Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WOYWW #184

It’s Wednesday!! The day our hostess Julia opens up the magical portal at The Stamping Ground that allows us to share our wacky work desks.
Last night, once I realized what day it was, I quickly ran upstairs to grab a shot of the desk, expecting to find my last set of cards, which I just need to stamp envelopes for.  Yup, not that! I completely forgot that somewhere in the midst of last weekend I “absolutely had to, at that very minute” sort my CD’s to transfer to the IPad.  You see, we were going to my step-sons to access the broadband internet to, because this is very critical you see…update the latest patch on World of Warcraft.  (My other hobby addiction) And while at it, update all the security sites, and I figured, back-up and update the IPad.  First, I’m amazed at how long that takes, even on highspeed.  And, how is it possible that one’s taste in music can change.  I mean, I still love my celtic music, and Jethro Tull (specifically Ian Anderson) will always be my flute hero, but Agnatha Faltskog??? Yes, I used to wail away to her solo albums while painting the house, etc., (never a huge fan of ABBA) but now; gack! Does nothing for me.  And Pat Benetar, while still enjoyable, is just not what I want in the background while crafting.  When did I figure this out?? While listening to my music mixes at work…would have been nice to realize this before I spent 6 hours copying and transferring 22 CD’s!

Stamp Camp Dove
So, back on track, as a few have asked about the Stamp Camp Dove that I had been fiddling with, here it is.  I’m sure I’ll come up with a better treatment of it, but the crystals in the stars worked to jazz it up a bit.  This weekend I’ll take a shot of the whole 2012 collection.

More sparkel on the crystals

Oh, I also took this great connection to update the blog page, as I notices so many of you have already done…I hope you all like it, as it will probably be up for a while!! LOL! (still couldn’t find how to get the photo pages working, another time perhaps…

So, I’ve shown mine.  Now go jump to Julia’s and go see everyone else’s. And don’t forget to open your doors as well! Have a great week everyone!


  1. Your dove card is beautiful! Love all the sparkle. Happy WOYWW!
    Carol n #79

  2. Kim, I love celtic music but I must confess I also LOVE Abba (sorry!) Your dove card is the blue.
    Hugs, Renee #101

  3. Yip ones taste in music does change...mine has!

  4. Beautiful card there Honey. tastes do change....I think it is called getting mature!! Not sure I could stand Jimmy Osmond any more!!

  5. We still like Abba. The Greatest Hits album makes good road trip music. But there are definitely things I wouldn't want to listen to much anymore. I think Pat Benetar would be on that list for me, too, although I used to like her music in high school. I like the color and the "bling" on your cards. Happy WOYWW on Friday from Laura #90

  6. All uploading takes time, time keeps dwindling away and when we are wanting to do more, it goes faster. Yes tastes in music changes over the years sometimes for the better.

    I lovoooovee your card it is so beautiful, where did you get the stamp?

    Belated WOYWW greeting
    Eliza 12

  7. Found it, thanks beautiful stamp.....



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