Thursday, September 1, 2011

Absolutely! The Best!

Already seems like a lifetime ago! The first weekend of August, "Absolutely Everything", in Topsfield MA, was having some Tim Holtz inspired classes, with a little after hours get together of members of the "All Things Tim" Yahoo Group. Well, it's a 4 hour drive for us, but as my sister lives in Haverhill, MA, just a jump down the road, my friend Julie and I took the Friday off, packed leftovers for the men, and headed out. On the way we stopped at "Ink About It" in Westfield, MA. What a very cute store, and as all our local stores have closed, it was like a stamping oasis! Even knowing we'd be shopping the next two days didn't stop us from packing quite a few bags in the car.

Saturday was a whole day class--using Tim's Configurations Tray. Now...I preface that our LSS's classes where very..ummm, specific. Everyone on the same steps, with almost the same colors, same stamps, etc. After a few years, you become a soldier. Not so at AE!! Julie and I were SO Befuddled! LOL! It was really kinda shocking. We got to pick just about all the elements, which made for some serious confusion. The first project was to take the two larger dividers and make a little suitecase with a book inside! Very Cool! That we accomplished on time.

The actual tray?? Julie was a perfectionist on the Tissue Tape step, which put her way behind...I just winged it...and still finished just last weekend! So, here are the project from our first day of our wonderful Tim Inspired Weekend.


  1. Awesome! Love the suitcase/book idea, too.

  2. This is fantastic! I love your collage. So many cool elements!

  3. Oooh! Love how your tray turned out!!! Very nice! :)

    ...and, yes, mine is still in the bag, unassembled, with loose parts everywhere...

  4. What great creations!! Aren't Patti & Kate & everyone at AE just the best?


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