Wednesday, May 23, 2012

CC2C #6: Tissue Collage

Hello all! Well, what a weekend! I finally got to take some Live classes with Tim!! They were AMAZING!  I'll try to get some pictures up shortly.  But time is just plan non-exsistant right now, so bare with me. 
And, I'm blaming the time thing on this rather sad example of a great technique (particularily after a Tim Weekend! LOL!)  For our Challenge from Linda's Studio L3 was page #38 from Tim's 2nd volume of the Compendium Challenge.

Now: The good news.  This is the first of any type of collage I have tried that I liked.  Tim stressed not stressing..and it does make a difference.  Every past time I think I was too structured. Up until the 5th step, I was hunky-dorey. 
The Bad News: Because of all the drying steps (on a rather distressingly humid evening!!??) and I knew I had to get pictures last night so I could upload in time, my promising beginning sorta fell apart.  My 5th step (now you know; we can't give out secrets!) was probably too heavy handed, and got all muddy.  So you can't really see the last step.  And then I just plain ran out of gas in trying to finish/embellish this.  So, keep an eye out, as I plan on re-working this, as I really did like the underlying collage.  And, after working with the tissue paper this weekend, I will admit, very cool stuff. And a note to those who haven't gotten it yet: the musical one is being get it while you can! (don't worry, other really cool patterns will be following, he just didn't say what)

So, with time ticking, you do have a bit to jump in as well.  And as a bonus incentive, the Funky Junky Boutique is sponsoring this week with a $25 gift certificate!
Go get inky everyone, and have a great Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Ooooh! I love this!! I definitely want to try this technique! Love the colors, too! <3

  2. Liking the tag Pet! Green is good! As soon as I get paid I will be buying some of the music paper and I have to say I am now liking this technique more than I thought I would!


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