Saturday, April 7, 2012

Creative Chemistry: Day 10

Wow! Not only did I complete all lessons in Tim Holt'z online class, "Creative Chemistry 101" from Online Card Classes, but I managed to do the homework in 3 weekends. (I so envy everyone who can craft nightly--even moreso daily!! LOL) There was talk on the All Things Tim Yahoo Group about some people that were disappointed that the last day had only one technique. I'm sure it was a context issue, and not a disappointment in the whole class, because I admit to feeling a bit bummed as well, maybe because I thought the last day would have even more. But, Tim did add a Day 11 to the class, which were some pretty funny bloopers as well as card samples for every technique presented. This I found really educational, as sometimes I have issues trying to get a technique to "fit pretty" in an overall card design...if you know what I mean. I also need to learn how to add embelishments..for just the right touch...but I guess first I must decide if my issue is based on my overall hoarder obsession as opposed to the "but I don't want to ruin what I did" issue! LOL!

But, back to the final technique...again, I can't say anything specific, but I will say, I now have 2 bottles of Rock Candy Stickles that are stickle-less. You can sorta see the sparkle in the picture. I can't read the maker of this stamp, but the title is "Cathedral Windows", and it is a big-a$$ wood mounted stamp!! I have absolutely no idea what I could do with this tag, methinks this would be another great ATC technique though!

So, thank you for visiting and seeing my progression on the Creative Chemistry techniques! And if you ever get a chance to join Tim on another online class, I recommend it!! You have access to the videos and handouts for life! And everything was so well documented. I personally hope that we see a "Creative Chemistry 201" eventually!


  1. oh this is brilliant Hun,super technique hugs Cherylxxx

  2. WOW! I love this tag, and the colors, and the stamp is amazing in this application! AMAZING!

    Congrats on graduating!

  3. Kim this is gorgeous and NEED that stamp! I agree that this course was well worth the money, and not too late to join in if peeps want to just they cannot join the gallery or forum!


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