

  3. I wouldn't call it a horror! Busy, creative, exciting! Definitely exciting! Patsy from

  4. good luck! Hope you got it all done! Funny how we are all the same, you should see my table after a demo, can't find a thing and they usually land on the floor too!

  5. Oh, my goodness - you're week sounds horrendously busy, no wonder you had a disaster! Hope you've managed to get through your three-point to-do list by now and calm has overtaken the chaos :)

    I’ve a giveaway over on my blog, you might like to take a look at:-

    Elizabeth x #125

  6. He he, looks like a good crafters desk to me - a sign of productivity. Thanks for sharing


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