Thursday, January 2, 2014

WOYWW #239

Happy New Year Everyone!! While I can't say 2013 was a bad year, I have to admit; I'm looking forward to 2014.  And being a Wednesday, it makes this first day even more special, as its What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday!! Julia at the Stamping Ground has all the deets there...

So, I have a caution....a warning....for the images that follow aren't pretty.  I'm also going to add my Husband is making me show these; for he made me take the pictures; something about showing my shame to the world to better myself.  I tried to explain that Christmas is a busy time; things get out of hand; and doing a right clean-up was a priority for the new, those of a strong they are:
This is from the door...My gift wrapping table, with paper, boxes, bows, etc., all within reach..really; why is he upset about this temporary situation???

OH, because of this view: Stamps, papers, inkpads, dies, paper packs, cutters; yeah, even I can't really say what is where at this moment...

But Fear Not!! Remember that part about doing a full clean-up?? Notice that big box in the top picture left?  That is my new bookshelf; courtesy a gift card and a huge Target sale (and free shipping!) That is my project over the weekend: move the 2 current bookshelves off camera, and place them on the wall where the TV is now, get that out,(as well as move those precarious boxes of ornaments) and then go from there...stay tuned!!

And again, I hope everyone has a very Healthy, Happy, Crafty and Prosperous New Year!!
(Odd how healthy has moved up in priority as I've gotten older!)


  1. hahhaha, what is it with Husbands upset with our space !!! Mine just closes the door - out of sight out of mind perhaps !
    Room looks great - have fun organizeing the new shelves.

  2. What is your DH having issues with?I wait with baited breath...cos I know what it is like when you clean gets worse before it gets better! Thanks for the visit already.

  3. You definitly win the prize for the messiest space this week, lol!! But I'm not far behind.......what I say is that it has to get worse before it gets better! I rather like sorting out, find it quite cathartic :-)
    Thanks for all the support and great comments this year! May 2014 be filled with fun, happiness and crafty mayhem!
    Hugs, LLJ 29 xx

  4. Hee hee. I had to clear up before Christmas as needed dining room cos of visitors. DH came in AFTER tidying and asked where I'd put all my stuff!!!
    Happy New Year. Anne x @ 35

  5. Happy New Year, Kim. Your husband should have seen my desk before Christmas then he might have cut you a bit of slack :) The mess is inevitable and nothing a day clearing can't sort out. I'm sure the new shelves are going to make a big difference to your crafty organisation :)) Have a great week and a wonderful 2014. Hugs, Elizabeth x #79

    PS: Healthy has become a priority on my New Year wish list for everyone too ... it must be an age thing :)

  6. Err! So where am I supposed to sit then? I know there is untidy but Kim - really? I am with Mike. Says she polishing her halo having cleaned her room up! Enough embossing powder and glitter under my glass craft mat to start a new pot!!
    Happy New Year Honey. Here's to September ey! Just gotta get weaving!

  7. WOW!! Hope to see the transformed space next week so we can pat you on the back... great space, Kim - and a very Happy New Year. Helen 16

  8. Happy New Year, Kim!! Can't wait to see the results of your clean-up efforts. :D

  9. Oh, btw, your blog looks fabulous!!!! Love the changes you've made! Can't believe how longs it's been since I've logged into blogger. :( Feeling a little lost...

    Did you see Tim has a 3rd Compendium coming soon?? I never fully caught up from the 2nd one, lol!! I guess that's what retirement is for...someday. LOL!

  10. Hahaha, like showing the people of WOYWW is going to shame you when half our desks look worse than that most of the time! I would love to come and play there, so many interesting things.
    Happy New Year and happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #21


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