Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WOYWW #150

It's another Wednesday!!! That means we get to peek into everyones art spaces via Julia's Stamping Ground and the Whats on Your Workdesk Wednesday phenom...
So here is my space...different view as I feel showing my shame will get me to do something about it! While the actual stamping area isn't too side a Mess! And yes, my wall hanging cabinet is still sitting on the desk, as I haven't figured out, now that the mollies are through the wall, and not in the wall, what to do. (It's been 2 Christmas's now...) I have stamps that still need to be put away since Tim's online card class....and paper scraps that have fallen everywhere!! Perhaps this weekend...../sigh.
So now go see some happy places, then open your doors too! We all love a peek!


  1. A fabby, busy and creative desk, plus I just love the wall storage unit that is sitting towards the back of your desk, its gorgeous :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen #11

  2. What a lovely creative assortment of "good things"....I'm not sure what "mollies" are, but I hope you get your little white cabinet up soon....LOL

    p.s....Love the jar of Peanut Butter!


  3. How fab, love you have different areas, everything happens in one place at mine! Take care & enjoy this weeks WOYWW snoop! Zo xx 17

  4. You know, this may be a revealing statement on the condition of my workdesk, but yours looks quite tidy to me!


  5. well its a work in progress :) see you have the distress markers,how you getting on with them?
    have a fab crafty week and
    happy woyww
    kay #51

  6. Thanks for sharing your work space, jill #62 happy crafting

  7. Lots going on here ... if you can still be creative there, then why worry what doesn't get put away? - Hazel, WOYWW #85 x

  8. I see you got the whole Distress Marker set, I am green! My store only got in a few of them and I got what I could...still need picket fence...not NEED not want...Loving your busy space and nice view of the room.

  9. That should say "note" NEED not want...always see the error after I press post...

  10. Keep the mess there, I will come and "tidy" when I come over!! I will warn you I amm bringing a HUGE case(s) with me! LOL!

  11. Oh it all looks pretty good to me. I don't think shame is necessary, and worse, my own experience says it won't make you tidy up!! I love the wall you're so used to having them there by now, surely, just hang 'em on the wall in that position, just to free up some desk? Don't take my advice though, I never do!

  12. Brilliant space and lots of fab things to see too:-D thanks for sharing

    Lisa #112

  13. Aha, found the right page eventually! No, not mess, just creativity in progress! Happy belated WOYWW #45

  14. I love the dedicated space for your crafts!


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