Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WOYWW # 154

Welcome to Wednesday, which means only 2 more sleeps and I'm on my way to Topsfield MA to take my first classes with Tim Holtz at Absolutely Everything!! I JUST CAN"T STAND IT!!!!!!! My little feet are jigging at my desk!  Luckily its been busy at work and at home, so this disaster of a work space is me trying to finish the Compendium Challenge with Studio L3, make a card for our Conductor for a fantastic spring season (Final concert was Monday; and my brief solo in the Hungarian Rhapsody went quite well!) start the ATC for this anniversary, and make lists of what I have so I stop buying repeats!!

So, on my desk... the card front and center; my new seasonal distress inks (LOVE the colors) and reinkers are mixed in with the some of the other colors I used on the card, my compendium tag (can be seen in previous post) is on the right, with the the prior two weeks off in the background,  the start of my Distress Stain Chart; I'm accumulating too many colors to remember! And there are some stamps that will need to get put away, as will as my color sponges...oh yes, this is a miniature explosion! LOL!
So, now go jump over to Julia's Stamping Ground and portal around the world to other busy'll be glad you did.  Have a Fabulous Weekend everyone!!

Oh, and here is a close-up of our Conductor's card; very pleased with how it came out: A new stamp set made by Darcy.  And Ranger's new Specialty Stamping Paper rocks! ( Just be sure to heat set in between every layer!!! Really!)


  1. hi kim,just to let you know that you have linked up julias blog and not your own this week so worth relinking to get some visitors,have fun with timmy,lucky you,x
    have a fab woyww
    kay #22

  2. Oh boy, just remember to take a photo with Tim, don't be shy to ask... Take stuff with that you want him to sign. He is so obliging and just such an awesome teacher. You are going to LOVE it. Give Mario my love too please if you remember. It is going to be the fastest day of your year, so try stop for a second every now and then, and just breath it all in so you can re-live the moments later.

  3. I just love creative works like this, I just never seem to have done any though I don't know why. Perhaps my little work tray would be too small for it. Have fun with Tim and looking forward to all your photos. Karen 99 x

  4. Have a fantastic time with Sir Timmie... love your makes, just joined your blog as a follower... Hugs May x x x#26

  5. oh, what fun...have a great time with the classes..


  6. Well ament you awaking Ranger fan club! I hope you're enjoying a fab weekend, I don't expect your feet will stop jiggling for a while yet!

  7. Oh Kim, what a lovely card! Your conductor will feel very special to receive such a wonderful piece of art!

    And congratulations on the solo!


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