Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WOYWW #179

Wednesday, finally, as yesterday I called my entire supervisory committee to remind them to get on the conference call..only to have to call them back because I thought yesteday was Wed.  And, being responsible adults, I had to call them all today as well...but I digress...

Luckily, I did know last night what day it would be, so grabbed this shot as I was heading off to bed in dispare...(really..4 more years of this???!!!) So, all punchyness and venting aside, it is Wednesday, the day decreed by Julia at the Stamping Ground to open our doors and show our workdesk, for better or worse! And, this is soo much better than that mess last week. I didn't show it 'cause the floor is clean, I can walk straight to the chair, and the side desk is neatly stacked.

What you see are the last birthday cards I threw togehter for the craft fair this Friday.  The EK punches I dusted off (and why I don't use them more often, I can't say, except they are not entirely "grungy"..but still a nice touch. There are some scraps, two paper pads to determine the best layering design, and a pile of stamps in pretty much every corner!

Here are some of the cards I've finished up for the fair: first, the birthday..the saying on the inside I love "So many Candles, So Little Breath!" for DSR Designs. (I think the candles come from there too).

This is just a general purpose card...stamps by Memory Box. And a sympathy card I've used more than a few times. The images are from Penny Black and the saying is from Onyxpressions. 

And lastly, the pieces-parts that people had asked about from a few weeks ago: I made them into gift card holder cards, using the big die from Sizzix. Once I got the directions down, they are a piece of cake!

So, there it is, for the world to see...and as soon as I can I'll be nosing about other workdesks as well; because that is the fun!!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Wow Kim you have certainly been busy. Great work space and fabulous crafty makes

    Crafty hugs your newest follower Annie x

  2. Well here in SA it is Wednesday by the skin of its teeth as it is just after midnight...I should be in bed, but you know how it goes...Happy WOYWW!

  3. I do believe everyone else in the entire crafting world has a much neater work surface than I do! Great and fabulous collection of cards! Oh do pick up some of those peacocks and also Linda is having a sale right now, so enjoy!

  4. oh such beautiful cards, its still Wednesday here!

  5. Your cards are beautiful! I would love to know, if you put anything in your sympthany card? If so, what were your words?

  6. Hi Kim,

    Oh, I LOVE the butterfly card! Good luck at the sale!!!

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #5

  7. Wow pretty productive I would say! I honestly just collect stamps and rarely use them ... but the ones I do tend to use are Memory Box! Sandi #37

  8. Great cards Kim, and no word of a lie, I've lost count of the number of times I've turned up for meetings or appointments on the wrong day...I think it's because they were all meetings or appointments where I knew I had points or important things to sort....they get in your head! Like the view of your desk...makes me laugh that you can NOW walk to it,,

  9. Hi Kim, sorry to be visiting so late this week - just busy. Gorgeous cards on your desk - you have been busy!Happy Wednesday. LOL
    Sue x (MiniOwner@95)

  10. I love, love your cards -esp the pain and tide recede one! I had to chuckle about getting the day wrong. Today has been the 10th all day for me. My boss even corrected me once already! *Sigh* I guess I just want it to be Saturday already!

    Katie (108)

  11. Nice to see you are keeping my desk tidy, which is more than I can say for yours! Though it is a little tidier than earlier as I had to whisk everything off in a hurry as my friend has been over!
    Starting to track down events and dates for next Autumn so hopefully you can have a choice of dates!

  12. P.S. In my ramblings I forgot to say your cards are gorgeous!!


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