Wednesday, November 21, 2012

CC2C #29: Texture Fade Experiments

Voinks! We are on Week 29 of the Compendium of CuriositiesChallenge at Linda’s Studio L3! That means we are very close to finishing every technique in Tim Holtz’s fabulous 2nd volume.  I wonder…is there a Vol. 3 on the horizon?
Any who, lets enjoy the techniques we still have left.  This week, we are on page 64, which has 2 texture fade techniques.  And despite me having done this first one many times…let me just say: “Eureka!!” I think I finally figured out which side to ink for which effect! Of course, doing the technique without a plan can lead to a mess, but I did get to play with my new poinsettia die. And now I realize, this won’t fit in a normal envelope, but still great fun to do. 

This second one I didn’t know about...and it shows great possibilities…if you choose the right fade...and if your somewhat new Adirondack dabber isn’t already gummy and dried up…..Very annoying…does anyone know, if, like the crackle paints, these can be refreshed with water?  I’m getting tired of sending things back to Ranger…This was just an experiment, done on a manila file folder (I so love end of year clean-up!! I have a stack of folders ready for reuse!!)
So grab a copy of this fab book, grab your favorite texture fade and give these techniques a go…there is still a bit more time, and a new page will be explored on Friday!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!      


  1. Both smashing projects Kim. I have added a little bit of water to the paint in the dabber, but now when they are finished I refill with ordinary acrylic paint, its a lot cheaper. x

  2. Great projects with the texture fades Honey. I had not thought of doing what Netty does. I only have two paint dabbers as I have a lot of paints to use up first!


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