Thursday, December 27, 2012

WOYWW #186

Well, for me it's a snowy Thursday morning.  While Albany received 7 inches of snow, up on the hill we had over 15.  And work said we'd open on time?? So I made it in, and have time to do this What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday Post, hosted by our lovely Julia at The Stamping Ground.
My desk: last nights very disappointing attempt at the last Compendium Challenge of Vol. 2.  See the broken shrinky plastic pieces of Tim's Pointasettia die?  Yup, apparently I didn't have clear shrink plastic, so I thought I'd improvise...and in this technique, you shrink the stuff in melted UTEE. So even though I had punched holes to place a brad, they filled up with the UTEE, and then all cracked when I tried to drill out the whole.  At least I remembered not to color them first, as the ink would have contaminated the clear (well, more yellow now as its been heated a few times) UTEE.  The pillow box in the left was to hold the shrunk pointesttia, as well as some last minute gift cards. Time to draw back and punt, as they say.  And last, the two black bars are my husbands work name pins, that keep loosing the backs. So, glossy accents to the rescue..until the next time he forgets to take the pins off his shirts before I wash them.

So, if the day stays slow, I'll get to hop around the world to peek at other crafty spaces.  And until me meet again, a very Happy, Proserous and Crafty New Year's to you All!


  1. An artist's rule #36: Oopses often lead to brilliant discoveries! So maybe the Great Poinsettia Disaster of '12 will lead to some marvelous technique. (who knows?) Happy New Year!!

    Nan B #49

  2. I have forgotten to clear the hole after using the same method your referring to but learned I can use my hot glue gun to help clear it out. I know, too little too late, but you can keep it in the back of your mind for another time! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina for the last WOYWW for 2012 :)

  3. Amazing what fellas leave in shirt pockets isn't it? Have a happy new year BJ#15

  4. I'm sorry your poinsettia project was a bust ~ better luck next time! One thing about us crafters, we never truly lose heart. We just sweep up the disaster and move on!! Happy New Year to you, too!! Darnell #53

  5. Oh no! I hate learning opportunities like that but learn we do! the glue gun works as sandee said! Hope you have a happy new year! Vickie #4

  6. You may not be able to do what you wanted, but I think you could still use those flowers for something, maybe a sad little piece about broken dreams! Wow, aren't i full of the festive spirit!

    Have a great new year when it comes,
    Rachel #26

  7. It's ok if you don't mind the 'playing' and the experience you gain....but if you set it all up and want to actually accomplish something, it's blimming annoying. I can't see why the hotels wouldn't fill whether it was clear or opaque shrink...I must be missing something!

  8. I think we all learn from experiences and that is the fun of the craft. I don't think I could handle snow at Christmas, we live in a hot climate this time of year and our Christmas day was beautiful around 25 degrees, perfect. How on heavens earth do you drive in the snow? you must have snow chains on all the time.

    Happy WOYWW sorry I am running really late
    Eliza #63


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