Thursday, December 27, 2012

CC2C #34: Glazed Mosaics

/Sob!! The Last challenge from Tim Holtz's Compenidum of Curiosities Vol. 2.  Linda at Studio L3 has saved Glazed Mosaics, found on page 60 for last. And as I'm typing this, Thursday morning, I'm hoping she extends it one more week.  Because I'd hate to fail at the last challenge..and I so am!

What with Christmas, Mom being hospitalized, and me having a cold, my weekend sorta ran out. "No problems, I have everything" I think, plenty of time to do it Wed. night.  Again, a sign I have too much stash, as while I do have an extensive supply of shrink plastic, none of it is clear.  'Coulda swore I had clear... No problem, I'll improvise with the white.  Oh, yeah, can't see through it, well, I'll just do the new version of shrinking.  Oh, melting pot is almost empty, guess what, that was the last of my clear UTEE...and of course its become yellow as I've heated it a few times already.
 Huh.  well, I'll try using Tim's Pointasettia die, and attach that to the new pillow box for gift cards. So I cut out the pointasettia out of the shrink stuff; hmm, very brittle.  One of the petals broke off.  I did remember to punch a hole for the brad before I shrunk. Yay me.  I also realized, as I wasn't heating with the heat tool, that the color would come off in the UTEE, so another Yay me.  I stick my pieces into the melting pot; they shrink beautifully, so that too is a plus for the technique.  I figure alcohol inks will color them. but there will be no good way of stamping on them, so the "Mosaic" portion is sorta lost.  Then I realize, the hole I punched is now filled with the UTEE. So I try to drill it out, and they all crack.  Every piece has lost a petal or two.   So, there is the pillow box, and the broken pointasettia pieces, which would have been too small I realize now anyway.  But I did give it the old college try.  And I will be running out to replenish my UTEE and obtain clear shrinky stuff with one of my gift cards from Christmas, and trying this again. 

So Thank You Linda, for leading us through this second amazing book of Tim's.   We all have another 33 wonderful tools in our technique toolbox.  And I, for one, can't wait to see if another book will be soon following.   Have a happy New Year Everyone!


  1. We all have bad weeks with projects that slide away from fun and into "I need a cocktail" ... thanks for sharing yours! This is what blog friends are for!

    I hope that you and your mom are on the mend!

    Prost to the coming new year!

  2. I had a hard time with this one too - it was a challenging technique. With everything else going on, including the holidays, I think you should cut yourself some slack! The poinsettias look like they turned out great, lesson learned on drilling the holes in the utee ;) I thought about doing that too but was too lazy - now I won't try it in the future!


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