Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WOYWW #123: My Name Is Kim...And I'm a webstore Addict!

It starts innocently enough...I need paper I just can't get at the three big box stores. I go online (at work--dial-up issues you know-which makes this even worse!) and start shopping. Next thing you know, I have a bunch of "shopping carts" open. I have found one site that has the red paper on sale; one site with the white and black on sale; Oh, and I need more of the ATG tape, and the mounting foam tape, and oh, the Tim Holtz stamp set is on sale over here...and that die on sale over there... And look! More Memory Box Stamps!! And Jingle Bell Brads (they really jingle!) So, this is my desk, Tues. night, after I had to smuggle 3 boxes into the house, upstairs into the stamp room, and then see what I actually bought (dont' ask how much! LOL! And if I HAD gotten it all from one place...then it would have been free shipping) all while being quick, saying I had left my shoes upstairs so the hubby doesn't get suspicious...Oh, and I have one more shipment, where am I going tofind room to put all this stuff??

While I ponder that, you need to go visit Julia's Stamping Ground, and then see all the other wonderful creative work spaces....and then have a good weekend-you deserve it!

Oh, and here are some visitors out my window...there were 12-14 of them..these were the only 2 by the time I got the camera ready....they have learned you can't hunt on our property, so we have 3 herds (do you call it a herd? A clutch? Hmmm) of them wondering around.


  1. Wish I could come and play with you and your stash! Patsy from

  2. Now that is a wonderful shopping spree! Hope you get to play with it soon.

  3. Fab new stash Kim, enjoy!

    Warm hugs

  4. I could always find room in my room if you need extra storage space, but you would have to bring Peanut Butter M&Ms with you as we can't get them over here!!
    What are those creatures? Are they turkeys? If they are I would smuggle one in somewhere as it is only 78 days to keep them!

  5. Lol - I thought it was just me. I go internet shopping all the time, add things to the cart but never check out!! Satisfies the shopping urge but saves money :) What the heck are those birds??!
    Hugs, LLJ xx

  6. As much as I love new stash I love hands on shopping against on line shopping. I only buy on line when i simply cannot find what I need in the shops.
    Those turkeys need fattening PDQ!!! Not long to Thanksgiving!
    JoZarty x

  7. I'd suggest you join Stampers Anonymous but that's just encouraging you :) Maybe you should do as Lunch Lady Jan does, fill your basket but don't check out - I can see how that would satisfy the urge and save you having to hide stuff from that very tolerant man of yours. I've looked, and looked again - are they ostriches? They're big, whatever they are. Elizabeth x #53

  8. Now I knew I wasnt the only one who had to smuggle stuff in, lie to hubby, and then find somewhere to stash it all, thanks hun, you did make me giggle, xx


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