Thursday, May 3, 2012

WOYWW #152

Good Thursday Morning WOYWW's!  If you don't know what that means...head over to Julia's Stamping Ground and see what our Wednesday/Thursday rituals are all about! 

So, this is mine, from Sunday morning, and alas, the same Wed. night.  I know I haven't had time to get up there, but I peeked...just to see if the craft elves had been up to play.   You see the tag I made for Linda's Compendium 2 Challenge, which will be my next post, a new stamp of a waterfront, which I got to use my new Distress Markers on, and some unmounted stamps I'm in the process of stamping for an image swap with Sam at Hettiecrafts. 

And yes, the "Indulgence" Trail mix from Trader Joe's is a bit lower..I ration! LOL! And for all of you who commented last week that trail mix was uhmm, yucky (to paraphrase) then you all need to get to a Trader Joe's!!  Of course, my Mom used to make a similar mix when skiing; they called it "Gorp" probably for Granola, Oats, Raisins Peanuts (odd how that just jumped out at me, 40 years later-but my Mom was also President of the "Southern Comfort Club" of her ski friends-and I suppose partaking in Southern Comfort, then trying to say pass the Granola Oats Raisin and Peanut mix could get a bit rough-just sayin') but it had chocolate chips and broken heath bars as well.  And it too was pretty tasty.Of course, not being a big health nut, the granola was home made, covered with honey, and butter...nothing low-fat, dry and nasty there!

So, back to the Workdesk theme...go jump to Julia's, the portal of WOYWW Wonderfulness...and see what's really going on behind closed doors! Have a great week everyone.


  1. Lots of interest in your lovely workspace, including those lovely stamps - thanks for sharing - Hazel #10 x

  2. Trail mix isn't yucky, oh brother, we eat that stuff by the bushel! Well, haven't tried the Trader Joe's, and we do make our own, so of course it has stuff in it we like!


  3. Now your mums recipe for GORP is not a healthy thing!! I really like the sailing picture..and the stamp, really nice. Great tag too, sheet I'm so behind, haven't even got the first compendium yet!!

  4. Love your tag you have created. Such a tidy desk too.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Eliza #19

  5. Cosy little workspace. Thanks for sharing. x Jo

  6. I'm trying to perfect a great tasting granola type bar or cookie.... one that actually stays together when cut. So far...not really success.... but, I have two that taste to figure out how to make them stay together....


  7. Your colored image is lovely -- I was thinking that you had, perhaps, water colored it. I just picked up a handful of markers over the weekend and can't wait to give them a go soon.
    ~ Laura #183


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