Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WOYWW #178-Beware the horror!

It isn't could give nightmares! Be prepared to cover your eyes... this is what greeted me as I walked in to "hide", err, put away before it gets damaged... the paper order that came in from  My side desk is shrewn with stamps, scraps, you can't even get to the drawers from the storage cubes! And that is my pile of papers in the I rifled through them Monday night...covering all my boxes of inks...once I'm in that chair, I'm afraid to move!! Talk about being your own eye of a hurricane!

So, when I went up after dinner to get more cards done for the craft show..the first half hour was spent cleaning. And I left it last night, your usual view..witht he two sets of cards. The red one used the music sheet parchment parts you saw last week (or the week before).  The mitten cards were part of the Creative Chemistry challenge last month, and I bought thin ribbon to try to tie real bows, which I just couldn't pull off; so now they are done. A sheet of clear sayings stamps, nice and small for little areas, and those IO pine branches...still waiting to be assembled..I just don't have a good layering paper yet...and I may make them into the gift card holders, which means I'll need a lot more of the paper, as the sizzix die can only get 2 out of a 12 x 12.

And here is the 12 Days card...the stamp set is two wood mounted cubes from Stampington & Co.  I also have the Day One, Partridge in a full sized stamp, along with the corresponding "12 Days Of Christmas" title...both of which I've used over the years.  This is the first time I've come up with something I liked using the smaller stamps.  And if figures, I have no more of that patterned paper (which I've had for years) now I'm hoping they all don't sell! I am SUCH a hoarder! LOL!

So, now, to see much less scary desks on this wicked workdesk wednesday, go visit Julia at The Stamping Ground, our hostess for this weekly event. And have a happy Halloween everyone! (I get to eat candy..we don't get any treaters..but I have to be prepared don't you know...)


  1. Love the mess! Reminds me of my own craft space. Especially the being afraid to move part... ;)

    Have a happy WOYWW!
    Zildara #103

  2. Lovely cards. Sounds like you could do with a bow maker. Literally just 2 posts and you loop the ribbon round it and tie a knot. I started with toothpicks in blu-tac before getting a proper one and love making tiny weeny bows now. BJ#33

  3. It's a creative mess - I love it! x Jo #76

  4. Your desk reminds me of mine!

    I'm always prepared with candy too - even though we never get anyone trick or treating! (We live in a high rise, and there are almost no kids who live here) But I always buy my favorite candy anyway, so I don't mind having to eat it all ;)

  5. It's great to see that a cluttered workspace is the norm! Great card and good luck with the craft fayre.

  6. Great space, and I love those 12 days cube stamps - perhaps I'll use them again this year... thanks for reminding me! Helen, 4

  7. Oh this so reminds me of me lol. My mess has been re-arranged this week Kim, you can see why on my post today. You will have to laugh honestly.
    Your cards look fabulous, it takes me ages to get one done, I certainly don't manage to get a pile of them.
    Happy WOYWW.
    hugs {brenda} xox #143

  8. Very pretty cards there Kim and wow! I thought I made a mess at times. You had better be a little tidier than that when you play in my room as there isn't that much room for two messy crafters!!
    Now tidy your room girl, you might find some lost papers/stamps!

  9. Oh my word, Kim, I would have nightmares. In fact, I feel hives starting to sprout up and down my arms! Whatever works, though, huh? You sure do make pretty cards so it obviously works for you! Have a great week! Darnell #63


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