Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WOYWW #185

Wednesday night...trying to do this from home (23 minutes to get to the post screen)...and I had to make my Mother's 89th Birthday Card first. While I was at it I thought I better try to do the Compendium Challenge, which was using Tim's Tissue if I didn't do it tonight, it wouldn't get done. So here is the mess, not helped by the out of focus photo, I assure you.

So, what we have on the left side and around the matt are some of the goodies I just bought, thinking I could make pillow boxes for all the gift cards I'd be giving. So there is Tim Holtz's pillowbox die. And then I acquired a couple of Dyan's spray inks and stencils.  I had watched a video of her, you see; and it looked so simple.  Hah! (Of course now I know why she uses the paper towel roll the way she does...notice the few sheets I used on the right?) So, while the card is an experamental mess, I know she'll love it, as she's loved all of my art for 50 years! LOL! I'll try to get that to post tomorrow: as it's taken 48 minutes to load the photo....(for Christmas, I want the bloody cable company to get off their asses and lay some cable up the hill!!)

As far as the pillow boxes???  THey would work great, if all the gift cards I bought didn't come on these full-sized cards that have the activation bar code thingies on them.  OK, maybe I should go to the actuall stores to get the regular sized ones, but then I'd be even further behind, as this was a one stop while doing groceries "get er done" kinda mode. but don't fret; I will be making them to have ready. And as for the stencils and sprays; they kinda facinate me, so I'll work on perfecting them too!
Oh, and I found a great use for the TH little binder clips: they are holding closed the package of the most wonderful cookie ever!! A Moravian Ginger Spice cookie that I found at Fresh Market!!  Some bakery in North Carolina makes I've ever found! Bad news, while they say the serving size is 9 cookies (yay!) I ate probably 30 of them while doing the card...bad naughty Kim...Oh, washed down with Mt. Dew, which is why I can still type at 10:15 pm...

SO, the hour, the sugar, the time waiting, have all contributed to a very bizarre post; which I will end now.  Go see Julia at the Stamping Ground to see what the Wednesday Workdesk thingy is all about, then go hop the world of workdesks! And also, I want to wish all my blogger friends a very Merry Christmas and a very Healthy, Happy, Crafty New Year!!

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  1. Lol - I LOVE bizarre posts, sugar fuelled or not!! And I really enjoy reading yours :)
    Good for your mum being so supportive - I had one like that too. She was such an awesome lady and I miss her, so give yours an extra big hug from me as well!
    Sending hugs and best wished for a wonderful Christmas!
    LLJ #25 xx


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